Adding Plazes support to PresenceRouter

My little PresenceRouter Mac OS X application, designed to allow you to route your Plazes geopresence to web services like Twitter, Facebook and Fire Eagle, now allows you to route your Plazes geopresence to, well, Plazes.

If this seems like it has the potential to create infinite loops of presence routing you are right. But there is method to my madness: yesterday saw the unveiling of, a new developer-focused branch of Plazes that’s completely concentrated on developing the “geopresence engine” aspect of Plazes.

In other words, if you’re a regular everyday person looking to manage your geopresence, is still your destination. But if you’re a developer looking to bake geopresence support into your application, then you’ll find a new home at

For the time being, the two branches of Plazes are separate: while you can import your historical geopresence stream into, presences you create in one will not exist in the other; there are two separate data streams.

So that’s why I’ve added “Plazes support” to PresenceRouter: you can now do any of the following:

  • Use as you PresenceRouter data source, routing your presence information instead of your presence information.
  • Route your presence to, allowing you to continue to use as your “mothership,” but echoing your presence stream to
  • Conversely, route your presence to

So whereas before Plazes was only a source for PresenceRouter geopresence, it can now be a destination as well. Indeed you can even route your presence back to, to another account, if you can figure out a reason why that would be useful.

Grab PresenceRouter v2.7 if you want to try this out for yourself.