Adding Miꞌkmaq Place Names to OpenStreetMap

Prince Edward Island is missing Miꞌkmaq-language place names on OpenStreetMap, something easily resolved using this list from the Miꞌkmaq Confederacy.

Here’s how.

Go to and search for the English-language place name. Say, Beech Point:

OpenStreetMap search for Beech Point

Click on the search result, and then Edit (creating an OpenStreetMap account in the process, if you don’t already have one).

Editing Beech Point in OpenStreetMap

Scroll down to the “Tags” section and click the “+”, and then enter name:mic for the tag name, and the Miꞌkmaq name as the value:

Adding Kwesamalikek to Beech Point.

Click the “upload” button (upward-pointing arrow) in the top-right corner of the map, and add a note indicating what you entered, and click Upload.

As you go along, you can use this Overpass Turbo link to see the list of Miꞌkmaq names already added:

Overpass Turbo page showing completed place names.