ADD as a Good Thing

From my friend Stephen comes a link to a New York Times story, Rewards in Restlessness. It’s written by the CEO of JetBlue and starts:

A year ago, I officially learned that I have attention deficit disorder, but I’ve known it since I was in my 30’s. I’m 43 now.

Stephen says of the article “I’ve never heard ADD described in such glowing terms.” There was actually an early article in WIRED that took a similar tack. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see a high-profile businessperson “out” himself like this.

Personally I find people with ADD some of the most interesting of my friends and colleagues; I don’t think the world could run properly without them.


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Rob Paterson on June 9, 2003 - 11:51 Permalink

I hear that up to 30% of kids. Mainly boys are suspected of having ADD. What self respecting boy can sit all day at school and hear “mummy” drone on?

When 20% of kids at school are medicated to keep them still is there something wrong with the kids or the school?