Accountant Childcare

The firm that does the accounts for Reinvented, Grant Thornton, is a delightful bunch to work with. But like any firm, they have a tenacious man in accounts receivable who’s responsible for sending out the “please pay us NOW” letters and email messages. I am, generally, a responsible bill payer, but with Grant Thornton I tend to wait until I’ve signed off on my year-end statements before paying them, and this places me out of sync with their expectation of “pay as you go” progress billing, so I’m the recipient of a fair number of the strongly-worded remonstrations.

In my pre-coffee delirium this morning I was acting on a request from Catherine to email Johnny to see if he could watch Oliver tonight so we could attend “meet the staff” night at Prince Street School. In my delirious state I somehow managed to email not Johnny, but the aforementioned bill collector instead.

To his credit, he responded with the suggestion that although he did not know who Oliver was, he would be willing to watch him.

Needless to say, I’ve already got a cheque in the mail.