97MB (!)

The latest update for OS X, 10.4.3, arrived on the scene today. It’s a 97MB download. That’s 5x more data than the entire hard disk on the first computer I owned that had a hard disk, and would take up approximately 70 floppy disks if it was distributed old school. Amazing.

Here’s a complete rundown on the changes included in the update.


Clark's picture
Clark on November 1, 2005 - 00:28 Permalink

Mine was 56.8 MB which is just shy of the total hard drive space of my first mac. A mac that is still being used for email to this day.

I wonder why here is such a wide discrepancy between updater file sizes?

Pete Prodoehl's picture
Pete Prodoehl on November 1, 2005 - 20:38 Permalink

But how many cassette tapes would it take up? Oh the memories of typing LOAD as I also pressed PLAY on the tape recorder attached to the Apple ][+