I was talking with a friend earlier in the week, idly musing about chucking all this web work out the door and taking up the life of an itinerant travel writer.

But I’ve no experience as a writer,” I thought to myself.

Then I realized that I actually do write a little from time to time, in this space. I’d no idea how much though, so I decided to check.

Turns out that in the 6 years and a bit since the first post back in May of 1999, I’ve written 724,006 words here. Which seems like a lot. By way of comparison, Anne of Green Gables contains 103,261 words (download them here if you like).

Of course this doesn’t a candle to all of you: in your more than 13,000 comments in this space, you’ve contributed almost a million words of your own — 912,615 to be exact. Thanks for that.