7 Things

I have been infected by both Steven and Deb in the 7 Things viral epidemic. I think this makes me the most popular blogger in the Charlottetown-Moncton corridor. I’m not sure if I should list 7 things or 14 things, or maybe 10.5 things. But here goes:

  1. In the late 1980s I spent New Years Eve on the Dragonfly Commune outside of Bancroft. We slept in a bed that, if memory serves, was made out of saplings. It was not comfortable. Raccoon may have been consumed. I can’t recall if there was dancing under the moon, but it’s within the realm of possibility.
  2. An article of mine on media was once published in a Christian Anarchist ‘zine; the pullout quote was: “What I can do is say, in a wholly metaphorical sense, ‘fuck you’ to the mainstream media and seize control of the culture I consume.” Plus c’est la même chose.
  3. Amidst an impromptu dalliance slash vacation in the Caribbean I was dumped in favour of the Cuban saxophone player from the band at our resort. In reaction to this I started to smoke. But only for a week.
  4. While necking with Catherine on the side of a highway near Kitchener in the early 1990s we were interrupted by the police. We tried to explain that we were “just checking the map.” I believe the phase “move along” may have been uttered.
  5. During a long run of hitchhiking that lasted from the time I was 18 to the time I was 24, several times I promised to myself (and maybe to God) that if someone picked me up I would be the guy that, once he had a car, would always stop. I have not honoured this promise. I will go to hell.
  6. I think Mandy Patinkin is a musical genius.
  7. I stole a black magic marker from my grade 3 classroom.

I thence tag: Shawn Murphy, Dale Sorensen, Billy Amon, Rob Lantz, Mark Leggott, Joel Ives and Dave Cormier.


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deb on January 14, 2009 - 02:01 Permalink

#7 made me think of a whole bunch of other things people don’t know about me. Oh dear.

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Robert Dawson on January 14, 2009 - 05:52 Permalink

Joel Ives just tagged me. Viral indeed.

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Peter Rukavina on January 14, 2009 - 13:30 Permalink

Kudos to Joel Ives for playing along: his 7 Things post shows how real estate blogging can actually be more than “now is the right time to buy” propaganda. When you reveal something of yourself in your blog, you break barriers, humanize yourself, and make it a lot easier to buy a house from you.