The 2023 Crocuses

The first crocuses appeared in the front garden at 100 Prince Street this weekend, right in time for the vernal equinox. See also 2020 (March 24), 2021 (March 12), 2022 (March 18).

Photo of the first crocuses in the front garden at 100 Prince Street.


Ray's picture
Ray on March 21, 2023 - 06:10 Permalink

Your uplifting photo has the potential to bring winter weary crowds to your doorstep. :-)

Krista-Lee Christensen's picture
Krista-Lee Chri... on March 21, 2023 - 09:57 Permalink

I just learned about the word phenology a few weeks ago at the UPEI campus in Saint Peter's Bay. What a little thrill to see the word in use and think "aha! I know about that now."