2000 VW Jetta Check Engine Light

The “check engine light” in my 2000 VW Jetta has been on for almost six months. Wary of being told I need to “replace the trigenic configuration valve-pulse generator” for $950, I’ve avoided taking it in to the dealer to have it looked at. I was due for an inspection and an oil change this week, though, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment.

To my pleasant surprise there had been an “oxygen sensor recall” for the 2000 Jetta, which resulted in my getting a free brand new oxygen sensor (who knew that cars needed oxygen!) which, in turn, made the check engine light turn itself off.

There was also a recall on the “hazard light switch,” so I got a new one of those two. An interesting side-effect of that is that the “clicking sound” that my car makes when I switch on the turn signal has changed its tone (Jodi says it’s “much sharper sounding” now). It’s like a brand new car!

So total damage for inspection, a new brake light, a new oxygen sensor, a new hazard light and an oil change was only $65.


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Took AAMCO two days but they got my 2001 Jetta VR6 squared away. Troubleshooting of P0411 disclosed two cracked hoses and one that was disconnected. $160 later and all is well. No more CEL and it passed California’s smog test, too.

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I have a 2003 jetta 1.8t. The temp light always stays on until the car gets warm, once you shut the car off and turn it back on the light stays off. Just recently the check engine light came on so I checked the fault codes with my scanner and a p2181 code came up, said the cooling system performance, I checked the coolant sensor and it seems to be working properly…any ideas?

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Had an issue with the CIL coming on and the engine shaking on my 2005 Jetta 2.5L this week. Took it in and the dealer said #3 cylinder is misfiring. They are replacing the ingition coil later this week. Should I have them check the CAT in the meantime. Can they tell if it is shot prior ot replacing the coil?


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UUggg 2004 Jetta 1.8 Turbo Wagon — CEL just started coming on after I replaced air filter to a K&N. I have three issues and don’t know if they are all related or not/

1. CEL  — Checked gas cap and brought it in to a trusted mechanic who said the code was related to the catalytic ocnverter but that everything is ok. Cleared code and now it’s back on again.

2. Now when I shift, especially into 3rd I have a clunking sound. Related to that at 44 mph and at 70 it seems to be sputtering almost like I am driving on grooved pavement.

3. If I accelarate and let up quickly at any speed, I get a similar clunking sound as when I shift.

For question 1, the CEL, it sounds like from others experiences this could be anything — should I just blow it off. For 2 & 3 it sounds like a motor mount or tranmission mount

Any help would be great — I like the car and am broke!

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2003 VW Jetta GLS 2.0 — Bought car last month, Check engine light came on two days after I paid for it. Took it back to VW dealer and they pulled a Cooling system Performance error. Replaced Temp sensor and told me it was fixed. Three days later, check engine light back on! Took it back to VW and they repinned the sensor where it plugs into the car. Two weeks later, check engine light came back on. I when to Harbor Fieght and spent $39.99 on a OBD II reader that works of VW’s. It pulls a P2181 error which is a Cooling System Performance error! WTF… I’m taking it back tomorrow to do some yelling! Anyway ideas for fix? Also, does anyone know what recalls have been done for this year?

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Try replacing the dip stick and/or dip stick sleeve as they have a tendency to slowly cook over the years due to their proximity to a coolant hose. Becoming brittle and losing vacuum which activates the engine warning light.

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I have VW Jetta 95.Lately,I have observed that the check engine oil warning light turns on after 15 minutes of car driving.A unique engine noise is also heard when the warning light is turned on.After a while the light goes off and the engine noise is also vanished.A Mechanic diagnosed that the oil pump outer filter is clogged due to sludge in the oil pan.He suggested the light viscosity engine oil may be replaced after every 1000 miles,till all the sludge from the engine oil sump is drained out.Can someone guide me any economical method to resolve this issue.I thank you in anticipation for your patience and time.

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I bought a ‘99 new jetta gls vr6 for work this summer and so far I am relatively unimpressed with the reliability (invested about $1000 in service that I planned on using on tuition). There have been a few problems on here that I have had to pay to figure out already, at least they sound similar. About the clunking in the engine that sounds like some mounts are loose, I had to change out two injectors (about 170ea through the dealer +labor, or about 220 through autozone). Also someone had mentioned a problem with not being able to start their car after running it for a while, I had a similar problem in my older subaru Impreza, turned out to be bad plug wires after the computer the shop used said it was an engine temp sensor, just throwing that out there. lets see, if anyone has had problems with an EPC light, on other forums that seems to be a problem with a sensor underneath the break pedal, I had this issue (symptoms included but are not limited to delay in brake lights or they may not work at all, cruise control doesnt work, car runs at half power, …) and changed out the part for about $20, so far so good. My coolant system has been horrable, so far I have had to change out the sensor, the water pump, some piping, a gasket somewhere along the block, who knows if the list will continue, just got the car back out of the shop yesterday after sending it in for the second time trying to keep the hard to find/expensive coolant in the engine. hopefully im done adding water until i can get an appointment at the shop this time.

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I was driving my car ( 2001 1.8L turbo) home tonight and all of sudden my engine light came on and started flashing and then the engine started vibrating.I shut it off and turn it back on same problem.Does anybody have new info on the problem.

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My wife has a 2003 Jetta w/ 1.8T (101k miles)… In May the CEL come on & the code said a bad O2 sensor, replaced it & in June CEL again, said the Cat converter bad, replaced it & it was good till last week. CEL is on again & still says the Cat is bad, but the car runs perfect. My wife loves the car & it won’t be paid off till 2011 (bought it used from a dealership)

Any ideas ?

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I posted a note two weeks ago.”I was driving my car ( 2001 1.8L turbo) home tonight and all of sudden my engine light came on and started flashing and then the engine started vibrating which led to loss of engine power.I shut it off and turn it back on same problem.Does anybody have new info on the problem”

Soln:The problem was a bad coil which was replaced and now my car is driving ok now.

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Can anyone tell me how to replace the temp sensor. I don’t like know knowing if the car is getting hot or not. Also, is it easy the change valve cover gasket.

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I have a 2005.5 VW “New” Jetta. Apparently when I went to work this morning the rear parking lights on my car did not shut off when I left the car, so they ran down the battery completely. I, of course, didn’t know this until I returned at the end of the day to go home. But after getting a jump start I drove the car around to make sure the battery was recharged then stopped at the store and noticed when I got out and locked the car that the daytime-running lights and all other lights went off as usual but the parking lights in the rear stayed on. I noticed also while driving that the Electronic Power Control (EPC) light on the dash came on when I started the car and never went off while I was driving. Now the car is in the garage but the lights are still on sucking the juice out of my battery again! What the heck is wrong and how can I turn the lights off so they don’t drain my battery before morning when I can take it in to the dealer?

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I have a 2000 1.8T and previously had the engine light came on. Brought it to the dealer and they use a program and probably reset the error and was told no problems found and 3 weeks later(yesterday) it’s back on again. Botton line, NEVER BUY VW or buy one again for the rest of your life becaue it’s a piece of S**T! Really, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on this vehicle with countless problems. Does anyone know a specific to VW/AUDI where we can let them have a piece of our mind. I’m guessing they are aware of the issue given almost everyone who had a Jetta has had or having this F******G light problem and are not doing anything about it. The only solution is to spread the words around, it’s not German engineering, it’s German garbage. WHAT A PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was driving my Jetta 2001 1.8L turbo and all of sudden my check engine light came on and started flashing and then the engine started vibrating. I shut it off and turn it back on same problem… Based on a previous posting from KELLY, I took the car to MIDAS. The diagnose after they hook the car into the computer was “multiple random misfires”, the technician looked into the coils/spark plugs and one of them was dead, we changed all spark plugs and the coil from the dead plug, for around $260.00 USD got my car back to normal, the coil alone runs for about $135.00

Thanks To Kelly for the original posting

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Just wanted to thank Eric that posted the quick fix for anyone with a VW Jetta 1.8t that keep getting the check engine light and a P0411 code…just change the over-run cut-off valve oem part # 06a145710n and some regular hose clamps…the vacuum line does not need it….it worked for my Jetta with 117,000 miles

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I have a 2001 Jetta and have had MANY problems over the years with the darn check engine light coming on. I went through this crazy thing with the dealer where they kept getting different code and fixing something different each time — after 3 times, and lots of money, they finally realized that my car was manufactured in Mexico and the computer device they were putting in was not matching the supposed German parts of the car — bizarre! It’s been fine for about 2 years and just today the darn light went back on again! I’m taking it to the dealer tomorrow and will let you all know what’s up.

Oh — and my car also smells like crayons — this must be some terrible toxic thing that is slowly killing me. Do others have this problem too? I’ve read about this on other forums too.

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I have a 2000 jetta 2.0 , the check engine light is always on.. but thats not the case. My car always turns off while im driving.. then after some time it turns on again. and drives a little further and turns off again. the computer said it was 2sensors.. “mass air flow center” and ” cam shock position center” .. i replaced the “mass air flow center” , and i went to buy “cam shock position center” and the volkswagon expert said its another piece called ” car shock position center” or something like that.. its what causes the car to shut down. that was changed as well.. and the car is still the same. i even bought a new battery cause the “battery light switch” goes on when the car turns off. it has nothing to do with the battery. The car only has 87,000 miles. can anyone help? expert mecanics? please email me. thanks

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i forgot to mention.. my car is 4cylinder. automatic.
it doesnt go on 1st gear. it always starts at 2nd gear.
and doesnt speed fast… help ? please?

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1999 VW Golf GLI, automatic, 182K miles. :)

Technically this car is a 2000 Golf, off the “New Golf” line, which boy let me say, that makes it worse for finding the right parts. First, I bought the car third-hand. The couple before me did take care of it. During their ownership, it had it’s fuel tank replaced for a nice $750. Then I got it. It goes like this:

$3500 Transmission.
$175 new key.
$150 new hatch wires (which blew out the ignition wires!)
$350 new cat converter and O2 sensor.
$100 new ignition (ignition core snapped randomly one night after work).
$84 axle gear.
$120 coolant housing.

I’ve had reoccurring problems with the trannie, and I can’t tell you how many times the CEL comes on. If it does and it’s running fine, keep driving it. It may go off on it’s own (has for me before) but after a couple days, swing it by a VW-friendly shop—-dealer costs more—-and have them run it and see what comes up.

Presently I’m looking at it and the ABS/BREAK light is flashing at me; ABS doesn’t go off and the BREAK comes on when it’s going over 5mph and, again, doesn’t go off. Now the CEL comes on when it starts up, highlights all the gears as if I’m driving in every single one, and has little power to go. Extremely sluggish. After a bit (and about 4 engine restarts) it went off. When they’re all selected it also can’t “find” the gears and is stuck in the fail safe of first. Anyone else or is this a totally out off the wall problem?

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I have a 1999( new model so in system considered 2000) Jetta vr6 GLX 80,000 miles on it. The car will randomly(once every two weeks) shut off while driving and I have to put in nuetral and start it back up.(battery light comes on at this time also). So Last night after work I wen to my car and it was dead, tried to start it and it just clicked, got a jump and drove it 20 mins home and it was fine. got up this morning for work and it did the same thing, jumped it and drove it to local shop. They tested the alternator, starter, battery and everything is fine. They said there must be a short “somewhere”/ they also said I have a code and my check engine light came on code-p1137 reading-fuel too rich system too hot.(or something)-They reffered me to the dealer. I can’t afford the Dealer and matter fact I thinked it’s outrageouse what the charge…
anyone help?
Hating VW’s
Jessica in Portland OR

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ok this is how i see it i got the same prob as most of you on this site i have a 2000 VW jetta GLS it has 187 *** k on it the cadilic converter makes a loud wrattles so loud its sad, my tranny has a bent oil pain and leaks like a its going out of style, my dad is a machanic and his moto is they use they(dealers) to eat your money unless it doesnt run right drive it till it blows up, also i had one recall on it which didnt happen in a nice walk my car got stick in park turns out a when i was driving it for 3 days waitting to have it fixed, using the back door way i had no lights and turn signals however this was covered underwarrente. I am getting fed up i love my jetta so much wonderful little car lots of room, but it is becoming a bit of a headake i wish VW could understand that this is there issue and i think it should be there responsibity to correct the stupid problem with the Check engine light comming on all the time

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I have a 2003 Jetta GLS. I’ve had this car since it was new, there is now 94,000 miles on it, no trouble so far accept for the switch that was recalled. Today the engine light went on. For me at the worst possible time. It may be nothing or it may be something big, who knows? I’m self-employed, work is very slow, money is virtually non-existent. Can’t even take my cat to the vet these days. I’ll try that sensor thing and hope it works. We’ve had freezing temps in Florida the last few days, maybe that’s what’s causing it. I hope so. I remember my Mercedes 240D that I had for 27 years… Virtually nothing went wrong with it, and I could change the oil myself, it was a simple car. I wish for simple cars again.

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Guys, I have 02 Jetta with 92000 miles on it. Two weeks ago, while entering highway I noticed sudden kick down while accelerating and engine light came on. Engine started to rattle and wouldn`t develop all horses I needed.
I went to VW dealer and asked to hook up a VW computer. Clever machine said you have a misfire in first cyinder. By the way, dealer did not charge me a penny. I bought set of spark plugs and set of coal packs($230), changed it in my garage at home(took 20 minutes), turned on my engine, and it was working as a champ. Next day engine light went off itself. Now I`ve put about 1500 miles on it and there is no problem at all.
So, that`s my advice. Good lack.

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I have a 2000 Jetta 2.0 with 170,000 miles and the CEL has been on for over 18 months.
Car runs great, gets normal MPG. Now I’m stuck because it won’t pass emissions. Codes for evap emission and another I can’t recall but my independent VW repair guy thinks it needs a throttle body. $500!! Any suggestions? I’ve had the car for 5 years and want to keep it, but I can’t sink any more money into it. I just need an Inspection sticker. I don’t even notice the CEL anymore it’s been on so long!!

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I bought a 2000 Jetta VR6 this summer with about 75k miles on it. A week after I bought it found out the temp sensor was bad, had it replaced and no more problems. Now whenever it rains or it’s very wet outside (spring like conditions) my car runs very rough and when I floor it and accelerate quickly the check engine light will flash. Sometimes the check engine light will stay on but when good whether comes around it goes off. Like I said my temp sensor is good, and I have replaced spark plugs and wires I also check my plugs but they all seem to be in good condition. Anyone know what could be the issue? Is it the catalytic converter?

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I own a 2002 1.8T. Fun car to drive, but with the repair bills I should have bought a beemer or small sports car. The car was in semi regularly for regular maintenance and the odd understandable problem (ie windows dropping into the door…) Year 4, when the warranty ended, costed about 4K in repairs including anything that heats cools or blows air in the car. Use your imagination, but I’ve repaired them all. At about years 5-6 (another 3-4K + tires), the electrical started to go including engine indicator/Co2 sensor switch (undiagnosed to this day — but many different diagnosises along the way depending on the garage), heated seats failed, most light bulbs went(many repeatedly …a little more frequent that wear and tear), the windows dropped into the doors for the second time (first time year one), on occassion the battery is completely drained (no power locks work) with no battery, alternator issues or slow drain. Failure of the week is the parking brake sensor is gone. I figure its just the monthly tax of owning a VW. We’re shopping for a new car and while I loved driving the jetta, we will go nowhere near a VW or Audi for a long long time; if ever.

I’ve also had work done on the clutch, timing belt, brakes, battery, etc. but I expect that with most cars.

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My check engine light has been on for 3 years. I just laugh about it now…

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Hey! We just bought a 2000 Jetta(217000ish km) and the CEL is on. We have replaced the catalytic converter & both 02 sensors. It was off for a week after the work was done. Now it’s on again and there is a loud “muffler” sounding noise when I accelerate. Could it just be that the converter has come loose or could it just be as trivial as spark plugs or the gas cap?!? Arrrgh! If you have any more ideas, let me know before I get more & more different diagnostics from different garages!

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my service light engine came on a month ago but then it turned of for about a week then it came on again! so basically i got my oil change and after my car started running rough! i brought it to canadian tire but then apparently they dont have the software for vw to check it but did manage to tell me that it could be the mass volume air circuit P0102! so on my way home the car was still running rough and it eventually stalled in the middle of the road! so now when i turn it on its only running on battery! so now i need to get it towed (thank goodness for CAA) so does anyone know a place in the mississauga/brampton area where i can bring my car for service for a reasonable price!

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Does anyone post any suggestions here?????

There must be experts out there laughing at all this

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I have a 2000 vw jetta and i was pushing it up a hill and once i got to the top i ended up having to stop at a red light then the light came on once i gave it gas the light went off! Anyone know why? i do have a cold air intake on it.

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I have a 2002 Jetta and i cant pass the smog test because my check engine light will not go off. Its been off and on for two years but works just fine. Due to it not pssing smog i am unable to have my cute car( ick) registered in the lovely state of California. I have had all the recalls done,and its not the gas cap unfort. and i use chevron gas religously. Also its been to the mechanic a million time this last time they got me for three hundread dollars and the light did go off. Sixty miles later its back. And they wont service my car again or give me back my frickin money! And ideas? Other then praying it gets stolen or implodes? College student paying for an expensive pet rock :(.

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I have an 06 Jetta and yesterday the car decided to stall at a green light. I turned it off and then started it and it went but the EPC and Check Engine Light went on. Before this, I brought it to a dealer in PA because of the break switch that kept draining my batter. This car is a pain in the @$$. I drove it across the country with no problems (thank god) but then I get to LA and this happens. I took it to Pep Boys cuz they check it for free and they said they have to runa dianostic which costs $90. I got back in the car after that and the warning lights went off. I took it on the freeway and everythign was fine and then all of a sudden I couldn’t accelerate anymore, the car jumped, and I fortunately coasted onto the shoulder having a panic attack. Then I went to go again, and everythign was fine. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! There is a German Car repair shop in the area, should I bring it there? And now that I own the car, is the Catalytic Converter covered still? The car has almost 65000 miles. Yes I know its a 2006, I drove alot. Thanks!

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is this recall still valid?
im curious because i dont feel like spending 800 on a cat converter.

please email me with any info.
i just got married and am on an extremely tight budget.

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What your mechanic is telling you is nonsense. If your MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is coming on then something needs to be repaired. Buy an OBD-II code scanner, look on-line to figure out what the code means and have it repaired — or if it’s nothing dangerous, live with the light.

And get a new mechanic.

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I had a similar problem to my 2000 Jetta GLS. It ended up being a spark plug that blew out stripping the treads in the head. The “exhaust noise” was actually the gas vapor movement exiting the spark plug hole. The shop had to helicoil the spark plug hole and remount a new set of plugs. I am currently having the issue of the check engine light though. I replaced the plugs, had the throttle body rebuilt, vacuum leaks fixed, etc, etc. No help! Anyone want to buy a 2000 Jetta GLS?

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I have a 2003 Jetta GL, the check engine light has been on for nearly a year.
I took it to the dealer, they read the code that said it was running cooler than
it should. They turned off the light, but the next day it came on again. Took it
back, they turned it off, came on again. When it’s cold out the car missfires and
shakes for a while and the light flashes, then goes back to normal (still on).
I had the spark plugs replaced and no change. Seems like this is VERY common
on Jettas, yet nobody is sure what it is?

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I have a 2005 new model Jetta. The other day I was driving and my engine light came on blinking and I felt my car shaking. I looked under the hood and saw the my whole engine was shaking. It also sounded like it wanted to die.. any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a 2001 jetta wolfsburg 1.8t(110,000km(68,000mils)) while driving it overheat and the light of water temp is on, the cooling fluid was spiting out from the top of my tank but mowhere else, the hose from my motor to my radiator was soft, verry hot and almost empty. no more heat comming out of the heater in the car,and ther is a cod of misfire on cylinder 1 and 2. but new spark plug 2 weeks ago. do you think it could be my head gasket that is broken between the first and second cylinder?

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Vivian Naylor have you any updates on your VW jetta i would like to know. thanks

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Rnee on September 17, 2009 - 19:11 Permalink

is the check engine light still one?

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I have had a chronic check engine light problem. We have done all routine tune ups, changed the catalytic converter and two coil packs. No have with this problem.

VW wants to keep my car indefinetly and tear my engine apart because they thin it is a bent piston, which is not likely to cause an intermittant problem like we are all experiencing.

They need to recall thse cars. I am sure they know what the root cause is, but they don’t want to admit it. The only recourse is to file a law suit. VW has offered me no help and I can’t keep putting money into parts and service fees that don’t resolve the problem. How about the rest of you?

Pretty sad when VW won’t fix the problem and you can’t get your car to pass inspection.

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I don’t think VW will likely come up with that answer. I went to a customer advocate with no results. My only recourse to get their help was to leave the car with the dealership for an indefinet amount of time all at my own expense since it is out of warranty. I have already replaced over $2000 in parts with no change.

Time for a lemon law suit I think.

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I was never told my Jetta needed premium gas until last week at the dealership. This is one of the dealerships recommendations for the check engine light nightmare. They aren’t accetping responsibility for the problem, so now it’s the gas we have been using. That is just rediculous! Changing to premium gas does not solve this problem.

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Yes, this is a chronic problem with Jettas and so far nothing I have changed has fixed the problem. This is a chronic, intermittant problem. I have been trying to figure it out for over a year and a half with no luck. We have changed wires & plugs, catalytic converter(it’s covered under federal warranty) which the dealership failed to tell me. We have cleaned the injectors twice and changed the coil pack twice. I also had a valve guage and engine compression test done, which came back just fine. Still can’t pass inspection. The dealership knows there is a problem, they just aren’t saying what it is. I don’t know anyone who has found the answer to this problem. The light always comes back on and it starts missfiring again.

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I have a 2000 voltswagen Jetta GLS I replaced catalitic converter the light went off. I decided to have a duplicate transformer key at locksmith. After programming key my light went on.

I took the car to my mechanic, who performed a diagnostic and three p codes came on.

The car runs smooth but the engine light is driving me crazy.

Call me at 347 728 5281. I am interested in your help.

by the way I just purchased this vehicle 2 weeks ago.

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Take it to auto zone they will run a free diagnostic and give you a unbiased oppinion.they don’t want to fix the car to make money so they won’t tell a lie.