2000 VW Jetta Check Engine Light

The “check engine light” in my 2000 VW Jetta has been on for almost six months. Wary of being told I need to “replace the trigenic configuration valve-pulse generator” for $950, I’ve avoided taking it in to the dealer to have it looked at. I was due for an inspection and an oil change this week, though, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment.

To my pleasant surprise there had been an “oxygen sensor recall” for the 2000 Jetta, which resulted in my getting a free brand new oxygen sensor (who knew that cars needed oxygen!) which, in turn, made the check engine light turn itself off.

There was also a recall on the “hazard light switch,” so I got a new one of those two. An interesting side-effect of that is that the “clicking sound” that my car makes when I switch on the turn signal has changed its tone (Jodi says it’s “much sharper sounding” now). It’s like a brand new car!

So total damage for inspection, a new brake light, a new oxygen sensor, a new hazard light and an oil change was only $65.


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My check engine light has been on my 200 Vw Jetta for a couple months now. I did have it checked and they said nothing was wrong and turned off the light. About 5 miles down the road it came back on. Once in awhile the light blinks and my car seems to not get gas even though I am pushing the gas peddle. Once the light stops blinking my car SEEMS to go back to normal. What could the problem be?

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hi lisa,did you ever find out what the blinking engine light on your jetta was? im having the same problem, if you could let me know i sure appreciate it, thank you kindly.

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I had the same problem in my 1999.5 2.0l jetta.
My engine light would come on, then flash and have no power.
I checked my spark plugs and 1 of them was melted. I changed all 4 plugs and the light never came on and had all my power back

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2000 VW Jetta Check Engine Light VR6
My check engine light came on and a diagnosis was done saying my Oxygen (O2) Sensor needed to be replaced. So I did I thought the problem was over. 260 Miles later it comes back on and a PO4011 code comes on. Which is a Secondary air system malfunction. My trusty mechanic says there is a problem with the piping and VW says it could be my other sensor. They turn it off with no apparent problems. Another 260 miles it comes back on. Ive heard that I might need a new gas cap or there is just a problem with the air intake. What is the problem?

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To answer the first question, your catalytic converter is damaged and will need to be replaced. VW will provide the part off warranty no matter how many miles you have on your car because it is a part of the car that is not supposed to fail. The converter isn’t bolted as tightly as it should and can become loose with regular wear and tear. Bring your car in if you haven’t yet so you don’t end up broken down in the B.A.B.F.

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I’m having the same problem with my check engine light…. First time it came on i was on the highway… I unpluged the battery it shut off then it came back on on Sat… I don’t what’s going on can some help…..

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I have had a check engine light go on previously on my 2000 Jetta, but it was reset and went off. I know that these models have had catalytic converter problems, but I have not had mine replaced. Today I was driving home and all of a sudden the light went on and a LOUD exhaust problem appeared. I drove about 7 miles afterwards home with the check engine light blinking. It also appeared that my brakes were not working properly. I am thinking either the catalytic converter came loose, needs replaced, or something with the master cylinder is wrong. Any ideas?

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I have a 2003 jetta TDI, my engine light comes on when I put it in gear and stays on, when I turn it off it goes out.

Need in put on this.

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I have a 2000 jetta as well and the check engine light just came on. I had a friend look at it and he said the coolant level was almost empty and now that he mentions it that light has been on for about a month or two. I didn’t know what it meant. However, i’m smelling burnt rubber a little bit. Would very low level of coolant cause that smell to occur?

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I have a 2000 VW jetta VR6 as well, I was driving down the highway and after I merged into traffic at 85mph my ceck engine light came on. I have checked all the fluid levels and gascap and all is well. I dont know what else it could be but I know that it will probably be expensive…

What now?

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I had a racing cam installed and now the check engine light wont turn off is their any way to fix this?

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I also own a 2000 Jetta that has a checklight engine on. in response to nicoles message,vw diagnosed the catlitic converter needed to be replaced,however they did not indicate vw would replace free, nicoles may I ask your source of information in regards to the part not suppose to fail

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i have a 95 jetta that has had one thing after another go wrong with it the check engine light is on but no one can tell me why

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I have a 2001 Jetta that always has the check engine light on. After YEARS of being a responsible owner and making sure (paying money) the equipment is properly maintained, I honestly feel that the senors readings are set at a sentitve level to go off. I have had my senors replaced multiple times and still the engine light goes off somewhere around day 3 to day 5 after the mechanic visit. My suggestion to others is that something else in the computor has shifted to create a false indication in the readings.

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Do you have the recall code of the oxygen sensor recall?

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2006 jetta been to dealer at least 10 times..engine light on again the dealer charging me 700 dollars to fix

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2000 Jetta 1.8t AWD engine code. I’ve had a similair problem to everyone in this thread. Check engine light was on for 8 months with no noticable drivability problems. When it was time for a state inspection, I knew I had to fix it or no pass. I took it to an independent shop that works on vw’s. They told me it was a Secondary Air Inj.Sys. Malfunction (code p0410). Even though I knew my secondary air pump (SAP) was functioning because I heard it every morning, they convinced me it was bad and replaced it for about $400 total. 2days, light back on, same code. They tightened some loose hoses in the Seconary Air Inj system, reset computer. 2days, light back on. Reset the computer again using special “VW software”. Light comes on again. Replace front O2 sensor. Light back on again, same code. When someone with a brain finally fixes this, I will update this thread to let everyone know. GOOD LUCK ALL!

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Just had my catalytic converter replaced and a new resinator installed on my 2000 Jetta today… The check engine light came on about 20 miles down the road and feels like the engine is misfiring and i am now having trouble getting the car into first gear. could any of this be related

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My wife’s 2000 Jetta has same problems — engine light. 6 VW dealer visits in 30,000 km ($1400)- several O2 sensors and map sensors — cat converter repaced on warranty.

Car runs bad and has a gas odour when light is on. Every time we take it in they charge $172 to diagnose the problem — then parts costs.

Inherant problem on older Jettas and I don’t think VW will ever resolve because it would be bad for their service business.

I plan on buying another Subaru and someone else can deal with greedy VW Service Dept.

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In response to my post above- 2000 Jetta, 1.8t, AWD engine code. Check Engine light computer code given — p0411. after $1000 bucks total since starting, it turns out the problem was the TURBO DIVERTER VALVE or, as VW calls it: the “overrun shut-off valve”. Please, if you have a 1.8t jetta and you get a p0411 or p0410 error code when they check the computer. make sure they check the TURBO DIVERTER VALVE and the Secondary Air Pump. The Diverter valve is a $30 part that Anyone can easily replace themselves. I hope this helps!!

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2003 Jetta GL — have had problems with check engine light for the past three months — so far $1,300 — with a VW dealer, changed vacuum hose, changed out brake switch due to recall, fuel injection serviced, throttle serviced, air filter changed, basic tune-up (plugs); with another mechanic, changed out O2 sensors — still having light come on — have checked gas cap to make sure it is secure — reluctant to spend more money — RUNS FINE — any ideas?

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2000 Jetta GLS. I have a problem with my check engine light for the last few months. I recently changed the 02 sensor as I been told, but of course light came back on after 30 miles. I took it to the VW dealer, they charged me $100 for checking the light, and they told me misfire problems. How can I figure it out where is the real problem and fix it finally??? Naples, Florida

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I have VW jetta 1.8 2003. I brought it for diagnostics and they toled me that my temp sensor and my catalityc converter are bad. So I bought new temp sensor for like $40.00 and replased it my self, chech ingine light turned off for about 100 miles. Then I bought new cat online for $330 and brought it to lockal mufler shop. When we took converter off mechanic tolled me that there is nothing wrong with mine old one, and in fact old one was much better than afrermarket one I bought online. Well anyway chech ingine light is still on and I have to bring my car to diagnostic. But now when I stard car in morning there is some trouteling sound for about 90 seconds, and then it desapaers with something like air presure valve is being opened. Please anny Ideas????????

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Hey I have a 2001 Jetta V6 and I have had the same engine light problem. We I step on the gas, the engine light flashes and after a while it stops flashing. My car also seems to be missing. VW told me it was the catalytic converter and that it was not covered under warranty. At that time my car was almost at 60,000 miles. Little did I know that the catalytic convert is covered by the dealer up to 60,000 miles. By the time I realized this it was to late. This month I received 2 letters in the mail from Vw. The first one told me of a recall on my car that could case a false catalytic convert error, and the second letter offered to buyback my car. Smells fishy to me!!!!!

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Federal law covers your catalytic until 80,000 miles and VW covers to 100,000 miles. Make them fix it for free or refund you if you already paid…

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I have a 2003 VW Jetta with a check engine light that has been on for a solid 4 3months. It used to come on and off but now it stays on. I had a diagnostic and they said it was a coolent temp. sensory problem. Anyone knows how much it costs to fix this?

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CRAIG, could you please tell me how I can find out where it says the VW covers catalytic converters till 100,000 miles? My check engine light had been on and off for the past 10 days or so. took it into the dealership and they said i had a bad catalytic converter and charged me $700 to replace it. i wish i had founf this website before :(
LORETTA, is it possible for you to share exactly what your letters said? Maybe even scan it and email it to me? would appreciate any help. I’ve been reading a lot of forums tonight after i felt VW ripped me off on my catalytic converter and it looks like tons of people are having the exact same problems and even worse. makes me want to get rid of my 2002 jetta even though this is my first major problem!

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i have a 2001 jetta the engine light is always on. it has been on constantly for several years. at inspection time my indie mechanic resets it for $40, tells me it will come back on in a couple of days and that i should ignore the light. he said the dealers program it so it will come on periodically in hopes that you will bring it to the dealer so thet can charge you tons of money. i don’t understand why anyone would take their car to the dealer unless it is warranty work.

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Hello All,

I recently bought a used 2003 Jetta TDI and was loving this car … until MY Check Engine Light (CEL) came on yesterday. I noticed the temperature sensor wasn’t working and hoped it was related. Today, as I was driving to the mechanic, the temperature sensor was registering again, but the CEL stayed on. The car is at the shop now and I’m in for $166.00 just to do a diagnostic. After reading all these postings about the CEL coming on, I’m getting worried. I’ll keep you posted.


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Answer a few peoples questions. Cats are covered 8years/80,000 miles on all VW’s except some 1999 to 2001 with 2.0 liter engines, the its 10/120,000. Check engine lights flash when the car is misfiring. If this is happening and you have spark plug wires (2.0) you probably need a tune-up. Temp sensors go out all the time, especially if they are black. Green ones are better. You go to dealers because they know more about your car then anybody else usually does. You just have to pay more.

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Does a 2000 VW Jetta 1.8T require premium gasoline? If so, what happens when you put regular in it?

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KEVIN — I have a 2000 VW Jetta 1.8T and all I’ve put in it for years is regular and I haven’t had any problems. I do have the CEL problem that everyone in this tread seems to be having but I don’t think it’s related to the type of gas I put in it.

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I have a 2003 1.8t jetta. For the past few months, my car has been making a noise that sounds like everything in it is going to fall out whenever I hit a bump. Major rattling. I took it to a VW specialist and he looked and said everything seemed fine, and I had my timing belt changed. I’m right around 75,000 miles. This morning, I was leaving my house and my car was surging, seeming like it was out of gas. The check engine light started blinking, so I turned around and went home. After reading some of these comments, it sounds like my catalytic converter might be suspect, and if it’s true that they aren’t bolted tight enough, could that be the source of the rattle?

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Volkswagen should release VIN of Jetta 2000 affected by recall. Repair/Replacement must be done for free on these affected VINs irregardless of mileage. In my case, I was hearing something unusual while driving when the mileage was less than 80,000. I just found out the catalytic converter problem when it’s worst and the mileage is 100,000+.

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I have a 2000 Jetta. A few days ago the check engine light went on. Reading all the information it sounds like VW has some major problems with the (Catalyic Converter). I also heard that there is a recall on the “oxygen sensor” and a recall on the “hazard light switch”. Can anyone confirm this?

I had my check engine light go on on my 2006 Chrysler 300. I took it into the dealer and it was fixed. That was three months ago. At least Chrysler has figured out why thier check engine light goes on.

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Sad to say but the engine light is now on in my 2000 Jetta GL.

The dealer does not know what is the cause has anyone found the major problem causing the engine light come on?

Has anyone compiled the possible answers, that work, to this problem?

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I just finished replacing my son’s coolant temperature sensor on his 2003 Jetta GLS, 2.0 liter. The sensor cost me $6.99 plus tax at the local AutoZone store and it took all of about 10 minutes to replace. The car was cold so there was no pressure in the coolant hoses. The sensor was located upright on the main hose leading from the top of the radiator to the engine block and the firewall. All you do is disconnect the electronic plug and pull of a horseshoe shaped clip that holds the sensor in place, within the hose. Pull the old sensor out (make sure the o-ring comes with it), and simply replace it with the new sensor and o-ring. Replace the horseshoe clip, plug in the wire connector and you’re done! BIG DIFFERENCE IN PERFORMANCE AND MILEAGE!!!

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I just read the message about the person that replaced his sons coolant temperature sensor on his 2003 Jetta, email above from MIKEY. So my question is has the light come back on since you did this. We purchased just a few weeks ago, a used 2003 Jetta with 36,000 miles on it. When we took it for a test drive the engine light was on and they replaced the coolant system. Then right after we took it home after we purchased it from VW dealer, the engine light came on. I took it in this week on Tuesday and they removed and replaced a Coolant Temperature Sender after they ran the test, they said it was a coolant system malfunction, we brought it home and on Thursday, just yesterday the engine light came back on. Now what is the problem. Am I going to have this problem all the time. Does Volkswagon even know why the light is coming on or do they just run the test and fix something else because they are not sure. If you have an answer (Mikey) I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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I own a 2000 jetta vr6.. The only time my engine light came on was when i had cylinder misfires..it still ran, but not great..recommended to change plugs and wires.. I now have to replace the coil pack..If your car runs shitty in the rain, in winter or on damp days, your plugs or coil pack needs replacing..my coolant temp sensor didnt work for 2 months and my warning light didnt come on…..I could list a bunch of things that went wrong with my jetta. but i love it and im gonna keep driving it….

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I happened onto this website kind of by accident — I’m pretty sure My 2000 VW Jetta GLS is in need of another catalytic converter (this will be the second replacement). I too had to have the oxygen sensor replaced some time ago. I am at 112K+ miles. I have a letter that was mailed out some time ago from VW stating that the Catalytic Coverter is now covered until 120K due to problems they have encountered. Your VW dealer should definitely be aware of this extended warranty. I have not yet confirmed with my dealer that it is my catalytic converter that needs replaced — but I remember that distinctive sound it makes from the last time. Guess i better get in there soon. Good luck to all. All-in-all it has been a great little car that’s fun to drive and I will continue to drive it till it just won’t go anymore.

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So I have a 2000 1.8 turbo jeta I keep having the light back on I have a code for an 02 sensor so I am going to replace it. I also have a shit load of misfire coads I am hearing quite a few things and that is either mass air flow ignition coils or a cat. I am going to try out the coils first because its a misfire on all 4 cylanders. I just bought a scan tool and I am going to check the voltage going through the mass air flow just for shits and giggles does any one know what its suposed to be? and I saw John posted something about replacing the cat for free at the dealership any one know how that works?
any help would be help full the car has no power and would like to get fixed plz email me because I check my email more then anything! Thank you

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i just took my car in at 79,777 miles and they replaced ta cat converter for free b/c of warranty, but charged me for turning the check engine light off and that was 105.00!!! THen 2 days later my car was shaking and the check engine light flashed so I took it back and they fixed the coil ignition. Whatever, but now two weeks later my light is on again and I’m freakin out cause now I have 80,400 miles on my car and my warranty is up. What do you think is wrong this time?

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Oh I forgot to say that I have a 2003 jetta 1.8t

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i have a 1998 vw jetta and my dad just gave me an oil change and a tune up plus he put seafoam in. Now my check engine light is blinking and my car is shaking. i step on the gas when i first start my car it won’t speed up. What can the problem be ?

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I have a 2.0 99’ Jetta, I hear noice coming from the catalyc and the car is shaking. It goes into gear just fine. engine light is blinking.

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2002 Jetta TDI 1.9L

i went into a dealrship today and i was going to trade in for a newer car…nothing is wrong with mine…then he took it for a drive, i was in passenger seat he was doing a test on it, see if anyhting is wrong etc…he was speeding up and down, testing brakes but i just noticed how he was flooring it and going kinda fast to see how the engine goes…i mean i dont do that much..BUT ANYWAYS after we are done and im gunna elave dealership…i was driving away and engine light came on and it hasnt gone off since, im gunna call back and get it fixed…any ideas what the problem is..it has never gone on before and runs good!ANY ideas plz???and should the manager of the dealership have to pay for the costs????

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The least expensive fix for a CEL that comes on is a small piece of black electrical tape. Just affix it to the instrument panel over the CEL light area.

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My 2000 VW jetta GLS’s check engine light start blink too,the car is shaking and motor speed is not stabilized even im not step on gas…
My jetta has more than 100k km on it,out of warranty.Could anyone tell me whats the problem with it?Coil ignition and catalytic converter?

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I bought a 2007 Jetta 2.5L last weekend (a week ago) and this past weekend i took it on a trip to NC (about 260ish miles one way). As i was driving up, about 70 miles away from home, my check engine light came on. It stayed on through the drive up to NC, and went off after we put gas in it on Saturday. The light stayed off, and car drove perfectly fine. Then when we were on our way back, yesterday, the check engine light came on again after about 70 miles or so. It stayed on for the whole drive back, but turned off when i got home. What on earth could this be? The car has 11k miles on it, haven’t had it for too long, and I’m still under warranty…help please!