$20 $20 €20

William Denton is selling copies of a limited edition of a book version of Listening to Art.

I like his pricing:

While I have supplies, copies are available at a special price: $20 Canadian for Canadians, $20 US for Americans, and €20 for people anywhere else in the world.

At today’s exchange rate, this translates to:

  • $20 Canadian = $20 Canadian
  • $20 US = $26.53 Canadian
  • €20 = $30.47 Canadian

The result is nice even-numbered shipping that seems reasonable to Canadian, Americans and Europeans all, but that builds in an allowance for the increased shipping costs attached to each.

(For example, the Canada Post lettermail rate for a large envelope for weighing 400 g is $5.78 to Canada, $10.90 to the USA, and $21.80 to Sweden).