1984 Road Map of PEI

I got a ride up to the north shore last night for the Annual General Meeting of the L.M. Montgomery Land Trust from one of my fellow directors. We couldn’t remember which fork in the road to take at Kensington to get us to Sea View the fastest, so he pulled a PEI road map from the side pocket of his car and handed it to me.

The map, while familiar, seemed very different from the one in my car. Further examination revealed that it was a 1984 road map of PEI. The ferry — “CN Marine” — was still in service. The waterfront of Charlottetown was a rail yard. CHTN was out on North River Road. And there was a detailed introduction to the metric system on the back.

It boggles my mind to consider the process by which this map was transferred, over 21 years, from car to car, remaining intact and in the right place. We must go through a dozen PEI road maps every year in our family.


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Adrian on May 16, 2005 - 14:12 Permalink

My parents have your friend beat — a 1969 Esso road map of Atlantic Canada in fairly pristine condition is in the glove box of their Civic, having been handed down from various cars over the years. It shows ferry routes and rail lines which don’t exist any longer — of course it also doesn’t show the mainland expressways which replaced them. The routes to Newfoundland outports are incredible! And there are cute little Esso signs wherever their stations are located.