13 months

Thirteenmonths.com chronicles the journey of “a fairly normal pre-kids couple on the adventure of [their] lives.” Here’s how they describe their trip:

Instead of taking a honeymoon, we decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world for a year (13 months, actually). We started slowly saving soon after we met, and with the proper planning, it all turned out to be more affordable than we originally anticipated (let us know if you’d like more info on this). With a few exceptions, we have opted to stay in each place for about a month. We think this approach allows us time to immerse ourselves in the culture and experience how different people live. We’ve also found it to be less stressful (not to mention cheaper) than traveling constantly for a year. We hope that it also allows some of our friends and family to visit.

They left home October 5, 2004 and their last entry (at this writing) is from Brazil in June. They’re still at it, though, and they’ve got a lot of compelling tales of their adventures, including the sort of nitty gritty that’s usually left out of travelogues, like descriptions of their gear, their clothes and what it’s all costing them.

Alas, there’s no RSS feed, so you’ll have to drop by regularly if you want to keep up.