The 12 Tips of Christmas

Like last year, I invite you to join me in a small intervention into the service economy that I call The 12 Tips of Christmas.

The idea is simple: every time you leave a tip in a restaurant or coffee shop this holiday season, leave a percentage that matches the day of December.

So today, for example, I tipped 18% because it’s December 18.

Tomorrow I will tip 19%.

And on the last day of the year I will tip 31%.

Workers in restaurants work hard for low wages: the holiday season, with its harried customers, variable weather, and other pressures, is a time to particularly recognize their service.

My hope is, of course, that by exercising our tipping muscles upwards, we all become more generous tippers year-round.

Photo of a debit machine at Receiver Coffee showing an 18% tip.

Photo of a debit machine at Mr. Sushi showing an 19% tip.