Air Canada 8591, Charlottetown to Ottawa

Flight to Boston via Ottawa to visit Yankee.

No security line in Charlottetown at all: went from calling a taxi at home to through security in about 30 minutes flat.

Plane was a CRJ 100/200, with no in-flight entertainment. It departed on time, and landed on time, but had to park before the gate because the gate was occupied; the delay was only about 5 minutes.

Moving from a domestic arrival at YOW to an U.S. departure requires completely exiting airside and going back through security and customs (in neither case were there lines at all). For the first time I can remember the border guard at U.S. pre-clearance asked to see both my Canadian and U.S. passports (usually they only require the U.S.); that said, I was quickly admitted with no further question beyond “where do you live.”


Departure Time

June 5, 2016 - 14:20

Flight Status