Elastic Load Balancing
Face detection with OS X and python
Mobile SMS and Data Roaming Explained
A useful overview document explaining how international SMS works.
Store Locator - Future Shop
Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights by Thanva Tivawong » Yanko Design
The Shire Types + Typefaces: Shire Fonts + Shires Typeface UK
Graphic III Papers | Imposition/Paper Cutting Calculator
customize you IKEA furniture | Mykea
Moveable Type: cross-country adventures in printing by Kyle Durrie — Kickstarter
symbian underground
Tripplus Travel Card for students and young travelers under 30. Includes travel insurance, atm/debit card, phone card and more, for just $50
Ljubljana to Venice by Train and Bus | Anthony's Innovation Blog
Fabriano - Boutique - Stationery: Luxury, Design, Stationary - Fabriano Boutique
support : Controlling the Flash of Unstyled Text (or FOUT)
Fonts are loaded as assets into a web page—just like images or video. Depending on your browser or your connection speed, they can load quickly or lag a bit behind the rest of the page. Different browsers handle font loading differently; for example, Safari and Chrome will refrain from displaying anything on the page until the fonts have loaded. But Firefox will display the site with the fallback fonts in the font stack, and then switch to the linked fonts after they've finished loading. This results in a flash of unstyled text, or FOUT.
Make a reservation | BaselBackPack
Cutting / Scoring at NA Graphics
"Minka" trailer on Vimeo
Skype 5 for Mac, but without the whitespace
nciku - Online English Chinese Dictionary, Learn Chinese Mandarin Online
Useful dictionary app that allows drawing Chinese characters as a method for character input.
Munich Germany, Munich City Guide. An Englishman's view of the city, lifestyle, culture and people
Boxcar Talk with Dead Feminists at Boxcar Press – Us
box_roll_video.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
PROCESS :: Using The Mighty Ames Lettering Guide | DHARBIN!
I Heart Japan - Travel tips, advice, and info for those travelling to Japan.
one take film festival number five
London walks: Coffee tour | Travel |
From meeting places for 17th-century poets to the 50s espresso bar revolution and today's new 'flat white' kids on the block, Dr Matt Green traces the role of coffee houses in the capital. This walking tour can be downloaded on to your mp3 player or mobile and used as an audio guide on location along with the map, which you can print out or use on your phone
Truetype fonts by Curtis Clark
Aral Balkan · How to revert (roll back) to a previous revision with Subversion
Command-Tab » Blog Archive » Widerbug: Widescreen Firebug
PDFTK on Fedora Core 8 x86_64
Issue 288 - telephone - Looser address-book matching for incoming calls - Project Hosting on Google Code
defaults write com.tlphn.Telephone SignificantPhoneNumberLength -integer 10
Manipulate Mac OS X file icons from Automator or command-line - Super User
Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc. Photoengravers since 1949
The Dale Guild Type Foundry
The Alnwick Garden
baumraum - home
新移民指南(最实用全) - 新移民生活指南 New Comer & Guide - 爱德华王子岛华人社区 PEICHINESE.COM - Powered by Discuz!
Guide for new immigrants (most of General Practice)
Bopomofo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Days of the Week in Chinese
The modern Chinese names for the days of the week are based on a simple numerical sequence. The word for 'week' is followed by a number indicating the day: 'Monday' is literally 'week one', 'Tuesday' is 'week two', etc. The exception is Sunday, where 天 tiān or 日 rì, both meaning 'day', are used instead of a number (日 rì is somewhat more formal than 天 tiān).
Ta with you
T-Image! allows you to read in your own language any text you want to understand. We will help you recognize or translate any kind of typewritten document such as newspapers, menus, books, street signs, posters, ads, and whatever you want.

The following languages are available: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. If you want to translate more languages, please send us an email.
Learn Chinese Characters
AAPA: Resources for Letterpress Printers
Low Cost Numbering Machines for Letterpress
Streamline Engraving
How to get Firefox/Mac to recognize tab index - Edward Bilodeau
Eric Butler - Software Developer in Seattle WA
Natural Earth
Living and Learning: The Report of the Provincial Committee on Aims and Objectives of Education in the Schools of Ontario
The Devil's Artisan
RightSignature | Sign Documents Online, Electronic Signature, e-Signature
Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand by Dan Provost — Kickstarter
Wunderland in 4 minutes - model building - model railway Hamburg
Maison d’Ailleurs | Information
Maison d'Ailleurs
Place Pestalozzi 14
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
Shawn Murphy, Liberal MP for Charlottetown |
Only connect
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
Using the memcached telnet interface
memcache-inc.png (PNG Image, 764x958 pixels)
That Jerk at the Café? C'est Moi | Malcolm Gladwell on Writing in Coffee Shops -
Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers | Alfred Hitchcock: Typography & Fashion
Vitra Design Museum
App Store Instant - App of the Day
Business card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lanyrd | the social conference directory
Bixou - The coffee setup, 2010. I own a lot of ways to...
Linux: How To Clear The Cache From Memory
echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
Cheap flights from Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Virgin Blue, V Australia, Qantas and more
hej+cyklist.jpg (image)
The “Elastic” in “Elastic Load Balancing”: ELB Elasticity and How to Test it
The Virtual Paintout: Prince Edward Island
Home - Letterpress Paper is a division of Legion Paper, North America's premier distributor of fine art, decorative and digital papers. Our goal in creating this site is to provide access to papers previously only available on a wholesale level. The papers listed here were selected for their performance with letterpress or as a complement to the process.
[Update] PHP on Fire: Five Opcode Caches compared.; — 100 % β
An Introduction to Unit Testing in Drupal | Lullabot
How to work around “sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo” without sacrificing security at Everything In Between
Evernote Status | Evernote Corporation
Amazon Web Services Developer Community : Using Parameterized Launches to Customize Your AMIs
The compositor's handbook - Google Books
Regularity of spacing, and the uniform distance between words, contribute in so material a degree to improve the appearance of a book, that particular instructions on this important subject cannot be out of place.
Anybots - Your Personal Avatar
Public APIs availability - uptime and down time - slow performance
Frequently Asked Questions for letterpress
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
FREE! 9th Annual Wayzgoose | Class | School of Visual Concepts | Seattle | Graphic Design, Advertising, Web Design & Marketing Communications Training
The California job case | Briar Press | A letterpress community
Red Eye - Abstract City Blog -
swissmiss | SimFingers
Community/GlusterFS on Scalr/EC2 - GlusterDocumentation
Automate EC2 Instance Setup with user-data Scripts -
The Ubuntu and Debian EC2 images published on allow you to send in a startup script using the EC2 user-data parameter when you run a new instance. This functionality is useful for automating the installation and configuration of software on EC2 instances.
Puppet - Wiki - Puppet Labs
Running a Drupal website on Amazon EC2 | Sunset Lake Software
Drupal and Amazon EC2 Quick Start | Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
How to make your own iPad or iPhone 4 micro SIM | News | TechRadar UK
Ian Rogers » Glusterfs Distributed File System on Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services Developer Community : Anyone using GlusterFS? ...
Community/GlusterFS on Scalr/EC2 - GlusterDocumentation
Ian Rogers » gluster
MogileFS/GlusterFS/etc + Amazon EBS + Amazon EC2 - Server Fault
Rowe Furniture - Slipcovers
Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing | How to Setup NFS Server on AWS EC2 | Migrate to Cloud
Buy Local in Portugal - T Magazine Blog -
Graphic Content | A Fount of Fonts - T Magazine Blog -
Tipoteca Italiana is a private foundation that was founded in 1995 to advance printing knowledge and preserve venerable printing technologies. Its founder, Silvio Antiga, a 65-year-old printer who owns a printing firm in the Veneto region, has collected more than 20 vintage presses and typesetting machines, along with hundreds of wood and metal type “fonts.” The smartly designed, modern museum includes a working print shop, which employs master craftsmen who hand-set type and pull proofs. It is open to the public — more than 8,000 people visit each year — and has become a mecca for designers and students from all over the world.
Apple - Support - Discussions - applescript to list all available wifi ...
/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -s
lastfm-cli - Project Hosting on Google Code
Plan 9
Nokia Internet Radio - FAQ
The Nokia Internet Radio service enables the users of Nokia devices to enjoy the universe of internet radio. The service consists of the station directory and the device player. The station directory provides station information for users to discover, categorized under genre, country, and language. The device player connects directly to the station's audio stream, as shown in the following figure. The device player is available for Nokia S60 3rd edition devices and Nokia Internet Tablet. The player is pre-installed in some devices. It is also available for downloading from or through the Download application in the device.
Bandwidth to Filesize calculator |
What is Reality?: MySQL, OS X and easy_install MySQL-python...
haraldscan - Project Hosting on Google Code
A Bluetooth discovery scanner.

The scanner will be able to determine Major and Minor device class of device, as well as attempt to resolve the device's MAC address to the largest known Bluetooth MAC address Vendor list.
•Centre d'escalade Horizon Roc - Information générale
:: Bourbon Coffee ::
Bourbon coffee is an international brand of specialty coffee and the first retail brand to originate from Africa. Our retail brand is built around the philosophy of producing great coffee from "crop to cup." By building the brand in this manner we are able to directly impact the value equation for coffee farmers in Africa.

We will enter the international market with the goal of introducing fine coffees of Africa to consumers and promoting our mandates for the brand: Economic development, Sustainable Practices, Uncompromising Quality and Cultural Unity.
Quora - Should user interface designers be able to build what they design?
Vanity Fair's World Architecture Survey: the Complete Results | Culture | Vanity Fair
Apple - Support - Discussions - Adding 1 to all phone numbers in ...
Twitter / OpenSource
Porter: When police stick to phony script -
How to Move a Subversion Repository
stonemind consulting » Headless Drupal: Using Drupal’s API to Batch Script Your Drupal Site.
AAPA: Printing Museums
The Museum
Hamilton Wood Type Museum | Home
The Library: St Bride Library
BBC News - 'Minutes after surgery I was pain free'
Drupal Tutorial: Form Overrides and Element-Specific Validations | CHROMATIC
Very useful post about doing custom form validation in Drupal.
Using Ubercart Attributes To Track Donations For Different Causes |
A very useful post about using hook_form_alter in general, and also specifically with Ubercart product attributes.
New to Denmark - Coming to Denmark
Soho House Berlin private members club and boutique hotel
Learn German in Germany – German courses and exams - Course locations - Berlin - Goethe-Institut 
Savant is a powerful but lightweight object-oriented template system for PHP.

Unlike other template systems, Savant by default does not compile your templates into PHP; instead, it uses PHP itself as its template language so you don't need to learn a new markup system.
Making of the Moscow Metro map
Green Furniture Sweden – gröna designmöbler
EtherPad: DWKf3QO57c
All the sizes of iOS app icons - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
Today's Guardian
'Titanic Awards' Salute Travel's Greatest Failures : NPR Explore
Displaying a previous - next post link in your Drupal theme | Gerard McGarry
A nice, simple article.
How to Setup a US iTunes Account in Canada with Vanilla MasterCard
muwlgr: Trac 0.10->0.11->0.12, mod_python, CentOS 5.5 & all ensuin
mod_python 3.x is still unable to import modules from .zipped .egg-files. Command-line python (even older version 2.4 which is included into RHEL5/CentOS5) imports modules from zipped eggs without any problem, but not mod_python for the same version because it overrides the standard importer in its own special way. So with command-line python you can easily import 'trac' and all required submodules, but mod_python will tell you that there is no module named 'trac'. The solution is found to be: easy_install --always_unzip Trac
Khan Academy
Sal Khan and the Khan Academy to the rescue - (37signals)
Drupal's Devel module
If you do any Drupal development involving actual code writing, you may well be familiar with the Devel module. If you’ve never heard of it but you’re interested: Devel is a suite of utilities to aid module development, debugging, testing, and theming. It’s extremely useful for the latter — if only because it gives you a quick and easy way to clear the theme cache — but what I want specifically to talk about is debugging code.
TeleHash - Distributed JSON Peering Protocol
TeleHash is a new wire protocol for exchanging JSON in a real-time and fully decentralized manner, enabling applications to connect directly and participate as servers on the edge of the network. It is designed to efficiently route and distribute small bits of data in order for applications to discover each other directly or in relation to events around piece of shared content. The core benefits of TeleHash over other similar platforms and protocols is that it is both generic (not tied to any specific application or content structures) and is radically decentralized with no servers or points of central control.
Back to the Island - Interviews
Code Style: Most common fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux, full font survey results
Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
NimbleKit - Smart kit for fast iPhone apps development
Phillips, Friedman, Kotler: Carol Kljajo
Carol Kljajo practices in the areas of corporate and commercial law, labour and employment law, Real Estate law and civil litigation. Carol Kljajo is a member of the Québec and Canadian Bar Associations. Carol Kljajo is also the Montréal representative for the Embassy of Croatia. Her work has been published in the National Insolvency Review. Carol Kljajo speaks English, French, and Croatian fluently. Carol Kljajo graduated from McGill University's National program with a B.C.L. and LL.B in 1990 and was admitted to the Bar in 1991.
Pressflow | Enhanced performance and scalability for Drupal
Project Amiga Juggler
Programming—especially when you are just starting out, learning how to code—endows you with a sense of control, a sense of power. Often, it’s like playing a God game, at least when you do it recreationally. Of course, you need to spell out to extremely high precision exactly what you want the machine to do. But, then it’s forced to carry out your instructions. It’s forced to obey.

You can derive a similar sense of fun from mathematics. You can force math to do amazing things on your behalf. Of course, you need to figure out the right equations, but once you code them into your programs, the formulae are under your control. They too will obey.

To show you what I mean, let’s do some recreational programming. Let’s recreate the Amiga Juggler from scratch using core Java.

In the fall of 1986, Eric Graham discovered that the Amiga 1000 personal computer, running at a meager 7.16 MHz, was powerful enough to ray trace simple 3D scenes. His test animation consisted of an abstract, humanoid
The Printable CEO
The Platen Press Museum
about us : provides one-of-a-kind workshops driven by the curiosity of your child. We aim to induce wonder and spark enthusiasm for the everyday world around us. We consider play, the mysterious work of the child, to be an advanced and sophisticated endeavor, profoundly central to a child’s individual development and theories about the world. Our workshops encourage discovery through free play, tinkering, and imagination.
Introduction To Online Payments - TL;DR: It's A Total Bitch - Meat In The Sky Blog
implantation des douze nouvelles cabines à Paris
General Printmaking
General Printmaking Supplies
includes papers, inks, glass, plastics and sundry print materials
Location sharing and updating : Mobile - Google Mobile Help
The background location update frequency isn't a fixed amount of time. The update frequency is determined by several factors, such as how much battery life your phone has, if you are moving, or how fast you are moving. Background updating will only use cell ID or WiFi location detection depending on your device. GPS will not be used in the background to preserve battery life.
Life is hard. Here is someone.
I was in the gifted program up until I was 10 or 11 or whatever age it is when children can still be deemed extraordinary without having to prove themselves too much. A few times a week they’d bus me to a little school on the bad side of town where our teacher would do wonderful little useless projects with us, like puppet shows, or pinhole cameras. We learned to count to 10 in German and in Japanese. We read that story where the guy eats his dog in the snow. We entered into a children’s thinktank called Future Problem Solvers and I absolutely hated it.
Swiss Style Packing Guide - The Happy Dragons' Press
Please Help - Packing | Briar Press | A letterpress community
Packing for Adana 8x5 | Briar Press | A letterpress community Home
Press packing | Briar Press | A letterpress community
Printing Problems on the Adana 8x5 | Briar Press | A letterpress community
Don Black Linecasting - Letterpress, Hot Metal and Bindery Equipment and Supplies
Adana 8x5 Roller Problems | Briar Press | A letterpress community
Printing Type
Until 1886, in North America the height of the type or plates, from the surface of the platen to the face of the type, was 11⁄12 inch = 0.9166…. In that year the U. S. Type Founders Assn. adopted a new type height when it adopted the point system. Having decided that the pica would be defined by 83 pica = 35 centimeters, it decided to let 15 type heights = 35 centimeters. So type height became 23.333… millimeters, approximately 0.918 inches. Although only 0.002 inches higher than the old standard, this difference is great enough that old and new type could not be mixed in the same line.

This value was adopted in Britain in 1898.
Planetmithi Blog: Thank you Adana
Adana type height | Briar Press | A letterpress community
"Type height in UK and US is 0.918 inch or 23.32 mm, and that the Adana press is constructed for that height as standard."
NA Graphics
NA Graphics, Silverton Colorado -- Your Letterpress Supply House
The Private Press of David Celani
North Bennet Street School: Programs » Locksmithing
Introduction to Letterpress Printing
The Excelsior Press Museum & School Fundraising Page
PHP Secure Communications Library
Video/Audio Encoding Cheat Sheet for FFmpeg
Tasting Tour: Eating on the Go in NYC | Serious Eats
Video on the Web - Dive Into HTML5
Supertype Type Foundry (Brand New Type) - The Happy Dragons' Press
British Printing Society Home Page
The Happy Dragons' Press - Private Press Poetry - Home
Rubber Base Plus
MoMA | Shape Lab
ShakaCSS debug
ShakaCSS is a tiny javascript tool for viewing:
• guides as Photoshop style
• a grid
• a resizable and draggable rule
Vector-awareness, day 2. (Scripting News)
Press manuals: parts, care, and instruction | Briar Press | A letterpress community
The Freebase Blog » Blog Archive » Preview: Freebase Gridworks
Europe's best city apartments | Travel | The Observer
YouTube - SearchStories's Channel
Boxcar Press: letterpress printing, letterpress pre-press and photopolymer processing, and digital letterpress printing supplies for the 21st century. Home of the Boxcar Base and one awesome letterpress print shop.
Postmark – Email delivery for web apps
Brooklyn Social Cards
theme_table nested group - Google Search
reboot11 - The reboot11 book is out
Buzz by Matt Cutts
Miro Video Converter - Free! Convert any video to MP4, OGG Theora, iPhone, Android, iPod, and more, based on FFMPEG.
“RailsConf Git Talk” at GitCasts
Drupal Transformations, HOWTO #3: Importing nodes from XML
A great tutorial demonstrating the awesomely powerful Transformations module for Drupal.
First Listen: Jonsi, 'Go' : NPR
Ler Devagar
Maps On Paper - Printer Friendly Maps
QR Code Generator - Make your own QR Code. Free. -
JQTouch Tutorial « Branch on Maybe
Mac OS: How to Type the Euro Glyph (€)
Hario Skerton Hand Crank Coffee Mill
We are happy to offer this hand crank coffee mill from Hario - the Skerton. (I guess there is some debate about the name - some sell it as Skelton, some Skeleton. But the box says Skerton, so we are sticking with that.) The Skerton mill has ceramic burrs and a very sturdy construction. The grind quality is very good, and the mill grinds efficiently, fairly quickly, but not too fast.
API documentation - foursquare API | Google Groups
A small guide to Lisbon |
Workshops at The Arm
Photos of letterpress workshop at The Arm in New York.
redis - Project Hosting on Google Code
A persistent key-value database with built-in net interface written in ANSI-C for Posix systems
Richard Jones | Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores | Richard Jones, Esq.
FLOSS Manuals (en)
FLOSS Manuals is a collection of manuals about free and open source software together with the tools used to create them and the community that uses those tools. They include authors, editors, artists, software developers, activists, and many others. There are manuals that explain how to install and use a range of free and open source softwares, about how to do things (like design) with open source software, and manuals about free culture services that use or support free software and formats.
About Jack OS X
Jack (the Jack Audio Connection Kit) is a low-latency audio server, written originally for the GNU/Linux operating system, and now with Mac OS X support. It can connect any number of different applications to a single hardware audio device; it also allows applications to send and receive audio to and from each other.
ardour - the digital audio workstation
Ardour is a full-featured, free and open-source hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation program suitable for professional use. It features unlimited audio tracks and buses, non-destructive, non-linear editing with unlimited undo, and anything-to-anywhere signal routing. It supports standard file formats, such as BWF, WAV, WAV64, AIFF and CAF, and it can use LADSPA, LV2, VST and AudioUnit plugin formats.
FLOSS Manuals (en)
747 Express bus - STM
A new bus service from Montréal-Trudeau Airport (Dorval) to downtown, run by the STM. $7 each way.
Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky
Distributed Version Control is here to stay, baby - Joel on Software
BBC NEWS | Programmes | The Real... | Ditta G Poggi
A clip on Rome from the excellent BBC series "The Real...".
Advertising - Magazines and Magazine Subscriptions
Beyroutes, a guidebook to Beirut, one of the grand capitals of the Middle East. Beyroutes presents an exploded view of a city which lives so many double lives and figures in so many truths, myths and historical falsifications. Visiting the city with this intimate book as your guide makes you feel disoriented, appreciative, judgmental and perhaps eventually reconciliatory.
Archis is an experimental think tank devoted to the process of real-time spatial and cultural reflexivity and action. The Archis Foundation comprises three departments: Archis Publishers, Archis Interventions and Archis Tools.
Vacation rentals, private rooms, sublets by the night - Accommodations on Airbnb
Snippets — Code Snippet Manager for Mac OS X
canvas chic | yurts in France | freedom recovered - camping rediscovered
GeoPlanet Explorer
Prince Edward Island 1952
ITO - OSM Mapper
A product allowing OpenStreetMap contributors and users to monitor changes to content within defined geographical areas and to analyse different aspects of the data.
MysqlDump -
For the impatient, this is the mysql dump command for minimal resource usage on the server that the script uses: /usr/bin/ionice -c3 /usr/bin/nice -n 19 /usr/bin/mysqldump -A -R --skip-opt --add-drop-table --add-locks --create-options --disable-keys --extended-insert --single-transaction --quick --set-charset | /usr/bin/nice -n 19 /bin/gzip -3 > mysql_dump.gz
Japan With Kids - FYI (For Your Information)
An Introduction to Bluetooth Programming
reduxcomputing-proximity - Project Hosting on Google Code
Proximity monitors the proximity of your mobile phone or other bluetooth device and executes custom AppleScripts when the device goes out of range or comes into range of your computer.
blueutil » Command-Line Control of Bluetooth on the Mac
Javascript - Event compatibility tables
webfinger - Project Hosting on Google Code
How To: Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots - Feature - Auto Reviews - Car and Driver
ad free blog *saying no to corporate advertising*
Sketchpad - Online Paint/Drawing application
Aerial Photo Panorama - Olympic Village, Vancouver
FRONTLINE: digital nation: watch the full program | PBS
Home - Pencil Project
The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use.
Notational Velocity
NOTATIONAL VELOCITY is an application that stores and retrieves notes.
It is an attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. The solution is by nature nonconformist.
Panda - Open source video platform
About the Fitbit
The Fitbit accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. The Fitbit contains a 3D motion sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii. The Fitbit tracks your motion in three dimensions and converts this into useful information about your daily activities.
Unread Manuscripts
How to Install Nightly Builds on Your Maemo Device « ahdesai
Thanks to the complexity of a project like Mobile Firefox/Fennec where there are multiple releases across multiple devices that essentially have their own branch, confusion of versioning will occur at odd times (i.e. when your code is between a RC2 and RC3). That’s certainly a problem for someone like myself, the QA lead for the project, where my e-mail inbox gets filled with people who want to, but can’t, try the close-to-be-released piece of software. They become confused, ansy and/or angry about why they can’t install the right builds. So, I’m here to alleviate and educate a bit for those people. Here’s a big blog post about the two ways to get the latest Mobile Firefox/Fennec Nightly Builds for Maemo-based devices.
Michelbergerhotel / En / hotel
pyFMRadio is a pure Python module for controlling the tea5761 FM tuner chip on the Nokia N800 internet tablet. The other internet tablets Nokia 770 and Nokia N810 don't have a FM tuner chip.
Design Schutz-Folien & Vinyl-Cover für Handy, Notebook, Spielekonsolen & MP3 - DesignSkins® von DeinDesign™
Get your electronic device a new outfit!
Where can I get some no-frills hosting? (Scripting News)
The Great Lakes to Europe
Instapaper Extras
Airline Logos | The Museum of Flight
Top 10 Restaurants in Moncton « Moncton Blog
PyMaemo/Using Location API - wiki
Location framework provides a library called liblocation which is used for developing location aware applications in Fremantle. Liblocation supports internal GPS, network based methods and external bluetooth GPS.
HOWTO: Write iSync Phone Plugins - Tao of Mac
~robcee/ – Intro to Firebug Screencast
"A couple of weeks ago, I made a short-ish screencast about some of the basic features of Firebug. I plan on making more of these in the near future highlighting some of the features of Firebug 1.5 and some of the other, lesser known things you can do."
Vagalume: Client for and compatible services
Vagalume is a GTK+-based client. Although it works in standard PCs, it is specially designed to work in the Maemo platform, the one used by some Nokia devices such as the 770, N800, N810 and N900
Git for OS X
This is an installer package for git revision control system for Mac OS X. I created this because I needed to use git on a number of different Macs, and didn't want to compile it each time or use something like MacPorts.
Installing Python & PyGTK on Mac OsX « PHP Architect blog
Debugging Procmail Recipes: Some Tips
This is just an assortment of ideas for those who are interested in making sure their Procmail recipes work as intended before you put them in your real .procmailrc file.
BBC - Magazine Monitor: 100 things we didn't know last year
Noah Sheldon: Biosphere 2 Photos
N900 SIP Client with Asterisk - - Talk
X11vnc on Maemo - Forum Nokia Wiki
Maemo PC Connectivity
Maemo PC Connectivity project aims to make easier communication between maemo device and host PC. For this, it provides tools to simplify tasks like connection establishment, Internet sharing, remote shell, file sharing, remote desktop and file transfer
Dive Into HTML5
JUNECLOUD // software / mac os x / delivery status 5.0.2
A very nice Mac OS X Dashboard widget for package tracking: will track just about any courier in the world, it seems.
witter « Daniel Would’s Weblog
Download | Mollom
The Mollom service helps evaluate content quality, stop spam and lets you concentrate on building and improving your site. You can use Mollom for free, but you first have to install a plug-in on your website. Below is a list of the Mollom plug-ins that are currently available for different platforms. Once you downloaded and installed a plug-in, you need to create an account on and activate your website.
feltron — 2009 Data Set BusyCal 1.1 Review
BusySync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar - from BusyMac
Macros in jQuery – James Padolsey
conf_path | Drupal API
Find the appropriate configuration directory.

Try finding a matching configuration directory by stripping the website's hostname from left to right and pathname from right to left. The first configuration file found will be used; the remaining will ignored. If no configuration file is found, return a default value '$confdir/default'.
Tan Miaoqing's Blog: Twitter Plugin for N900 Contacts and Conversations
Twitter plugin for N900 Contacts and Conversations tightly integrates Twitter to Maemo as an Instant Messaging (IM) protocol. After installed this plugin, you can configure multiple Twitter accounts and go online. It imports your Twitter friends and saved search queries to Contacts, and receives mentions/replies, as well as Twitter search results as conversation threads. In addition, you can send replies to any Twitter friend straight from Contacts, simply by tapping on their Twitter IDs.
Documentation/Maemo 5 Final SDK/Using Application Manager - wiki
Enable red pill mode
Blippy / What are your friends buying?
Eastern Graphic by Kent Martin, Michael McKennirey, - NFB
Building Maker - Create 3D buildings online
Learn Italian in Thirty Minutes · Nat Friedman
"For our wedding in Florence this summer, we created an Italian language learning CD for all of our guests. Our CD is only 30 minutes. That’s all it takes to achieve fluency, right? The CD teaches you the basics of Italian, and gives an overview of Italian coffee, culture, driving regulations, and history since 1920. And we threw in a few key phrases for attending weddings. Anyway, it seemed a shame that our guests were the only ones to benefit from this highly concentrated language education resource, so you can listen to the CD here"
How do I get rid of the "Welcome to your new Drupal website" on the front page? |
Visualize your Twitter Timeline with jQuery and SIMILE
ToolSchool-Interactive Charting
Tool from the TSX that demonstrates and explains common financial/market charting techniques and tool.
SIMILE Widgets
This is an open-source “spin-off” from the Simile project at MIT. Here we offer free, open-source web widgets, mostly for data visualizations. They are maintained and improved over time by a community of open-source developers. Community Website | GlusterFS is a cluster file-system capable of scaling to several peta-bytes.
Gluster Storage Platform is an open source clustered storage solution. The software is a powerful and flexible solution that simplifies the task of managing unstructured file data whether you have a few terabytes of storage or multiple petabytes. Gluster Storage Platform integrates the file system, an operating system layer, and a web-based management interface and installer.
GameFAQs: Scribblenauts (DS) Level Editor Guide by jimmythesnowman
DIY Book Scanners Turn Your Books Into Bytes | Gadget Lab |
Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage
GeoAPI Documentation
BBC - Commissioning - Positioning of End Credits
All pre-recorded network programmes for BBC One, Two, Three, and Four delivered on or after Friday 1st June 2007 should conform to the new guidelines.

End Credits should run over visually interesting graphics or live action but the content must not be editorially critical to the integrity of the programme or include speech as they may be squeezed to accommodate promotional messages. Programme trails, solicits or helplines edited by production into their end credits are no longer allowed and should wherever possible be accommodated within the programme.

These guidelines do not currently apply to Sport, Live Entertainment shows, or Children's programmes.

The end credit architecture will be applied to some programmes at playout from Monday June 4th 2007.
oldmapsonline - Project Hosting on Google Code
iPhone Mockup
PDF Split and Merge | Get PDF Split and Merge at
Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
This is a set of coding conventions and rules for use in JavaScript programming.
YUI Theater
calibre is a one stop solution to all your e-book needs. It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works well on Linux, OS X and Windows. calibre is meant to be a complete e-library solution and thus includes library management, format conversion, news feeds to ebook conversion, as well as e-book reader sync features and an integrated e-book viewer.
Erik Spiekermann | Thirty Conversations on Design
London to Singapore Overland 2010
Chrome Experiments - Home
Power Monitor Compatibility
Reading your Itron Centron C1SR Digital Electric Meter - The Watt emulator
Dave's Tech Blog: Itron Remote Read Electric Meter
Fidg't: Your Social Networking Address Book
Open Source Ecology
Online publishing of scanned maps (Old Maps Online: Sites)
From paper to screen: Putting maps on the web
A Visual Guide to AWS : Bands (Phone Scoop)
Theme Park Maps
Create a font from your own handwriting -
MRTG Documentation SendmailWithMRTG
Village Telco
Village Telco: an easy-to-use, scalable, standards-based, wireless, local, do-it-yourself, telephone company toolkit
SVN restore a deleted file | Canfield Research Group
Jean Canfield Building Solar Monitor
Software is hard | Firebug HTTP Time Monitor
What is the difference between EM Dash #151; and #8212;? - Stack Overflow
Changing hostname on RHEL
Arduino HN - EV: Arduino TEMPMAN
Arduino-based Talking & Remote Thermometer | Solder In The Veins
Mercator by Dick Dooijes | Typophile
grain edit · Aldo Novarese - Recta Sans Serif Typeface for Nebiolo
Tipoteca Italiana fondazione, Museo del Carattere e della Tipografia
A Hacker's Introduction to the Nokia N900
How To Repair MySQL Replication | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
Freeset - We make eco-friendly, fair trade, customized promotional jute bags
Prince Street School "School Services"
davidthedesigner: 52 fonts you could use instead of helvetica
Fighting the @font-face FOUT - Quicken the load time « Paul Irish
Mac OS: Setting Up and Using the Product in Mac OS X 10.6 HP PSC 2355 All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re Not In The USA
swissmiss | Arial versus Helvetica
Incompetech Our Craigslist
Carsonified » Textmate: Re-Usable Command Basics
svn local obstruction, incoming add upon merge - 418 I'm a teapot
svn resolve --accept working
diamond geezer
Linux NFS configuration services
Nearness – Blog – BERG
Hidden SL Finder Prefs: "X-Ray" Folders, Change CoverFlow BG Color, and more - Mac Forums
Translators & translator resources - is a translation workplace where translators, interpreters, translation companies and end clients can meet and work efficiently and profitably.
Selenium web application testing system
BrowserMob Provides FREE Website Monitoring and Load Testing
id•this - home
PHP Performance Profiling
Silverback — guerrilla usability testing
This application allows you to open a Terminal window with the path of the current Finder window.
How do I Find Out Linux CPU Utilization?
A very useful breakdown of Linux CPU measuring tools.
A very useful rundown of how to use the 'dig' command to do DNS lookups and interpret the results.
Malmö stad - Kulturexpressen
scaling drupal step one - a dedicated data server | johnandcailin
Step-by-step: Setting up Varnish, Apache and APC Project Mercury Style |
Elastic Load Balancing
imagecache and mod_rewrite for the win | Zivtech
What to do when 'svn cleanup' fails? - Stack Overflow
shaker ~# » sshfs, fuse, RHEL 5 quick config
sshfs, fuse, RHEL 5 quick config
Slicehost Articles: Ubuntu Hardy setup - page 1
Ergonomic Keyboard Tray / Articulating Keyboard Tray from Humanscale - keyboard tray,ergonomic keyboard tray,keyboard platform,articulating keyboard tray
Flex Reste Articulating Keyboard Arm FL-Arm-150-S
Sensorpedia: About
Sensorpedia is based on the same underlying social networking and collaboration principles used by popular web sites such as Wikipedia, Squidoo, Google Maps, and Facebook. Instead of networking users based on mutual personal interests, Sensorpedia networks users based on mutual information interests. It provides near-real-time collaboration among communities with requirements to share sensor information.
Ærligt navn til mad | Monitoring Dalager
No 19, the most honestly named pizza ever.
Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator
CloudMade extract for Prince Edward Island
hugin - Panorama photo stitcher
An amazing photo stitching application - works like a dream and creates results that seem tantamount to magic.
The Technocrat » Bluetooth Proximity Detection on OS X
One thing that I’ve been playing with off and on for some time is a small efficient little solution for handling basic Bluetooth proximity detection, specifically for being able to perform certain actions when a cell phone or other Bluetooth device is in range of my Powerbook.
Can a Drupal web site handle a million page views a day? |, Inc. - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting
Can a Drupal web site handle a million page views a day?
Firefox:Password Manager Debugging - MozillaWiki
The password manager in Firefox 3 includes the ability to log debugging information to the Error Console, which can be enabled to help diagnose problems. This logging is off by default. Passwords are not shown in the output.
How to redirect after a Drupal form by the way you link to the form | Agaric Design Collective |
How to redirect after a Drupal form by the way you link to the form
Linux LAN card: Find out full duplex / half speed or mode
How do I find out if my Lan (NIC) card working at full or halt duplex mode / speed under Linux?
Quick HOWTO : Ch23 : Advanced MRTG for Linux - Linux Home Networking
In many cases using MRTG in a basic configuration to monitor the volume of network traffic to your server isn't enough. You may also want to see graphs of CPU, disk, and memory usage. This chapter explains how to find the values you want to monitor in the SNMP MIB files and then how to use this information to configure MRTG.
B bytes KB kilobytes MB megabytes GB gigabytes TB terabytes converter calculator
Have you ever been confused about the number of kilobytes in a megabyte, or in a gigabyte or vice-versa? Now you can convert among bytes and kilobytes and megabytes and gigabytes and terabytes with ease.
Premature Optimization » Finding Apache’s Memory Usage
I was doing some work optimizing the memory usage and performance of Apache and PHP. Along the way, I hacked this tiny CLI PHP script (which in turns uses awk, grep, ps, xargs and pmap) to find out the average private memory consumption of all Apache processes. Very useful when you want to see how much RAM your binaries eat before and after handling requests (they tend to grow, that is why MaxRequestsPerChild is so important…)
Scaling with MySQL replication | Dries Buytaert
To deal with Drupal's growth, we're adding a second database server to which is useful for at least two reasons. First, we'll be able to handle more SQL queries as we can distribute them between multiple database servers (load balancing). Secondly, this new server can act as a "hot spare" that can immediately take over if the other database server fails (high availability / fail-over).
Nodereference Image Helper |
This module adds a widget to CCK fields of type nodereference. The intent is to use this module when the referenced nodes are images using a single-valued imagefield field. The widget offers an upload and browse button to the nodereference field. With the upload, a new node can be created through a popup, and the new node will be referenced by the nodereference field. The browse button displays a view in a popup where the user can browse and select the referenced node.
China Shirt/T-shirt Folding Board. Ningbo Manufacturer, Exporter
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
agile approach | Drupal 6 jQuery in Under 5 Minutes
Attention: Drupal.behaviors is not simply a replacement for $(document).ready(), since the latter only runs once: when DOM is ready for manipulation, whereas behaviors can be fired multiple times during page execution. Behaviors can be run whenever new DOM elements are inserted into the document.
Maatkit: A toolkit that provides advanced functionality for MySQL
Physical Computing
Universal Canoe Carrier Instructions
YouTube - White Water Canoeing Gear : How to Carry a Canoe Solo
How to Carry a Canoe Solo
Improving Drupal's page loading performance | Wim Leers
Nullriver Software : Products : Connect360
Active Taxonomy Links |
This module allows to process nodes of selected content type and replace the words in the nodes with a links to taxonomy terms if it exists.
Drupal Node Access Explained | Zivtech
Node access modules always GRANT access and never restrict it. (It is a whitelisting rather a blacklisting system.) If you use two node access modules and one grants access while another does not, access is granted. This may be backwards from what some people would assume and is the reason why it is tricky to get involved with multiple node access modules. It is possible to use multiple node access modules in harmony however if for example they are applied to different content types or are giving out different grant types.
Queen Mary 2 - New York to Southampton
Deleting photos in iPhoto
when you are in an album (or smart album) and you press alt + command + delete iPhoto put the photo into the trash from any place.
Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More precisely it is a book about Arduino boards, conductive fabric, resistive thread, soft buttons, LEDs, and some other things. We started researching three years ago thanks to the support of K3, Malmö University School of Arts and Communication. Profile for Jeffrey P. Bezos
Menu Trails |
The module provides a means of broadly categorizing nodes (by type or taxonomy) as falling "under" a known menu item. These nodes are not added to the menu tree (keeping the menu admin system sane) but they will trigger the functionality above -- preserving navigation state for the user -- when viewed.
Mathias Rukavina von Boynograd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mathias Rukavina von Boynograd, also Mathias Rukawina or Mathias Ruccavina, (1737 - 3 May 1817) earned the rank of general officer in the Austrian army during the French Revolutionary Wars. During the 1796 Italian campaign, he commanded a brigade in several battles against the French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte.
How to Uninstall and Re-install a Drupal Module Properly |
This is just a reminder to myself -- and perhaps will help other Drupal webmasters -- of how to remove a module from the memory of a database.
Images flash on page load
My carousel works fine and I had no problem setting up and theming, but every time I reload the page all of the images flash below the carousel before settling in the carousel. It happens in every browser I've tested.
Canoe and Kayak Bicycle Trailer
How to Tow a Canoe with a Bike / 2 Liter Minnow Trap
Bicycle Lights and Generators
Comparison of CCK/Taxonomy Modules |
SWIFT - BIC Portal
Crontab Code Generator
Alex Payne — Fever and the Future of Feed Readers
Performance Tuning Apache and MySQL for Drupal |
Bruce Cockburn - Songs - The Trains Don't Run Here Anymore (co-written)
Nokia N95 - Nick Jenkins
ap11_goddard_HSK_1st_5_mins.mpg (video/mpeg Object)
Web-based/online OCR services and demos
Displaying exposed filter form for views in Drupal 6 (views 2) | computerminds
One of the joys of working with Drupal 6, and views 2, is that you have to relearn a lot of things you used to take for granted ... one trick we use in most projects is embedding views filters in blocks, nodes or custom code. There are plenty of scenarios this is useful, the classic being to create a flexible views based replacement for the normal Drupal search. Anyway, enough of the blurb - heres the good stuff - some code to give you the filter form for a Drupal 6 views 2 view.
Apache proxy, cache, and web service optimization | Web Initiative
CONFERENCE: 23rd of August to 1st September 2009 |
ISEA2009 will be concerned with Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments. The incessant change of physical and virtual environments under the influence of global capital and mass migration as well as the fluidity of personal and social relationships effected by digital information and communication technologies has come to determine the life experience for billions of people.
How people seach for locations, Location search stateofthemap on USTREAM. Conference
How people seach for locations
Build your own OpenSource femtocell - Think Femtocell
London Calling » First look at the new Vodafone access gateway / femtocell
Nokia Software Updater - Parallels Forums
Cameras Improves the Way OS X Deals with Connected Cameras - Annoyances - Lifehacker
The Toaster Project
Drupal Video documentation - Transmission
Swiftlet | 1.0 Introduction
Fix for node-product.tpl.php for ubercart product page | DrupalBin
Automated Home - HomeCamp 08 Video - Andy Stanford-Clark
pachube :: connecting environments, patching the planet
Welcome to Pachube, a service that enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world. The key aim is to facilitate interaction between remote environments, both physical and virtual.
Web-Connected Light Sensors With Pachube & Arduino
hear you are --- [murmur]
Nearest Tube Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair video on CastTV Video Search
Oscar Wilde in Canada an apostle for the arts
Nordstrom Smartcare™ Short Sleeve Nailhead Shirt - View All - Nordstrom
Contributors program - OLPC
Nordstrom Smartcare™ Traditional Fit Dress Shirt - Dress Shirts - Nordstrom
pyparsing - home
The pyparsing module is an alternative approach to creating and executing simple grammars, vs. the traditional lex/yacc approach, or the use of regular expressions. The pyparsing module provides a library of classes that client code uses to construct the grammar directly in Python code.
Know Thyself: Tracking Every Facet of Life, from Sleep to Mood to Pain, 24/7/365 - SchemaWorks
dressin & äventyr på Österlen
Apache Mobile Filter
GPRS Detached, Attached and a PDP Context
Comparison of Node Access modules |
Drupal Permissions Issues: A Debugging Checklist |
Mac OS X - Restart the Dock » Acme Technologies Zeitgeist
The Office of
Rescan template files doesn't find the new templates in the theme folder |
There's one important thing - if your administration theme is different from the one you're trying to customize, then the common way doesn't work (at least, it didn't work for me). I was putting the customized template into the theme's directory, but the 'Theme information' didn't show the proper file in bold (neither did Drupal see it). However, after I've put the customized file into both themes' directories (including the theme which was set as administration one at that time) it finally worked!
stonemind consulting » Search Form Zen, Using jQuery, with Wordpress and Drupal Examples
Augmenting photos - with OSM!
Download | Drupal Mobile Plugin
ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 and Unicode characters in ampersand entities
The characters 128-159 are not used in ISO 8859-1 and Unicode, the character sets of HTML. MS-Windows uses a superset of ANSI/ISO 8859-1, known to experts as "Code Page 1252 (CP1252)", a Microsoft-specific character set with additional characters in the 128-159 range (also known as the "C1" range).
converting php/mysql/apache app from latin-1 to utf-8 « the fsb
Poster and Artwork collection from the London Transport Museum
The Ultimate Drupal Toolbox: 150+ Themes, Modules & Resources | Noupe
Research tools: information in depth | The Economist |
The Future Beneath Us |  The 8 Projects
Theming the contact form in Drupal 6 | 11 heavens
Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta - YDN
Yahoo! Placemaker is a freely available geoparsing Web service. It helps developers make their applications location-aware by identifying places in unstructured and atomic content – feeds, web pages, news, status updates – and returning geographic metadata for geographic indexing and markup.
Form generation | Drupal API
Drupal 5: Making forms that display their own results | Lullabot
How to resolve Subversion Conflicts -
Manning: Taming Text
Trac Logo For Fluid
How we made trac customer friendly :: - a geek's playground
Split-teiCorpus - TEIWiki
This is a quick XSLT to split a <teiCorpus> file, filled with <TEI> elements into individual files.
Nokia Firmware / Software Unbranding
Nokia Firmware Versions - Forum Nokia Wiki
This data is automatically generated from the official Nokia firmware release database.
How to Set a Nokia N95 to use Eduroam WiFi network
eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community that provides the eduroam user experience: open your laptop and be online.
BBC NEWS | Europe | German village turns off street lights
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Copenhagen Apartments | Self-catering Apartments & Serviced Apartments
This stylish open spaced 1 bedroom apartment in Copenhagen's Ørestad area represents contemporary Danish design with full size windows, excellent view and spacious living area.
Copenhagen Apartments | Self-catering Apartments & Serviced Apartments
VeckoVaningar - Home
Accommodation for visiting staff - Malmö högskola
T.E.D. : Electricity Monitor, Energy Monitor, Power Monitor
Replying to Multiple Users
Annonser bostad - Malmö högskola
Ostermark: The Butter-forger
The Butterforger: A courtroom comedy set in the Old World, for four-to-five players and a game master
Video: PSFK Conference NYC: Kevin Slavin’s “This Platform Called Everyday Life” -
Many Eyes
NFB video player released at Agit8
Sensor Workshop at ITP | Reports / TAOSTSL 13 S, Silly name. Great stuff for your XO laptop.
The 2008 Give 1, Get 1 ("G1G1") program has ended. But you can still get lots of cool stuff for you XO right here at
Map of Shanghai
Password Gorilla
Welcome! To the New CBC Image Gallery & Media Centre.
A Moveable Fiesta -- Buenos Aires Is The New Expat Haven
Vincent Vanhoucke
I am interested in making intelligent computer systems that are usable by everyone. My work is about taking complex, error-prone but high value-add technologies and turning them into predictable and reliable tools that every user can appreciate and understand. I am currently the technical lead on the GOOG-411 directory assistance project from Google.
BBC NEWS | Special Reports | The Box
Using FlashVideo for User-Contributed Video | Fleet Thought
Piratbyran Reboot8 - 7thWiki
This is Piratbyrån's talk at the Reboot 8.0 conference, under the title
The Grey Commons.
Nokia Sports Tracker Beta
Nokia have teamed up with the pioneers of heart rate monitor technology, Polar, to bring you a monitor that works in harmony with the Nokia N79 and the Nokia Sports Tracker application.
My Blue Gadgets
CueCat Hacks -
Origo IDE
"Origo IDE™ delivers native performance on Symbian S60 with development effort similar to scripting. Developing killer applications for the latest Nokia Smartphones is suddenly easier than for any other platform."
Full Interview: Nicholas Felton on self-monitoring, personal reports, and visualizing behaviour | Spark | CBC Radio
Since 2005, Nicholas Felton has been publishing the Feltron Annual Report, a year-end collection of personal statistics that detail (among other things) beverages consumed, books read, and number of hours playing Grand Theft Auto 4.
Phillip Toledano - Days with My Father
Tip: XSLT lookup tables
Very helpful guide.
Nodereference Explorer |
microblog-purple - Google Code
This project implement a plug-in for any LibPurple base client like Pidgin or Finch . Currently it support Twitter, Identica, and Laconica-base server through the conversation windows. Right now it run on Linux and Windows.
Full Interview - Jason Kottke and Curating the Web | Spark | CBC Radio
How to: Upgrade or Recompile PHP on RHEL5 | Coffee on the Keyboard
Container Architecture Lives Here
The dark side of Dubai - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging.
GOOD Transparency - Walk This Way
Mbedr - Embedded Flickr Notes
This utility will allow you to embed a photo from Flickr on your own site while retaining any annotated regions present on the original. See the example below. If the photo you want to include on your site doesn't have any annotations ("notes", as Flickr calls them), then don't bother using this utility, as it's pointless.
METAmachine from HindSight Ltd
METAmachine is a metadata browser that streamlines the process of adding or editing keywords, licenses and other essential metadata in images, either singly or in batches.
MetaMetaData Further Information
XMP - CC Wiki
XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) facilitates embedding metadata in files using a subset of RDF. Most notably XMP supports embedding metadata in PDF and many image formats, though it is designed to support nearly any file type.

Creative Commons is recommending XMP as the preferred format for embedded metadata, given its support for numerous file formats and the balkanized state of embedded metadata standards. Others are coming to a similar conclusion; Microsoft has announced support for XMP in Vista applications and Jon Udell notes "There’s also good support in .NET Framework 3.0 for reading and writing XMP metadata." Note that even when embedded with XMP metadata, Creative Commons recommends a licensed document include a visible copyright notice; format-specific recommendations for visible notices are available.

The Creative Commons licensing process offers a XMP template which may be used to mark files within XMP-supporting Adobe applications (step-by-step how-to document).
Adobe XMP: Adding intelligence to media
Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a labeling technology that allows you to embed data about a file, known as metadata, into the file itself. With XMP, desktop applications and back-end publishing systems gain a common method for capturing, sharing, and leveraging this valuable metadata — opening the door for more efficient job processing, workflow automation, and rights management, among many other possibilities. With XMP, Adobe has taken the "heavy lifting" out of metadata integration, offering content creators an easy way to embed meaningful information about their projects and providing industry partners with standards-based building blocks to develop optimized workflow solutions. - Image Annotation Standard and Scripts
Fotonotes is an standard, specification, and collection of scripts for annotating images. :: In Defense of Billy Bob Thornton: When Context Isn't Truly Context
Campcaster is an open source radio management application for use by both small and large radio stations (yes, real radio stations, not internet radio) to schedule radio shows. It provides both live studio broadcast capabilities via a desktop application called Campcaster Studio as well as remote automation via the Campcaster Web interface.
syncvsvn: synchronize CVS working copy with SVN working copy | Wim Leers
I keep all my Drupal sites up-to-date by updating a single Drupal core instance and one install profile. And I keep Drupal core and all modules in this install profile updated through CVS. But then a problem poses: what if a file was added to or removed from CVS? Until now, you'd have to manually svn add or svn rm the file. And in the case of some modules (e.g. Views), that's a lot of files you'll have to check.
Perfect multi-column CSS liquid layouts - iPhone compatible
This series of website layouts use percentage widths and relative positioning, and they work with all the common web browsers including Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch. They're also 'stackable' so you can use multiple column types on the one page.
Gizmo5 - Make free internet calls from your mobile phone and computer - Products
Gravity S60 Twitter client is the exception that proves the rule
Gravity, the fantastic S60 Twitter client proves that German S60 developers continue to rule the moribund S60 apps ecosystem.
Little Trucks Calgary Mini Trucks - Suzuki Daihatsu Mazda Mitsubishi Subaru Honda
Mini Trucks will get you to most places an ATV will go. Mini Trucks are extremely fuel efficient and reliable you will get much more use out of our trucks then you will an ATV and have fun doing it.
SpatiaLite download page
The SpatiaLite extension enables SQLite to support spatial data too [aka GEOMETRY], in a way conformant to OpenGis specifications.
Nerd Vittles » Googlified Messaging: Asterisk’s New Best Friend
Image DPI on the Web
Do you want to understand how image DPI affects images displayed in web pages? Consider this formula:

1 = 1
Home | Minimap Firefox Addon | Assembla
N95 Models- Official Nokia Product Codes, Model Numbers, and Descriptions
Mine is 0561948
Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging
Scale images to fit the browser

It's very easy. You provide the URL of a large image, and dynamically shrinks it down. Simply provide the address of the image, optionally provide precise width and height bounds, and tinySrc will do the rest.
Bathtub IV on Vimeo
Home of the Geotag Icon Project
Minimap Sidebar
The Minimap Addon gives you a suite of in-built maps and mapping tools for your web browser. This extension comes with three mapping components, the main and most powerful one being a minimap sidebar. In this sidebar you can drag and drop addresses or locations you find on web pages and they will be automatically located, and added to your saved address list.
How Navteq Maps are made
Garmin: MapSource POI Sources
Garmin: RoadTrip for Mac Updates & Downloads
Tarjeta de dentista :: Cuarto derecha
| Oxford University Department for Continuing Education
The Technology Programme at the Oxford University Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Centre is pleased to announce the third ForumOxford: Future Technologies Conference to be held on 24 April 2009 at the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education.
Named-Entity State Machine Patterns
This chapter describes the individual grammars used in GATE for Named Entity Recognition, and how they are combined together. It relates to the default NE grammar for ANNIE, but should also provide guidelines for those adapting or creating new grammars. For documentation about specific grammars other than this core set, use this document in combination with the comments in the relevant grammar files. chapter 7 also provides information about designing new grammar rules and tips for ensuring maximum processnig speed.
Paris Vacation Rental - Apartment & Artist's studio
delicious-library-export - Google Code
'Add to TomTom' Web Developers Guide
Welcome to the 'Add to TomTom' Services. These services allow web developers, such as yourself, to make full use of the 'Add to TomTom' API to easily create and publish content for your customers to use on their own devices. Content currently consists of POI sets, itineraries (routes), addresses and geo-references.
NAVTEQ points of interest (POIs) and associated reference data are delivered in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. These data include NAVTEQ Core POIs and Extended Listing POIs for North America.
Loading the GeoIP City database into PostgreSQL - Siafoo
Describes the necessary steps required to load the MaxMind GeoIP City database into a PostgreSQL database.
CodeMirror: In-browser code editing
CodeMirror: In-browser code editing made slightly less painful
The Omni Group - OmniGraphSketcher
OmniGraphSketcher helps you make elegant and precise graphs in seconds, simply by sketching what you want. Specifically designed for reports, presentations, and problem sets where you need to produce sharp-looking graphs on the fly, OmniGraphSketcher combines the data plotting power of charting applications with the ease of a basic drawing program.
Pagetest web page performance test
Pagetest allows you to provide the URL of a webpage to be tested. The test will be conducted from the location specified and you will be provided a waterfall of your page load performance as well as a comparison against an optimization checklist.
What We Do
OpenURL ContextObject in SPAN (COinS)
Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool
Vector Logo Database - Free Logo
idGettr - Find your Flickr ID
sheffield.examples.StandAloneAnnie (Java2HTML)
rayogram NEWScan
Installing Certificates to S60 3rd Edition Devices v1.1
Hivelogic - NewerTech Voyager Q Follow-Up
Since I wrote the review of the NewerTech Voyager Q drive dock last week, I’ve received a lot of great questions both via email and in the article’s comments. Rather than answer them individually, I thought it might make sense to address them here in a quick follow-up article
Identity Template: xsl:copy with recursion
The Long Tail - Wired Blogs
Nick Sergeant :: Painless Drupal revision control with CVS and Subversion on a shared host.
Quick Tip: SVN Filtering | | Drupal Tutorials
Overview: Drupal CVS/SVN Setup | | Drupal Tutorials
HOWTO: Upgrade an SVN Managed Drupal Installation (without CVS) | Chapter Three
Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment
This may be the greatest bookmarklet ever invented. Bravo.
BBC - h2g2 - Things to Do if You Are Stuck at London Heathrow Airport
A very useful page of information about Heathrow Airport in London.
Tablet Hotels: Unique Hotels for Global Nomads
Evoking a glass house, this attaché features clear panels made from super-strong PETG (the durable, clear material used on arcade game displays) framed in anodized aluminum. For the creative, the possibilities are endless – load with colorful items, pack neatly and easily access what you need, show your designs and design sense, breeze through airport security, and practice Zen simplicity.
D Named-Entity State Machine Patterns
This chapter describes the individual grammars used in GATE for Named Entity Recognition, and how they are combined together. It relates to the default NE grammar for ANNIE, but should also provide guidelines for those adapting or creating new grammars. For documentation about specific grammars other than this core set, use this document in combination with the comments in the relevant grammar files. chapter 7 also provides information about designing new grammar rules and tips for ensuring maximum processnig speed.
Hey Rosetta!
These guys are very good, and well worth a listen. They did well at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.
Hotel Na louzi
Stayed here in 1998. Great place.
Named Entity Extraction - GSLIS Wiki
Putting together strands of conversation from here and there, it seems to me that you should be in a conversation about the details of named entity extraction.
NER systems
List of named entity recognizers.
LingPipe Home
LingPipe is a suite of Java libraries for the linguistic analysis of human language.
TIPSTER Annotation Repository
This is a repository of a set of standard TIPSTER document attributes and annotations. If you are a developer of TIPSTER applications and are considering developing your own set of attributes and annotations you have come to the right place. Stay in sync with the rest of the TIPSTER community and adopt the standards described here instead of inventing your own.
Welcome :: Greenstone Digital Library Software
Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections. It provides a new way of organizing information and publishing it on the Internet or on CD-ROM. Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Read the Greenstone Factsheet for more information.
Apolda (Automated Processing of Ontologies with Lexical Denotations for Annotation) is a plugin (processing resource) for GATE ( The Apolda processing resource (PR) annotates a document like a gazetteer, but takes the terms from an (OWL) ontology rather than from a list.
OFAI ListGazetteer Plugin for GATE
ARGIM stands for Applied Research for Geospatial Information Management
Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) is an agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence. Its mission
is to improve Canada’s defence capabilities, through research and development. My R&D area of expertise
is the Knowledge and Information Management, specifically Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I am
involved in a major applied research project: ARGIM, a GEOINT solution integrating knowledge
exploitation and geospatial technologies.
MC - singing - Getaway House
As a singer of “sweet hurtin’ songs” (old country, folk, blues, etc.), Michael rocked his first house in rural Saskatchewan in 2004: an audience of cowboy ranchers and modern dancers during the closing night of Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie’s community performance event, Grasslands (on which Michael worked as assistant director).
The Chess Player - ZXSpectrum .net
6 Language Resources: Corpora, Documents and Annotations
Annotation schemas provide a means to define types of annotations in GATE. GATE uses the XML Schema language supported by W3C for these definitions.
Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium
Roy Johnstone – Listen free and discover music at
Sequel Pro — MySQL database management app for Mac OS X
Manage your MySQL databases with the best looking MySQL Database Management App on Mac OS X. Sequel Pro is the perfect tool for working with database-driven websites and applications with support for MySQL 3, MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 databases.
Slovakia is really beautiful | Kosice Travel Blog | Kosice Trips - RealTravel
Residence MaMaison Sulekova Bratislava | Welcome to MaMaison Sulekova Residence Bratislava!
Welcome to IEEE Xplore 2.0: The challenge of virginia banks: an evaluation of named entity analysis in a 19th-century newspaper collection
home - FreeLing Home Page
Here you can find information about FreeLing, an open source language analysis tool suite, released under the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation.
YooName is Named Entity Recognition software based on semi-supervised learning.
It identifies nine named entity categories that are split into more than 100 sub-categories.
YooName - named entity recognition
dasparkhotel is conceived and implemented primarily as a hospitality tool. It is constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes. The external simplicity surrounds an unexpectedly comfortable interior - full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. All other hotelery devices (Toilets, showers, minibar, cafe, etc) are supplied by the surrounding public space.
YMCA Indian Student Hostel, London - Home Page
Kids in Museums » Our Manifesto
MorphAdorner is a Java command-line program which acts as a pipeline manager for processes performing morphological adornment of words in a text. We use the term "adornment" in preference to terms such as "annotation" or "tagging" which carry too many alternative and confusing meanings. Adornment harkens back to the medieval sense of manuscript adornment or illumination -- attaching pictures and marginal comments to texts.
Bleep Blop your Mac
telephone - Google Code
QuteCom - Welcome to the QuteCom developer's home
Apache UIMA - Apache UIMA
Unstructured Information Management applications are software systems that analyze large volumes of unstructured information in order to discover knowledge that is relevant to an end user. An example UIM application might ingest plain text and identify entities, such as persons, places, organizations; or relations, such as works-for or located-at.
Dan Grossman | Open Calais Tags
The Open Calais Tags class takes a content string as input, as well as a number of options, and returns a multidimensional array as output. The array’s keys are the entity types detected in the text, and the values are the entities found.
The Monocle Weekly - powered by FeedBurner
nsupdate: Painless Dynamic DNS
Introduced in BIND version 8 and refined in BIND version 9, the nsupdate utility provides the system administrator or casual user with a quick and painless method of updating a DNS zone, adding or deleting any type of DNS record the name server supports.
Lookup GPS coordinates in DNS
DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
The DNS LOC (location) resource record is designed to make this data available. Using the distributed nature of the Domain Name System, it allows individual organizations to manage their own latitude and longitude information (including the use of deliberately imprecise data when needed for security reasons), while making the data available to all who need it without requiring a single point of failure hosting a large database of location information.
ELIE - An Adaptive Information Extraction System |
ELIE is a tool for adaptive information extraction from text. It also provides a number of other text processing tools e.g. POS tagging, chunking, gazetteer, stemming.
ANNIE is designed to be a Portable IE system. In other words ANNIE is intended to be useable in many different applications, on many different kinds of text and for many different purposes.
Home | OpenCalais
We want to make all the world's content more accessible, interoperable and valuable. Some call it Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the Semantic Web or the Giant Global Graph - we call our piece of it Calais.
Named entity recognition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Named entity recognition (NER) (also known as entity identification and entity extraction) is a subtask of information extraction that seeks to locate and classify atomic elements in text into predefined categories such as the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages, etc.
DRSI GeoLocator
GeoLocator™ from Digital Reasoning is a precision-based tool that will extract countries and populated places from unstructured text, while providing their respective geo-coordinates.
MetaCarta GSRP Processing and Indexing with the GeoReferencing Engine
MetaCarta’s Geo Referencing Engine uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify and disambiguate geographic references within unstructured content. MetaCarta rapidly builds a searchable index that enables users to find content using a combination of keywords and a map.
Geographic Information Retrieval - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) or Geographical Information Retrieval is the augmentation of Information Retrieval with geographic metadata. Information Retrieval generally views documents as a collection or `bag' of words. In contrast Geographic Information Retrieval requires a small amount of semantic data to be present (namely a location or geographic feature associated with a document). Because of this it is common in GIR to separate the text indexing and analysis from the geographic indexing. GIR Systems can commonly be broken down into the following stages: GeoTagging, Text and Geographic indexing, Data storage, Geographic relevance ranking (wrt a geographic query) and Browsing results (commonly with a map interface).
Geographic Names: The Implementation of a Gazetteer in a Georeferenced Digital Library
The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project has developed a content standard for gazetteer objects and a hierarchical type scheme for geographic features. Both of these developments are based on ADL experience with an earlier gazetteer component for the Library, based on two gazetteers maintained by the U.S. federal government. We define the minimum components of a gazetteer entry as (1) a geographic name, (2) a geographic location represented by coordinates, and (3) a type designation. With these attributes, a gazetteer can function as a tool for indirect spatial location identification through names and types. The ADL Gazetteer Content Standard supports contribution and sharing of gazetteer entries with rich descriptions beyond the minimum requirements. This paper describes the content standard, the feature type thesaurus, and the implementation and research issues.
Geographic Information Retrieval and Spatial Browsing
Digital Library projects are beginning to create very large-scale repositories of digital information on a wide range of topics. As with traditional print libraries, this information can be indexed and retrieved in a variety of ways, ranging from purely descriptive cataloging of items in the database and topical analysis of content, to more specialized methods of classification and description that exploit the characteristics of digital information. This paper will examine the problems and prospects of a class of retrieval and indexing methods that are particularly suited to Digital Library materials with geographic content or associations. The characteristics of spatial queries, and some of the problems of uncertainty and approximation in spatial and geographic information retrieval are discussed. Requirements and a methodology for automatic indexing and geo-referencing of text documents are then examined.
Disambiguating Geographic Names in a Historical Digital Library
Geographic interfaces provide natural, scalable visualizations for many digital library collections, but the wide range of data in digital libraries presents some particular problems for identifying and disambiguating place names. We describe the toponym-disambiguation system in the Perseus digital library and evaluate its performance. Name categorization varies significantly among different types of documents,
but toponym disambiguation performs at a high level of precision and recall with a gazetteer an order of magnitude larger than most other applications.
TEI: Document Management & File Naming (Crane)
Information Extraction: Places and Dates.
Free IMPS, Free IMPS Server, Free Mobile Chat, Free Mobile Instant Messenger @
Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia | Hotel
Etsy :: sweetbeets :: 100% recycled letterpress stationery cards: baby & kids
Expat blog, the expatriate community
Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering
Tokyo Budget Hostels | Tokyo Hostel, Japan, Tokyo Japan Hotels, Tokyo backpacker Hostels, Japan budget Hotel tokyo
Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide – January 2009, 25th edition
IdeaPaint | Home
xSort is a free card sorting application for Mac OS X
oliverf: Android G1 Phone in Canada on Rogers
The Cabinet
The Impossible Project
jQuery history/remote - solution for hijaxing links
Implement Ajax driven links in a completely unobtrusive and accessible manner (also known as "Hijax") with support for the browser's back/forward navigation buttons and bookmarking. Enhance comparable DHTML driven links as well.
Jupitalia - The World of Ted Simon and Jupiter's Travels
QRcode Perl CGI & PHP scripts
GridModifyPlugin - Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac
A useful Trac plug-in to have in place when group-editing a bunch of tickets.
Enabling Quicksilver proxies and application menus | Celsius1414
The Merlin Show: Quicksilver proxies for application menus | 43 Folders
960 Grid System · Slimbox 2, the ultimate lightweight Lightbox clone for jQuery
Made possible through a generous private donation, the IslandLives project builds on the Robertson Library’s mission to preserve and share unique material relating to Prince Edward Island and demonstrates UPEI's ongoing commitment to making PEI's cultural and published heritage available to all.
The Museum Of Modern Thinking » 2007 » September
Welcome To Playmobil® Malta
Nokia n95 Rotate Me : How to Sign - Install Guide | Geek Ant
Main Page - NRCwikis
Nokia & IrDA
How to travel by train from London to Istanbul (Turkey)
The WYSIWYG in-browser editor that I've been looking for?
What happened in Iceland
Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery
Tile Map Service Specification - OSGeo Wiki
Our First Labs Project: A Microformats Toolkit Called "Oomph" - Lab - MIX Online
Julian Dunn’s Journal » Quicktime caching of Windows Media payloads
AddressBookSync | Facebook Picture Synchronization with OS X Address Book
Lili Lite - enlight yourself
Lili Lite is a reading light, a bookmark and a bookshelf combined into one smart product.
Dailymotion - HandWave, a video from AikonLab. aikonlab, n95, s60, nokia, handwave
Hillsborough Promoters
Priva - VIA Rail Canada
Get yourself a private train.
jQuery datePicker home
Fat Spaniel Technologies : Energy Monitoring
Apparently it's this company's technology that's used to monitor the solar energy array on the Jean Canfield Building in Charlottetown.
Dreamy list of links.
Develobert: PHP Robot Check
BART - For Developers
Geekdad - Wired Blogs
Hmmm. A blog for geek dads.
PHP tip: How to strip punctuation characters from a web page | Nadeau Software
When processing text for a search engine or analysis tool, code needs to strip out punctuation, formatting, spacing, and control characters to reveal indexable text. In international text there are hundreds of these characters, and some should be removed in one context, but not in another. This tip shows how.
Alex Payne | How I Use TextMate
Michael Sync » Firebug Tutorial : Section 4 - Net, CSS and DOM tabs
GeniusRide, LLC. - Rent a Smart Car - New York's 1st Smart car Rental Service
Genius Ride is officially the first exclusive smart car rental service in America. Since our modest beginnings just a few months ago, we have greatly expanded our fleet of smart cars and the range of services offered to our customers.
About One-Click Site ID
This feature allows you to see at a glance whether the Web site you’re visiting has supplied information about their identity, who has verified that information, and whether they protect your information from eavesdroppers. You can access the site identity for any website by clicking the site’s icon on the left edge of the location bar (or by typing Shift-Tab-Enter).
DOT language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway: Voice: AIGA Journal of Design: Writing: AIGA
Red Elephants » MySQL-Python and Apple OSX 10.5 (Leopard)
John Resig - Processing.js
MooWheel: a javascript connections visualization library
AlternativeProjects - jsviz - Google Code - A listing of alternative projects.
GXL - Graph eXchange Language
Second city - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TinyMCE - Home
OpenLS Route Service with free OSM data
Woophoo - Position Yourself
YOURS - OpenStreetMap
The Cosmic Machine - EventBox
Nokia Multiscanner - Recognize Texts With Camera | SymbianV3.Com
Download - Nokia Multiscanner
WireIt - a Javascript Wiring Library
Pinax is an open-source collection of integrated, but reusable apps for the Django Web Framework.
nova media | FoneLink for Mac OS X | Cell phone management for Macintosh Computer
MSc In The City | School of Arts, Culture and Enviroment | The University of Edinburgh
DSLinuxFAQ - DSLinux Wiki
Nintendo DS homebrew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Homebrew Nintendo DS Development
R4,R4DS,R4 Revolution For DS-R4DS Official Website
The R4(R4DS) Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. It is just an amazing little device like original DS cart size, it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software and truly the easiest media enhancer you have ever done; To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular DS/DS lite owner.
Poladroid project : the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker
How To Make (almost) Anything
Iceland - NMÍ Kvikan
There is one Fab Lab in Iceland, located in Vestmannaeyjar, and run by Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands, the Icelandic Innovation Center.
Corktown Wifi Map
This is a community wireless project at the corner of Queen and Parliament in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
phlickr [Phlickr]
Phlickr is an open source PHP5 based api kit used to access the Flickr API.
Hrčak - Senjski zbornik, No.31 Prosinac 2004.
In this paper the author describes the famous Bunjevci noblemen and officer’s family which lives in the Lika, Primorje, Dalmatia regions and many other places in Croatia.
Icelandic Online
Klockit - The World's Leading Clock Parts and Clock Movements Supplier for over 35 years
Wooden gear clock kits and clock plans.
Olle Shares a Secret (Zap Your PRAM 2008) - Nick's Gallery
Club-Mate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Club-Mate (German pronunciation: [ˈklup ˈmaːtə]) is a caffeinated carbonated Mate-extract beverage made by the Loscher Brewery near Münchsteinach, Germany. It is popular in the Hacker scene in German-speaking Europe. Club-Mate is popular for its relatively high caffeine content (20 mg per 100 ml) and relatively low sugar content compared to other beverages such as Cola, Coffee and other Energy Drinks.
The Weepies
uplog » » Coding a Networked Bike
MAKE: Blog: Interview with RFID implanter
Introducing Nokia Map Loader for Mac
Qt Labs Blogs » We’re porting Qt to S60!
Adding location to a non GPS phone: introducing OpenCellID | mobiForge
Stuff I love: Muji Chronotebook —
Hardy's Organic Products
P.E.I. auditor general will do full review of immigrant fund
CANADA Immigration Services / Immigrate to Canada / Provincial Nominee Programs / Prince Edward Island
Nasty as they wanna be? Policing
It's 11 a.m., and a handful of employees have gathered around a messy conference table to discuss, as they have daily for six years, the minutiae of governing humans. First order of business, the Brazilians. It seems a suspicious number of people in Sao Paulo have been using the popular photo-hosting site to post pictures of dishware. The idea is to sell the stuff -- a clear violation of the company's no-commerce rule.
Bluff: Beautiful graphs in JavaScript
Bluff is a JavaScript port of the Gruff graphing library for Ruby. It is designed to support all the features of Gruff with minimal dependencies; the only third-party scripts you need to run it are a copy of JS.Class (about 2kb gzipped) and a copy of Google’s ExCanvas to support canvas in Internet Explorer. Both these scripts are supplied with the Bluff download. Bluff itself is around 8kb gzipped
Downloads :: markItUp! Universal Markup Editor
markItUp! is not meant to be a “Full-Features-Out-of-the-Box”-editor. Instead it is a very lightweight, customizable and flexible engine made to meet the developer's needs in their CMSes, blogs, forums or websites. markItUp! is not a WYSIWYG editor, and it never will be.
"Fascinating exploration of an alternate method of user interaction and navigation without ever clicking the mouse. Only takes a couple of seconds to get used to it."
Upload files using flash and javascript - SWFUpload
A small javascript/flash library to get the best of both worlds - The great upload capabilitys of flash and the accessibility and ease of html/css
Tango Icons for Gtk-Stock
Today the community behind the Tango project re-drew over 190 icons from the Gtk toolkit behind the Gnome Linux desktop. The old icons were showing their age and they now match the style defined by the Tango project.
Our Little Legoland is sprawling with life.
unix search-and-replace: rpl (and sed)
Evan showed the world his “weak Ruby script” to find-and-replace in multiple files, and was pointed to the amazing rpl utility.
Tutorial Link: adding unique codes to MiniCards
Adegga decided to use MiniCards to invite 200 people to their site. Each invite needed to contain a unique login code. The tutorial explains how they did this, using a little bit of magic and Google Spreadsheets.
Run the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) OS on Your Computer
Has the OLPC project and the “Sugar” OS piqued your interest with all the press coverage it has received? Thankfully since the whole project was created with an open source mission, users can easily download the OLPC OS (Which is a fork of Red Hat) and run on any hardware they see fit.
How To Add Good Expires Headers to Images in Apache 1.3
uring a meeting at work today, we looked at my web site (as an example) to see if there are ways the performance could be improved. I was surprised to see how many things could be done to make it a big faster.
Incredible! France Telecom Has A Prepaid SIM 3G/GPRS Internet Access Offer
Sometimes I can't believe the power of web 2.0. A couple of weeks ago I have set up a Wiki dedicated to information about prepaid SIM wireless Internet access. I've put all my information there which I have gathered over time on offers in different countries and invited the community to put their info into the Wiki as well. It has worked more than well for me as somebody has put information about a prepaid SIM Internet access offer in France.
What Those Secret Best Buy Numbers Mean
Ever wonder what those mysterious numbers on Best Buys wall was. Well now you will know.
PHPLint is a validator and documentator for PHP 4 and PHP 5 programs. PHPLint extends the PHP language through transparent meta-code that can drive the parser to a even more strict check of the source.
Joi Ito's: Otetsudai Networks
With Otetsudai Networks, if you are willing to work, you sign up for the service with your skills and focus, take a GPS reading on your phone and then just hang out. If you are looking for someone for say... 3 hours to man a cash register or help wash dishes, you just send the request to Otetsudai Networks and within minutes, you have a list of people available.
HTML Purifier - Filter your HTML the standards-compliant way!
HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited,
secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a
comprehensive knowledge of W3C's specifications.
Double Your WiFi Range For Zero The Cost
Adventures in $40 eyeglasses
Last year, I stumbled upon a blog post about buying prescription eyeglasses online. It sounded too good to be true: you could get any frames you wanted quickly and cheaply, and the comments were filled with optometrists freaking out.
Fixed my N95 SIP Problem in Paris
Every now and then I enjoy a break from book writing and other high level work and fix a problem at its base. In a previous post I reported about my joys with the N95 SIP VoIP client and the little quirk I have with it in my home network in Paris: Outgoing calls take 30 seconds before they start.
Make Your Website Look Spiffy When it is Busy
Busy.js 1.0 allows you to add/remove loading indicators to html elements on your webpages (inc. overlay color & transparency). It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. Requires no plugin/extension or any other external resource!
OSM Super-Strength Export
One of OpenStreetMap’s greatest advantages is that we don’t just give you a beautiful draggable map - we give you the data, so you can do what you like with it. Well, this weekend, that just got a whole lot easier.
The Origin of the Nokia Tune
Each and every of the billions of Nokia mobile phones that has been shipped in the last decade comes with it: The now famous Nokia tune. But do you know where it originally comes from?
★ Spaces in 10.5.3
<p>Spaces was one of the new features in Leopard I was most excited about, but I found the actual implementation unusable. <a href="">Henry Story wrote a fine description</a> of the problems with Spaces in 10.5.0. When I linked to his critique, <a href="">I wrote</a>: </p>

<p>I’ve tried to love Spaces but can’t, because I want to divide
spaces into <em>tasks</em>, and some apps, like my web browser, need to
have windows in every space. If I’m in, say, space 3 and
Command-Tab to Safari, I want Safari to activate in my current
space, not jump me to whichever space contains the frontmost
Safari window. In short, Spaces seems designed for <em>app</em>
partitioning, not <em>task</em> partitioning.</p>

<p>Take, for example, the task of writing this article. What I want to be able to do with Spaces is dedicate one space solely to t
YouTube - Scrum et al.
More about the Location feature in Mobile Web Server
Working With History in Bash
Turning Off Apple Data Detectors in Apple Mail
# defaults write DisableDataDetectors YES
How to download old This American Life episodes as MP3s
Hava Mobile Player
HAVA is a revolutionary TV place-shifting device that allows you to watch and control live home TV from broadband Internet or data network connected PC or mobile phone. HAVA lets you watch your live home TV in multiple rooms around the house, at work, or around the globe.
BBEdit 9
A review of new features.
FancyZoom Meet Prototype
Lightbox alternative.
xmltv wiki
Google Transit Feed Specification - Google Transit Feed Specification - Google Code
Graphserver - The Open-Source Multi-Modal Trip Planner
LightBlue: a cross-platform Python Bluetooth API
LightBlue is a cross-platform Bluetooth API for Python which provides simple access to Bluetooth operations. It is available for Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Nokia's Python for Series 60 platform for mobile phones.
Mark Wilcox's Forum Nokia Blog | Python for Series 60 Community Edition!
Fancy Zoom by John Nunemaker
Putting the ISBN barcode on your cover
PDF Creation FAQ with respect to
LibraryThing: A million free covers from LibraryThing
How To: Change Back To Smoother Fonts On The North American Nokia N95 8GB Using FontRouter LT | The Nokia Blog
platforms:symbian:signing [Mobile Informatics Lab] - SIS File Guide
Forum Nokia - S60 Location Technologies
Web Developer's Library 1.0
S60 info
How to connect device to Wifi - Forum Nokia Wiki
APIs for Finding Location
Welcome to WeFi - Wi-Fi anywhere, friends everywhere!
TeledyN: Firewall, Stonewall, Brickwall
Mobile Web Server APIs - Forum Nokia Wiki
MediaSock |
ENDPAPER: HOW TO; Solve The New York Times Crossword Puzzle - New York Times
Open Source Community Center - Projects
Historical User Agent strings
Start Here
Linkable notebooks.
The Complete Guide for You to Become an Almighty jQuery Developer | Effectize
TapeDeck. ▸▸ The tape recorder…fast-forwarded to Mac OS X.
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
mobbler - Google Code
Signing OAUTH with PHP
REST API - Brightkite API | Google Groups
Communications just got better
Implementers' Draft: Portable Contacts 1.0 Draft B
How to switch CSS styles - Forum Nokia Wiki
GNU/Linux - How Many Open Files?
lsof | wc -l
Subversion Cheat Sheet
Useful when I can't remember the various meanings of SVN status codes.
Ad Hoc Data Analysis From The Unix Command Line/Counting Part 2 - sort and uniq - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
ThickBox Forum - Automatic slideshow
Phidgets Inc. - Unique and Easy to Use USB Interfaces
IcelandReview - Online
Google Code FAQ - On the Wire: Network Capture Tools for API Developers
zebra barcode reader
Gnip: We got $h*t to pop
embed flash into mediawiki · Helge's Blog
Swagman Phatt Folding Basket - Mountain Equipment Co-op
Swagman Phatt Folding Basket
S603rd Edition Freeware » Blog Archive » IfInfo
BaToo - Barcode Recognition Toolkit : Download - Videos browse
BaToo - Barcode Recognition Toolkit : Main - Home Page browse
Android Scan: pricing and metadata for anything with a barcode
Flickr Photo Download: powerpoint testcard
Macintosh Accent Codes
Mostly Harmless: Apache on RHEL 3 (undefined symbol: gdbm_errno)
Nokia Europe - Cable Drivers - Support
Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20+ Common Bugs and Fixes
Hotels with internet / wifi access - Travel photos from Culture Shock Therapy
HVD Fonts
YUM: Setup and Usage
HowTos/PackageManagement/YumOnRHEL - CentOS Wiki
Aaron Johnson – Creating a Firefox Sidebar for Clearspace: Part II
Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
Querying in MapScript — UMN MapServer
Passing the Time On a Newark Layover - Travel Q&A - Expert Travel Advice - New York Times Blog
Step by step: Squeeze 30 picture-perfect feature films onto your N95 8GB |
webgrind - Google Code
My Toronto: Evan Solomon - Posted Toronto
jquery-chili-js - Google Code
Chili is the jQuery code highlighter plugin
Yahoo! Internet Location Platform - YDN
jQuery UI: Widgets, Components, and Interaction
jQuery UI is a set of themable widgets and interactions, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.
Garrett Dimon / Trick Your TextMate: The Series
This is feature is increasingly common among good text editors, but it’s a feature I can’t live without. By simply highlighting an area and pressing a simple two-key combination you can comment and uncomment a block of code.
Ned Batchelder: Separating sentences
The Souvenir Shop - Je Me Souviens
Dysart's | Home
Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » TextMate Tip – Using PHP for Commands
PHP is a widespread language, but not many people are accustomed to using PHP for writing shell scripts, so they don’t know how to start writing a command – here I’ll explain how.
Sphinx - Free open-source SQL full-text search engine
Sphinx - Free open-source SQL full-text search engine
Adding "Where" to Mobile and Web Applications » SlideShare
Nokia - Mobile Web Server Extensions

Mobile Web Server Extensions
See all appsPrevious  |Next
Mobile Web Server Extensions  |  Published on Beta Labs: Jan. 29, 2008
Latest update: Apr. 24, 2008

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Marc Liyanage - Software - AppleScript
When you click its icon in the toolbar of a given directory window, it opens up a new Terminal session in that directory, i.e. it will cd there.
SpiekerBlog (en)
Howard Rheingold's Vlog
Howard Rheingold on early days of the WELL
Following up on John Coate’s appearance in my UC Berkeley class, I tell some of the stories about my experiences during the early days of the WELL that I wrote about in The Virtual Community. (Episodes now enco
WOM World / Nokia » N95 8GB
cityofsound: Monocle: design notes
Experience Gifts & Unique Gift Ideas at Cloud 9 Living
Ink Jet Tattoos
Category:Location Based Services - Forum Nokia Wiki
Index of /pynetmony
open signing shell - Developer Discussion Boards
README - pygpslog - Google Code
Nokia Web Browser Design Guide - Article 1
Magic Pen by Alejandro Guillen
ISBN Tools: Book search, ISBN syntax, ISBN Directory
PAMP Development
Casa Mia Cafe Charlottetown
ModuleTutorial - FreePBX - Trac
WirelessMoves: Tracing the N95's VoIP Implementation
Thoughts on the evolution of wireless networks and the mobile web 2.0.
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Tracing the N95's VoIP Implementation

A couple of days ago I p
Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Our collective recent history, online (
Main Page - DejaVuWiki
DejaVu fonts
Basic Cell Phone Acronyms You Need to Know : Ben Patterson : Yahoo! Tech
PAMP: Personal Apache MySQL PHP |
How to use SQL - Forum Nokia Wiki
How to use quotation in SQL - Forum Nokia Wiki
Basics: demonstrates basic use of the Symbian OS DBMS in DBMS example code
Getting Contact/Phonebook information. - Developer Discussion Boards
twill: a simple scripting language for Web browsing
twill is a simple language that allows users to browse the Web from a command-line interface. With twill, you can navigate through Web sites that use forms, cookies, and most standard Web features.
Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps: position static relative absolute float
Dorkbot DC
Arduino - HomePage
Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!
leah buechley - LilyPad Arduino - introduction
FancyZoom Updated
Friday, February 08, 2008

It may be patently obvious, as the relevant post is directly below this one, but until FancyZoom moves to its own home on the web, sometime in 2018, this is probably the best way to get the word out to you RSS
mezzoblue § Mediatyping
Contacts Data API - Google Code
This is an *excellent* idea that should be universally implemented.
Python Package Index : Shapely 1.0.2
ollicle: Ollicle Reflex refined for smarter feed reading
A very nice style for NNW.
Changeset 3546 - FreePBX - Trac
Making this patch allowed my Asterisk with an ENUM trunk to work properly.
Setting up ENUM correctly with Asterisk@Home « Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband blog
WirelessMoves: The Nokia N95 8GB: 18 Months Of 'Naked-SIP' Improvement
PDIS Software Download : Python Geo Programming
Phun - 2D physics sandbox
Phun - visual and interactive 2D physics - VRlab - Umeå University
LMX Format Description
S60 Platform: Landmarks Exchange Format
PyS60 extensions - OpenSource
ASPN : Python Cookbook : Calculating the distance between zip codes
NMEA - OpenStreetMap
Bluetooth GPS Receiver - NMEA Parsing - Forum Nokia Wiki
Germany - Land of Ideas
Ooh!JAPAN-Shopping Service from Japan Shopping and Auction
OpenDNS > Customers > Featured Customers
OAuth Test Client
South Pole diary | Taking our measure |
Color Line - The easiest way to Norway!
The Man in Seat Sixty-One...
Maybe you don't like flying, or are concerned about air travel's contribution to global warming. Or perhaps you just prefer real travel by train or ship, where the journey is part of the adventure...
Punktfestivalen 07
Jan Bang
Untergunther UX
NodeBox | Home
Automatically backup your Mac to Amazon S3 |
Examples using the YUI
Kyoto City International Foundation
Kyoto Stay Club - Extended Stay Furnished Apartments in Kyoto
TYPO Berlin 2008 Image | Press
TYPO Berlin Videoblog | Vortrag
Barcode Producer - vector EPS, TIFF barcode generation for Mac OS X - Mac Barcode Software
Tuffcode - Home
HTTP Scoop passively listens for HTTP requests from any browser (or other application for that matter) running on your Mac.
Goethe-Institut Distance Learning - Learning German
ITMS Link Maker
Nokia - Mobile TV Forum - Technology - DVB-H
Big Cartel » Bringing the Art to the Cart
Feltron Eight
Sidsel Endresen - Jazzland Recordings
SQLFairy - The SQL Translator
The Greater IBM Connection - on the blog side: Why network? A social software triptych
Japanese Guest Houses: A Night on Mount Koya
Sniff browser history for improved user experience
HotSauce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thai New York Express JFK-BKK — Trip Reports Forum |
Excellent and thorough trip reporting.
Introduction to the Brand
The Star Alliance Brand Book
Oklahoma Panhandle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PRACTICAL TRAVELER; Understanding Travelspeak - New York Times
We Made This: A design guide to Paris
Research Tools | |
This guide is based on the style book which is given to all journalists at The Economist.
JQuery Curvy Corners Demo page
Share Your Medias with Ovi (= Twango)
ClickHeat | Clicks heatmap - Home
7.5th Floor » Blog Archive » Heat Maps on Google Maps with GeoIQ
Instant weekend: Zagreb | Croatia - Times Online
iPhone on Rails - Creating an iPhone optimised version of your Rails site using iUI and Rails 2
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
Better Than Free
Dale, Sandy, Riley and Bailey's House
.:: The Global Airport Database - By Arash Partow ::.
Welcome to the USA Solar Store!
garage: maemoplazer: SCM Repository
Emulating the XO/Help and tips - OLPC
Developer Console - OLPC
How to access the "Developer Console" from the OLPC (ALT + =)
Emulating the XO/Help and tips - OLPC
Emulating stable build in Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X
This image worked for me "out of the box".
Emulating the XO/Mac Parallels3 - OLPC
Run the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) OS on Your Computer
oobject » items to build an apple store
Where all the stuff in an Apple Store comes from (lights, tables, fixtures).
Make your own native iPhone apps on Leopard using XCode - Cocoa Machine Team
mySociety » News
Nelson Mandela School - Nelson Mandela School
Jyri Engstrom (Jaiku)
Paristic stickers - Accueil, sticker vinyle de décoration d'intérieur (Français)
Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard
PDF Hammer - Free Web Based PDF Editor
Julius Eckert - Projects
Quicksilver Interface plugin - Showcase

This is a plugin for the application launcher Quicksilver, adding a new interface.

The special thing about this interface is that it heavily uses the new CoreAnimation.
Bwired, Domotica, Home automation in the Netherlands, Domoticaforum
Below are 60 of the last events that happened in our house. All the readings are real-time. If you want to see all the Devices click on the link in the header. For update device status click Refresh
'THE FOUR HORSEMEN - Available Now on DVD!' by Discussions With Richard Dawkins: Episode 1, RDFRS -
Lather Rinse Repeat - Automatic iPhone Video Conversion with VisualHub
Coca-Cola Television Advertisements: Hilltop
Let’s Jailbreak the iPod touch 1.1.2 with OS X « RupertGee’s iBlog
citizen-cam.mp4 (video/mp4 Object)
How To Make Gnocchi Recipe (Food & Drink: Pasta)
A to G
/trunk/contrib/trac-post-commit-hook - The Trac Project - Trac
RFID Toys - RFID IO tools
CommonCensus Map Project - Maps
This map draws responses to the question,
"On the level of North America as a whole, what major city do you feel has the most cultural and economic influence on your area overall?"
This Just In - Travel guides, travel tips, and trip planning advice for popular destinations from - Set the Gmail IMAP prefix for better usage
Free online network utilities - traceroute, nslookup, automatic whois lookup, ping, finger
CSS Star Rating Redux » Blog » Komodo Media
suggestions for quickly sending mass email
a rare thread on this sort of thing (usually gets obscured by spam talk)
Holiday apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg
spacious and bright apartment in central berlin
Pagination 101 - KuraFire Network
TagMaps Web Services : Roll Your Own API
What Should I Read Next?
GeoNames webservice and data download
Ignacio Torres Masdeu: Lighttpd + DNS + external email and dns accelerator setup
svcadm enable dns/server
Cacti: The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution
Rosetta Stone for Unix
Regular Expression Tool
How-to: Proper Gmail IMAP for iPhone & Apple Mail
venice apartment - rates
UpCode - Ignite Your Imagination - Download UpCode for free
MobiEXPLORE Croatia
MobiEXPLORE Croatia features 157 destinations including national parks, cultural and historical sights, popular but also less known resorts and tourist destinations throughout Croatia.
terra IMS > mapicon Factory
Google Maps Icons
Google Maps API Tutorial
Project Roomware : About
This project is aimed at providing developers, artists and other interested parties with a plug and play server installation that they can use to jump-start the development of room based mobile installations.
Many Tricks · Service Scrubber
The Art of Web ~ JavaScript: Escaping Special Characters
Tokyo Food Page
Microformats Icons -- The brilliant work of Wolfgang Bartelme
./qfixq live empty
The Tao of Mac - JavaScript Tune Ups
Prototype Window Class : Introduction
Mail Forwarding Leader - Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address - Mailforwarding
Big Dig Map
Prepaid Data Packages and the iPhone - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) » QSPressTitle: Post to your Blog from Quicksilver
Performing a Google search in Safari with Command-K » Free Mac Blog
How to set Safari up to have the same Command-K keyboard shortcut for focusing on the Google search box as Firefox has. AcidSearch
Optimus γ

Introducing Optimus, the microformats transformer. Easily transform your microformatted content to nice, clean, easily digestible, XML, JSON or JSON-P. You can also easily set filters to only receive particular formats.
Marketcircle: iPhoney
How to concatenate PDFs without pain
Ghostscript PDF writer tips
Vitamin Features » How to price your web application
OS X Style Google Reader |
OS X Style Google Reader
Dot Dot Dot
Suggested to me by, of all things.
Drag and Drop between 2 TreePanels
Jaiku | Helsinki metro to get free WiFi
Helpful thread.
Hecl - The Mobile Scripting Language
The Hecl Programming Language is a high-level, open source scripting language implemented in Java. It is intended to be small, extensible, extremely flexible, and easy to learn and use. Infact, it's small enough that it runs on J2ME-enabled cell phones!
Our mission is not to merely promote a trend but instead a sense of style. Therefore, breaking men and women away from the cookie cutter images created by today's chain store dominated environment.
A Yoigo Weekend
<div xmlns=""><p><strong>I've been in Spain for a couple of days and I am glad that <a href="">a number of people have told me about Yoigo</a>, a new mobi
Working with qmail's log files
Nokia Series 60 Firmware History - 6630 | NewLC
Raging Thunderbolt. The easiest way to PNG support in IE6
img { behavior: url(; }
Slow SSH connections on Mac OS X « My Journey to Macintosh
Educator's Guide to Equatorial Sundials
Julian Day/Equation of Time/Siderial Time Calculation-Java Script
An Introduction to Astronomical Terminology And Formulas | The Astronomy Nexus
An Introduction to Astronomical Terminology And Formulas
Skysoft :: Astronomical software directory
SIMILE | Timeplot Home Page
print_r for Javascript version 1.2 and Bookmarklet version
GPS Tracker
googlemaps:home [MassGIS Geospatial Web Services Wiki]
Excellent overview and Javascript code for integrating WMS map layers with Google Maps.
levels string for encoded polylines - Google Maps API | Google Groups
Encoding polylines for Google Maps
Census County Boundaries Import Script - Google Maps API | Google Groups
Adding Polygons to Google Maps
Iconfinder - The best icon search engine
The Twitter-clone/twitter-like sites collection - 磨剑庐(thw's BLOG)
Twitter Fan Wiki / Clones
List of Twitter clones.
Re: GUI Scripting: accessing menus causes error
This tip helped me out of some perplexing NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError errors with AppleScript GUI scripting.
codepoetry - CUPS-PDF Package for Mac OS X
Geonames RSS to GeoRSS Converter
Basic Concept :: Geotude
Geotude finds a middle ground between address and latitude/longitude.
Poly9 FreeEarth: 3D globe in your browser
Poly9 FreeEarth is a cross-browser, cross-platform 3D globe which does not require any download.
Introduction to SPL
Monospace/Fixed Width Programmer's Fonts
all in the <head> — hKit microformats parser for PHP5
hKit is a simple toolkit for extracting common microformats from a page. The page can be presented as a string or a URL, and the result is handed back as a standard PHP array structure. hKit uses SimpleXML for parsing, and therefore requires PHP5.
Technical Note TN2065: do shell script in AppleScript
Mini Language Phrasebooks
XML Tools 2 Scripting Addition
The XML Tools AppleScript Scripting Addition allows AppleScript to parse and generate XML data. XML Tools's parsing can generate a complete DOM-like structure or it can operate in a SAX-like event handling mode.
What to do with Thousands of GPS Tracks?
Over the past two years, Microsoft has been gathering GPS data from volunteer drivers. Each driver has one of our recording GPS receivers on their dashboard for two weeks.
APACS - IBAN Checker
Tool to check for the validity of an IBAN number.
CocoaDev: NSStatusItem
Ah, so "menu extra" is what they're called!
Runtime Configuration Guidelines: Property List Key Reference
The following sections contain detailed information about the usage and behavior of property-list keys available for use in an information property list file.
CocoaDev: LSUIElement
MacScripter BBS | Applescript Forums / str_replace() [Search/find and replace text]
Search and replace.
JSAN - DOM.Ready 0.13
This module provides several simple functions to register callbacks that should be run, either when the DOM/document is ready or when a specific element (found by id) is ready.
RSS Feed for Just Played? in Forum at MyStrands
Self-Updating Programs, For Free | Mac Geekery
A HOWTO for Sparkle integration
BBC - Blast - Art - Showcase - View image: Among the Crowds
Hundreds and hundreds of Playmobil
Fun at Playmobil
This is the second largest factory worldwide producing this international and loveable toy brand and the only production plant where one can actually see the toys being made
Google Transit Feed Specification
AppleScript Studio Programming Guide: AppleScript Studio Sample Applications
List of AppleScript Studio sample scripts (very useful). >> TPT Documentation
Looks intriguing.
Cantaria: Traditional: Haul Away Joe
Haul Away Joe
Re: Sparkle Integration - Errors
Tips for AppleScript Studio + sparkle integration.
Sparkle - Trac
Sparkle is a module that developers can stick in their Cocoa applications (five-step install!) to get instant self-update functionality.
Nokia (N95) mobile phones play nicely with Apple OS X
Home Zone - Adapting your Mac to wherever you are
Home Zone monitors Airport networks and Bluetooth devices in your proximity and can automatically trigger user-definable actions when configured networks or devices appear or disappear.
Introduction - Moving Image Education
Stencils for OmniGraffle
Applescript Studio Tutorial: Polishing Your Application
Idle Interval: Techniques
This page describes techniques for supporting and using the Idle Interval scripting addition in your AppleScript studio application.
Utility to increase OS X mouse tracking speed higher than OS X itself allows with regular Preference Pane.
JSLint, The JavaScript Verifier
Xdebug: Documentation
Home |
The Pod Hotel
NewLC - SysExplorer
Y-Browser - File manager for Symbian OS
Running an Instance
Remote S60 - about
mVNC - displays the phone's screen on PC
Main Page - Mobileradicals
LocoBlog - Location-Based Mobile Photo Blogging - Home
Print Service API | Ask MetaFilter Factory : The Official Web Site
David Byrne on Berlin
Flightpatterns Movie Excerpt
Amazing stuff.
The Sheep Market
MalcolmHardie: SQLEditor
A serviceable ERD generator and editor for Mac OS X.
S60Reindeer - WebKit - Trac
Nokia E61 Blog » e61 Voip SIP setup with pbxes and Gizmo
Home - service
Resource information: Nokia S60 VoIP Implementation Configuration Tutorial v1.1
Nokia - iSync - Download software - Get support and software
How to connect your Nokia E61 / E70 to an asterisk phone server SIP VoIP
Dashboard Widgets - Delivery Status
A thing of beauty.
Using svn over ssh
Gizmo for S60 available at Nokia Beta Labs
Brain Off » Mapstraction Update
Video "OLPC on 60 Minutes" of Charbax | sevenload
aNobii: Create, Share, and Explore booklists
mapufacture - helping to build the geospatial web
ZoneTag Photos
Microformats Icons -- The brilliant work of Wolfgang Bartelme
YUI Theater: Douglas Crockford — “JavaScript: The Good Parts”
Hauptstadt Apartments - Apartment in Berlin
A beautiful website.
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
ThinkFold: Realtime outlining for groups
Berlin city guide by the Exberliner
FGA: The uselessness of "Round Robin" resource record set shuffling
The uselessness of "Round Robin" resource record set shuffling
Routing for multiple uplinks/providers | Fault-tolerant Web hosting on a shoestring
Jose's Cerebro: Poor Man's SMS Gateway is now Mercurio
Scratch | Imagine, Program, Share
Quicksilver tutorial and screencast roundup - Simplehelp
East Side City Hotel Berlin
>>> Hotel Transit +49 (0)30 789 04 70
Ku' Damm 101 Hotel - Kurfürstendamm 101 - D- 10711 Berlin
20 Bizarre Hotels by Luggage Online
Croatian lighthouses-renting an apartments-accommodation-vacation on croatian coast-tourism
Moon calendar for January through June 2007, 00:00:00 UT.
Reversing a Chart - Finding the Date, Time, and Place When Not Given
Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service
HORIZONS Web-Interface - Sun to Sedna Ephemeris
Matrix Astrology Software : Learn Astrology - Astrology Articles -Signs and Constellations
MacFusion | The GUI for MacFUSE
MacFusion brings all sorts of information to your Mac in the form of files and folders displayed as just another "Volume" on your Mac desktop.
Groovy Map - Asia's bestselling city orientation maps
Furni's online shop - CURRENT COLLECTION
Clearing a float container without source markup
Don Croner's World Wide Wanders: Mongolia | 2008 Solar Eclipse
Don Croner's World Wide Wanders: Mongolia | 2008 Solar Eclipse
Path of the August 1, 2008 total solar eclipse.
The Mobile Internet In Spain With A Yoigo Prepaid SIM
A List Apart: Articles: Accesskeys: Unlocking Hidden Navigation
Ruby FPDF is a Ruby port of Olivier Plathey's excellent PDF generator, FPDF. FPDF is written in PHP, and as such can only be used from PHP scripts. Ruby FPDF, as the name suggests, is written in Ruby and can be used from Ruby scripts.
Ruby Semacode README
This Ruby extension implements a DataMatrix encoder for Ruby. It is typically used to create semacodes, which are barcodes, that contain URLs. This encoder does not create image files or visual representations of the semacode.
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect Mobile TV, Personal Experiences
Using YUI with the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API
Polishing Ruby: Hate RMagick? Get Science! Image Science!
2D Barcode Manifesto
Featured Freeware - Guardian
Converting Your Videos to RealPlayer
Audio captchas when visual images are unusable
img2icns: Icon creation utility updated
Video: Douglas Crockford, “Advanced JavaScript”
How to Read IMEI?
JavaScript, We Hardly new Ya
JavaScript is a prototypal language, but it has a new operator that tries to make it look sort of like a classical language. That tends to confuse programmers, leading to some problematic programming patterns. and SpamAssassin in spam-catching harmony
What is the Model Number of Your Nokia?
How to decrypt your model number.
Syncing iCal with Google Calendar
The clever people at Spanning Sync are working on a service which will allow for full, two-way syncing between Google Calendar and iCal.
Nokia - Wellness Diary
Wellness Diary makes it easy to take an active role in the daily and/or long-term management of your health. You can monitor and track a range of everyday well-being parameters, including weight, eating habits, exercise, blood pressure and others.
RSS Feed of My YouTube Favourites
Croatia Holiday & Home: Croatia Property to buy in Croatia and Croatia Real Estate - VK126 - Old stone house Vodice - only 45,000 Euros
Small 1 bedroom old stone house situated in old historic town near Vodice. Part renovated and only 50m from the sea. Round the corner from bars and restaurants.
Market focus on Croatia
Guardian Abroad
ReTherm - Drain Water Heat Exchangers
An Information Survival Kit for the Prospective Geothermal Heat Pump Owner - Table of Contents
Solar Energy Technologies Program: Solar Frequently Asked Questions

This is a database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the four solar technologies: Concentrating Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Solar Heating and Solar Lighting.
Perian - The swiss-army knife of QuickTime® components
Jaiku | It's The Deviest
Finally a documented Jaiku API.
What Are Germs?
What Are Germs?
Creating Google Maps
A user guide to the new "create your own maps" features.
Lovely as a tree | Paper, print and the environment
This website aims to help graphic designers take a more environmentally friendly approach to print projects. You’ll find advice on how to reduce the impact of your design, and contacts to help you source environmentally friendlier paper and print.
Springwise: Launch your own mobile network
Creating .dmg images on Mac OS X 10.0
Skim | Home
Skim is a PDF Reader and note-taker for OS X. Skim is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF. » Announcing Skim: Stop printing - Start Skimming.
Announcing Skim: Stop printing - Start Skimming.
10 Minutes to a Better Drupal User Interface | Nick Lewis: The Blog
Welcome to
Read and write text files with AppleScript
Joe’s iPhoto AppleScripts for Date Manipulation
Daring Fireball: Wrong Folder Returned by 'path to' Command in System Events Tell Blocks
Popular osax
AFTrack - GPS Tracking for S60 phones
AFTrack is the display for your GPS mouse and activates the world of hiking, biking, sailing, geocaching or more for your phone.
The Cruise People Ltd [Europe]
Landy Round The World ~ The Purple Beach
Life onboard "Purple Beach" -- Impressions from a freighter
Internet Guide to Freighter Travel
Traveling on a containership is not better than sex, though it does last longer.
Smyril Line
North Atlantic ferry operator
[ws] Color Scheme Generator 2 » Blog Archive » Quicksilver Plugin for Jaiku (using Plazes)
FREITAG lab. AG :: Zürich
Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before
Jaiku | Going shopping for office chairs tomorrow morning
Calisto - calendar change dates
The table below lists the days which were missed from the calendar when countries changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
Tommi's S60 applications blog
Typography School - SPECIALTEN.TV
An excellent film about learning the basics of typography.
Apple - Pro - Profiles - Washington Post
iCalcreator is a PHP implementation of RFC2445, creating iCal formatted files, iCal/xCal, for non-calendar systems like CMS, project management systems and other applications.
Sipura Support Overview
Support page for the Sipura SPA-2000 SIP device.
S3 Firefox Organizer
Here in New England: Eastport, Maine
My favourite article from the January/February issue of Yankee Magazine.
RSSscraper - Ruby RSS screenscraper, RSS scraper, screen scraper
RSSscraper generates RSS feeds from websites who do not provide it themselves.
Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Gallery View
III. katonai felmeres
austria-hungary-1911-races-wm-r-shepherd.jpg (JPEG Image, 1521x1155 pixels) - Scaled (73%)
Distribution of Races in Austria-Hungary in 1911
PC Magazine Special Report: How To Unlock Your Phone - Review by PC Magazine
CBC/Radio-Canada - Foreign Bureaus
Foreign Bureaus of the CBC / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts
Color Schemer | Instant color schemes for your Mac with Color Schemer Studio OSX
Color Schemer Studio OSX brings the power of Color Schemer Studio to your Mac!
Sam Ruby: OpenID for non-SuperUsers
2Go4 - Hostel in brussels - Belgium youth hostel - Home
Citizen Weather Observer Program
Many citizen weather stations are producing weather data today. When these data are used only by the weather station owners, data quality is not an issue.
'First Overland' Home Page | Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.20
UFO is a DOM script that detects the Flash plug-in and embeds Flash objects (files with the .swf extension).
Adobe - TechNote : Troubleshooting Flash Player for Intel-based Macs
This document provides troubleshooting guidelines for users of Adobe Flash Player and Intel-based Macs.
Mac OS X S3 Browser
S3 browser is a Mac OS X administration tool for the Amazon S3 data storage service.
creative component » Blog Archive » Interview with Daniel Burka from [Cheat Sheet]
A thing of true beauty.
err.the_blog.find_by_title('Me and uFormats')
mofo - a ruby microformat parser
Quick Firefox Tip: Single-key search tool - Lifehacker
Abbrevations of Drug Manufacturer Names (in XML)
Brain Off » Playing the Pipes
Many Eyes
nabZone , all ressources for your Nabaztag.
24 ways: Styling hCards with CSS
So in this installment of 24 ways, we’re going to look at just that – how microformats help make CSS based styling simpler and more logical.
curvyCorners - Ultimate Rounded Corners.
curvyCorners is a free JavaScript program that will create on-the-fly rounded corners for any HTML DIV element, that look as good as any graphically created corners. » CSS Speech Bubbles
imity-client - Google Code
Imity is a new platform for proximity data. There's a server side with mobile identity information and a client side for discovery and mobile interactions.
Geography + Information: Distribution Project
Installing app_cepstral With Asterisk HOWTO
NabazClapier is a little proxy to add features to your wifi rabbit. It
filters some of the data that Nabaztag receives from the violet(c) site
( It can also replace, allowing the rabbit to
work whithout any internet access.
Tweet = Twitter + Quicksilver | Archives | codablog | Coda Hale
Setting your Twitter messages from Quicksilver.
Cepstral Text-to-Speech
Open Culture: Lifehack for Learning Foreign Languages
Use regular expressions in MySQL SELECT statements -
Everyone knows that room temperature is about 70 degrees F, but is there a room humidity?
Is there a "room humidity?"
Chichi cupcake delivery
Indulging London's sweet tooth, Fru Fru specializes in delivering homemade cupcakes. The freshly baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are decorated with butterflies, daisies and stars, and packaged in black boxes tied with fuchsia ribbons.
Making Comics
Focuses on the tools and techniques of creating cartoons.
O'Reilly Radar > Google Maps and Their Data Providers
Unix File and Directory Permissions and Modes - News - Adolfo Flora's OHIP odyssey
He had six months to live. He was rejected for a transplant in Ontario. Then he went overseas and beat the odds. But his fight had just begun, Isabel Teotonio reports
Download of the Day: AntiRSI (Mac) - Lifehacker
AntiRSI is designed to help you avoid repetitive strain/stress injury at your computer.
Klaus K | About
You'd probably know if your next door neighbour was going to knock their house down. But you probably never find out if the old cinema or pub 5 streets away is going to be converted into luxury flats until the bulldozers turned up.
Zoomify - Zoomable web images!
Zoomify makes high-quality images zoom-and-pan for fast, interactive viewing on the web! Just JPEGs, HTML, and Flash!
Institute for National Measurement Standards (NRC-INMS)
GIS Resources at the GSD
This document looks at one of the common fallacies committed by beginning cartographers -- creation of maps where the colors of areas are driven by statistics that represent counts. forums :: View topic - FeedCreator: KML,GeoRSS,PhotoRSS and BASE: new formats added Feedcreator - PHP feeds creator
FeedCreator.class.php provides an easy way to create RSS feeds from within PHP using ease to use classes
Macintosh Accent Codes
This page list codes for accented letters and other characters. The list is organized by type. These tables show select codes only, not all possible codes.
Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software
FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping ( software written in Java.
Official Google Mac Blog: Taming Mac OS X File Systems
FUSE makes it possible to implement a very functional file system in a normal program rather than requiring a complex addition to the operating system.
To make it easy for an end-user to automatically record, store, and use context information.
PHP Classes - Class: PHPBB Login Integration
Since phpBB has its own user management system and many sites that want to integrate it also have their own user management system, a solution for integrating both systems is often necessary.
Latitude and Longitude Location Conversion and Antipodes locator
What is an SMS Message Center Number or an SMS E-Mail Center Number?
McDonald's website in Asia. 100% Flash. Interesting approach.
GeoRSS Home
Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds
Bluetooth Device Access Guide: The Mac OS X Bluetooth Profiles and Applications
*Star Service Line Listing
phpMyID is a single user (though, if you were so inclined, you could easily turn it into a multi-user setup) IdP, or "Identity Provider" for the OpenID framework.
Belvedere Funderal Home
genealogy-formats - Microformats
Automated Genealogy
The site hosts a free, volunteer-produced online index to the 1901 Census of Canada.
USDA - Great Lakes Forestry Centre
There is interest by some in Canada's horticulture industry to compare the USDA minimum temperature zones to Canada's plant hardiness index.
Attach icons to anything with CSS.
Thanks to CSS selectors it's possible to attach icons to anything you want just by adding an attribute of your choosing to your HTML.
Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor (RTE) - the online home of Kevin Roth
The Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor (RTE) is based on the designMode() functionality introduced in Internet Explorer 5, and implemented in Mozilla 1.3+ using the Mozilla Rich Text Editing API.
24 ways: Intricate Fluid Layouts in Three Easy Steps
The layout system I developed, YUI Grids CSS, has three components. They can be used together as we’ll see, or independently.
Getting S40 phones to work with Mobile Google Maps blog » Blog Archive » Convert Your Website to Subversion
This guide is a simple step-by-step guide to help you convert your currently live website to a handy-dandy revision-control system called Subversion.
SVN as a Web Site Maintenence Tool |
Ad Hoc Data Analysis From The Unix Command Line/Counting Part 2 - sort and uniq - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
The combination of sort and uniq -c is extremely powerful. It allows one to create histograms from virtually any record oriented text data.
Chad dot blog - » Clean Your Mighty Mouse!
phpSiteFramework: Home | Swish-e PHP Tools
In-development PHP based tools designed to help with simple deployments of Swish-e in a PHP environment.
Jaiku | Trying to make a Jaiku widget with Dashcode
Early news of a the Jaiku API.
Asterisk DTMF Text Input
Asterisk cmd DTMFToText -
This provides functionality somewhat like text entry on a cellphone, but works for any DTMF phone.
Espresso Zone - Espresso machines, coffee makers, grinders and gourmet coffee.
phpMyID is a single user (though, if you were so inclined, you could easily turn it into a multi-user setup) IdP, or "Identity Provider" for the OpenID framework | Knowledgebase
How do I configure VNC to start GNOME or KDE by default in Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 2.1?
SMART (Smart Monitoring and Rebooting Tool) | Linux Journal
GSM Mobile Phones and Linux
ViaNett - SMS gateway services - HLR lookup
This service is also referred to as "IMSI-lookup", "Network Look up Service" or "HLR Lookup". Available for more than 403 networks, providing visibility of ported numbers for 126 countries.
Metal Tins, Slide Top Tins
Nice metal containers. For almost anything.
Play Pong by tilting your computer! Play alone or with a friend over a local network.
Founded by Jacqueline Duncan in 1960, the school runs a range of courses in Interior Design, Garden Design and Computer Aided Design to a level that will equip students with the necessary skills for industry.
Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
Founded in 1754 by William Shipley, a painter and social activist, on a manifesto "to embolden enterprise, enlarge science, refine arts, improve our manufactures and extend our commerce".
Domaine de Boisbuchet - Workshops
Going back to 1990, Domaine de Boisbuchet has regularly served as a venue for cultural activities. In cooperation with Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou, CIRECA has been putting on an international summer academy since 1996.
Vitra Design Museum - Workshops Travel Airport Guide - London Heathrow Airport
HoHoHo! : Design : Brand Spanking New
Process Management
Managing Unix processes.
Urchin Web Analytics - How do I clear a stuck 'Pending' or 'Running' Task?
How to unstick Urchin when it reports "pending" for scheduled jobs.
Gen-X-Design | Ian Selby » PHP Thumbnailer Class v2.0
A PHP image manipulation class, aimed at generating thumbnails. It features the ability to resize by width, height, and percentage, create custom crops, or square crops from the center, rotate the image, and create Apple™-style reflections.
Smallwire » Keyboard shortcuts for every Google webapp
True Hacker!: Digg style clean URLs with PHP and Apache
Digg style clean URLs with PHP and Apache
Hedcut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Capistrano: Automating Application Deployment |
Anatomy of a Drag and Drop -
The mechanics of a drag and drop are pretty interesting and most library implementations do similar things, albeit to various extents.
Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit
The Flash / JavaScript Integration kit makes it possible to seamlessly communicate between Flash and JavaScript. You can call JavaScript functions from Flash, and ActionScript functions from JavaScript.
Video and Audio Streaming with Flash and Open Source Tools
Video and Audio Streaming with Flash and Open Source Tools
inlet media » FLVTool2 - Flash video and meta data manipulation
FLVTool2 is a manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV).
Canadian Media Guild
The CMG’s Freelance branch is made up of journalists and commentators who create content on a freelance basis for the CBC/SRC and its various services.
How do you rip a clip from a DVD on OS X? - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Loading an Airliner Is Rocket Science - New York Times
"Airlines have been boarding passengers for decades, long enough, it would seem, to have figured out the best way to get people on and off a plane. But they haven’t."
Welcome to Confabb: The Conference Community
Confabb ( combines an aggregate database of major conferences, conventions, and trade shows sorted by industry with social networking tools designed to empower conference attendees to improve their overall experience.
Internship at Zentropa
More on strikes in Italy - how to get info on strikes
Perian - Additional video formats for QuickTime
With Perian installed, any OS X application that uses QuickTime can now use these additional media types: Divx, XviD, FLV, AVI
- MS-MPEG4 v1, MS-MPEG4 v2, MS-MPEG4 v3, DivX 3.11 alpha, 3ivX, Sorenson H.263, Flash Screen Video, Truemotion VP6
Mapnik C++/Python GIS Toolkit | Welcome
Mapnik is a Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications. Above all Mapnik is about making beautiful maps. It is easily extensible and suitable for both desktop and web development.
The New Yorker: Special Issues
A list of the "special issues" of The New Yorker.
The New Yorker: Advertising Rates
How much does it cost to advertise in the The New Yorker? A lot.
RFDump is a backend GPL tool to directly interoperate with any RFID ISO-Reader to make the contents stored on RFID tags accessible. Silk Icons
Very nice set of 16x16 icons.
The Flash Video Howto
How to encode a movie in FLV Flash Video format for your website or blog with ffmpegX (MacOS X)
Wimpy - How to make FLV files
PDF Printer
The BullZip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.
Zattoo - TV to Go
Nokia - Phone Software Update
Drive Letter in S60 Phones Explained
Optimizing Page Load Time -
QuickTime Development Resources - Tools
Apple - QuickTime - Technologies - Interactivity
QuickTime movies aren’t just for playing — they’re for playing with. Movies can interact with you, with your browser, with a server and with other movies. They can act as control panels, games, puzzles, musical instruments and much more.
Director Online Article: Adding Cue Points To Quicktime Movies
Google Gadgets API - Overview
The Google Gadgets API is a simple way to create content and applications that run on multiple Google products,
Quicksilver Screencasts
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs
g4u ("ghost for unix") is a NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM that allows easy cloning of PC harddisks to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs using FTP.
Inspired by I-57 » Converting a Virtual PC image to Parallels mac
For those of you who have a Virtual PC image that you just can’t live without, and upgraded from a PPC mac to an Intel mac (and thus Virtual PC to Parallels),
here’s a relatively quick way to convert the images.
Cheap Hotels & Bed and Breakfast Central London
Seems to be more than the usual "excuse to run Google ads" travel resource.
PyObjCPluginsUniversalDev (Quicksilver)
Quicksilver Screencast: The Clipboard at The Apple Blog
Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog: QuickSilver - A Better OS X In Just 10 Minutes
QuickSilver - A Better OS X In Just 10 Minutes
Japan Vacation Rentals - Vacation Rentals in Tokyo Japan universal package tracking
Package Tracking With Google Maps and RSS
RubyForge: typo: Project Info
Typo is a lean weblogging engine powered by rails. It supports XMLRPC posting, ping/trackback, comments, textile, markdown, categories, all common exports, fulltext search and so on. blog » Blog Archive » Package Tracking With Google Maps
universal package tracking tool that now enables you to view a map of your package’s progress as it travels across the country.
Brad Dolman
Never worry about remembering to sync your phone or PDA again! ProximitySync automates the task of synchronizing your computer and bluetooth-enabled mobile device.
Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona, relaxation and exclusive spaces
★ ★ Hotel Everland ★ ★
A hotel with one room.
Art Hotel Berlin - Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin
Our hotel is often called a "gallery where you can spent the night" in one of the city's most exciting neighborhoods.
The Five Hotel
Simple Shoes Sizing Chart
Simple Shoes' guide to how to measure your foot (in inches or cm) and get your shoe size (in US, EU, UK or Japanese style systems).
Chapter 6: File Management: 6.11 Splitting Files
Nuclear Elephant: mod_evasive
mod_evasive is an evasive maneuvers module for Apache to provide evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS or DDoS attack or brute force attack.
This is the distribution page for the Apache module mod_limitipconn.c, which allows web server administrators to limit the number of simultaneous downloads permitted from a single IP address.
YOTEL, the world's most radical hotel, opening in spring 2007

Inside Terminal 4 at Heathrow

Inside South Terminal at Gatwick
e-GuestHouse Hotel, Vilnius - Economy class hotel in Vilnius
The hotel is situated not far from Vilnius center and the Old Town
Unusual Hotels of the World : Online Guide of the World's most Unusual & Unique Hotels!
..::..:: Hotel Sliško - Zagreb, Croatia ::..::..
Hotel Sliško is a new hotel, built in the spirit of European tradition of small hotels.
Hotel is situated in a quiet part of Zagreb center, only 200 meters from the main bus station, also very near tram station.
ARCOTEL Hotels & Resorts - Design, Lifestyle and Explorations
In the heart of Zagreb: Zagreb's first design hotel with 151 rooms, 3 conference rooms, 2 business suites with conference facilities, wellness area, parking garage.
design hotels (TM) – book individual boutique and luxury design hotels online
Apartment for Rent in Berlin
Dorothy's Place - an apartment in Berlin
IPTraf - An IP Network Monitor
An excellent, easy to install traffic monitoring tool for Linux.
trickle is a portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper. It can run in collaborative mode (together with trickled) or in stand alone mode.
Javascript Examples - TUTORIALS: Key Codes
contains a list of all "onkeypress", "onkeydown" and "onkeyup" KeyCodes in JavaScript
Boodler: a programmable soundscape tool
Boodler is a tool for creating soundscapes -- continuous, infinitely varying streams of sound. Boodler is designed to run in the background on a computer, maintaining whatever sound environment you desire.
Amazon S3 PHP Class Update - neurofuzzy, flash game development, rich internet applications, free source code - *alt.neurotica.fuzzy*
Backup and Restore to Amazon S3, with PHP | | Christopher Shepherd
Docking Station for 13" MacBook - White - Docking Stations by BookEndz
Replicates all of the connectors and ports from the side of the 13" MacBook. Allows for all of the peripheral devices connected to the side of the MacBook - Ethernet, Modem, FireWire, USB, Audio In, Audio Out to be plugged into the back of the dock.
Palm password storage - SplashID - Secure Password Manager for Palm OS, Treo, Pocket PC, and Smartphone
A multi-platform password-management application.
Amazon Web Services: Amazon S3
Ruby-based backup to Amazon S3
jQuery: New Wave Javascript
jQuery is a new type of Javascript library. It is not a huge, bloated framework promising the best in AJAX - nor is it just a set of needlessly complex enhancements - jQuery is designed to change the way that you write Javascript.
FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet
SCF Look Up | Sectional Center Facility Look Up courtesy of CCI
Sectional Center Facility (SCF) Look Up
Denmark's Aalborg goes 3D
Hvar hotels | Riva | Hvar yacht harbour hotel | Island Hvar | Croatia
Interesting looking hotel in Hvar.
Freeverse : SoundStudio
For those of you out there who are looking to play around with recording, but don't want to dish out mucho are some gear suggestions...
Cartography: 09/01/2006 - 09/30/2006
The world of Cartography is changing beyond all recognition. It is no longer dominated by a few specialists in major companies or national organisations. ...
Digital Web Magazine - Push my <code>button</code>
"If there’s one element I think doesn’t get enough respect, it’s gotta be button. It’s played second fiddle to input in tutorials and form examples for as long as I can remember"
How to clean your Mighty Mouse
Although your Mighty Mouse never needs to be fed or watered, you may occasionally find that you need to clean it.
Subversion - Internet Radio client and user guide
Installable client and user information for the S60 Internet Radio reference application.
Rails Asterisk Integrator - Trac
The goal of the Rails Asterisk Integrator project is to make voice applications be another type of "View" in the MVC stack. We are doing this by creating a view DSL for dealing asterisk telephony / asterisk applications.*
ProFont for Windows, for Macintosh, for Linux
"ProFont is a small bitmap font which is absolutely great for programming."
Skype Journal: The Dream Machine- Skype for Call Centers
Harpers Ferry Center: NPS Maps
Moving to and living in...Argentina
Moving to and living in...Argentina
Observations about moving to, and living in, Buenos Aires, Argentina from an American expat and her French husband.
Expat Argentina
Resources, links, opinion, news, and commentary for foreigners and expatriates living or visiting Argentina.
Ecodrive Technology Group Inc - supplier of e-cycle Electric Vehicles.
Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. design and market safe, affordable, and environmentally effective transportation.
SITT Portal_DGSE - Broadcasting database and other related questions
Industry Canada database files for broadcasting.
BitRocket - Mac OS X BitTorrent Client
BitRocket is a Native(Open Source) BitTorrent client for Mac OS X. At the heart of it's core resides the powerful libtorrent BitTorrent library. BitRocket is aimed to be a good alternative to other Mac OS BitTorrent clients.
Browser Statistics
Pioneer Farm: Home Page
Pioneer Farm is 150 acres of secluded oceanfront woodland. We use only wind & solar power to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle, while promoting a balance between technology and nature.
Coimbra Villa Rental, Beautiful Farmhouse with Private Pool, Coimbra, Silver Coast |
DoubleTake - Stitch Images to Panoramas on Mac OS X
DoubleTake is the "nano" of stitching software. Drag & drop your images onto or into DoubleTake, arrange them, and check the overlaps. When you are done - save and perhaps copy and paste the result to iPhoto.
Python for S60 - OpenSource
Munin - Trac
Munin the tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities.
More details about the UTM coordinate system
The Universal Transverse Mercator projection and grid system was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1947 for designating rectangular coordinates on large scale military maps.
Xbase File Format Description Low Fare Tips Low Fare Tips
How to encode a movie in FLV Flash Video format for your website or blog with ffmpegX (MacOS X)
This guide provides a step-by-step process to convert a movie into Flash Video, and set up your website to stream the movie directly on a http connection.
FLV Video Compression
This article features some tips and tricks for compressing and delivering video to the web.
VisualHub: The Universal Video Converter for Mac.
Fast conversion from nearly every video format to iPod, PSP, DV, DVD, Tivo, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and Flash.
FLV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FLV (Flash Video) is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet to the Adobe Flash Player version 6, 7, 8, or 9
Londonist: Hacking London: Audio-guided Walks
Tab X :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software
Adds a close button to each of the browser tabs, and removes the close button at the end of the tab bar.
The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.
Sonjaya Tandon » HOW-TO: Add drag/drop behavior to a YUI tree
Today we continue the adventures of “Getting the Yahoo Interface Library to play with Rails”. Though today’s episode will be much more about the yui than rails. In fact, the techniques mentioned can be applied to a variety of technology stacks.
Folder tree with Drag and Drop capabilities
Outsourcing Software Development Offshore - Scand LLC - dhtmlxTree - AJAX powered DHTML JavaScript Tree component with rich API
Our dhtmlxTree (DHTML extensions Tree) lets you do this in an easy and most comfortable way - in any browser
A repository for every keyboard secret in OS X. Some of these are well known, some are not. Shortcuts in the Menu category are common rather than universal.
Graffletopia - Windows
Stencils for OmniGraffle
Springwise: City bike schemes
Four examples of city bike schemes from around Europe.
Instituto Português do Livro e das Bibliotecas
The Portuguese Institute for Book and Libraries IPLB is a public body under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.
Freeware mania
Freeware mania
GUI for Helix DNA Client on Symbian
The purpose of this project is to port the Helix DNA client to the Symbian operating system.
3-Lib Series 60 freeware
Skeletonz CMS - About
Skeletonz is a new content management system (CMS) based on Python. It differs from others by being simple, but yet very powerful and extensible.
Orangoo Labs - GreyBox
I got an idea on how to make a nice pop-up window. Normal JavaScript pop-up windows are hard to "control", i.e. you can't force focus on a pop-up window. To solve this I developed GreyBox!
Javascript Entry - Cody Lindley: ThickBox - One box to rule them all.
My version of the Lightbox technique includes functionality similar to that of the Greybox technique. That is, ThickBox can show html pages as well as images.
Audio walking tours, as MP3 files, or a Copenhagen neighbourhood.
Nokia E61
The Guide to GSM Phones
devnevyn: Fixing God's horrible mistake's fix.
This InputManager will give every Cocoa table view non-stupid shift-arrow key selection.
Eurekster Swicki Home
Hmmmm. "A swicki is new kind of search engine that allows anyone to create deep, focused searches on topics you care about. "
XHTML Character Entity Reference
PHP 5 and Design Patterns: An Introduction
In this article I introduce patterns in the context of PHP 5. From a basic definition, I work through to a short example. I also describe the structure of a pattern and explain some of the principles that the classic patterns promote and deploy.
Welcome to METAR
METAR is the international standard code format for hourly surface weather observations which is analogous to the SA coding currently used in the US.
Meteorological data in GRIB format
The Meteorological Service of Canada makes this Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) database available to private sector meteorologists, academics, and the general public.
FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics (12-15 September 2006)
FOSS4G2006 is a four day conference, bringing together all the Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) communities.
MapWindow GIS - Home
The MapWindow application is a free, extensible, geographic information system (GIS)
The JUMP Project
The foundation of The JUMP-Project is a suite of free, open-source applications that provide an extensible API and graphic user interface (GUI) for viewing and manipulating spatial data-sets.
QGIS Community - Home
Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats.
Getting GIS data into Google Earth at Declan Butler, reporter
Speak to anyone at various geographical or scientific databases these days and you often hear the same question: “How can we get our data into Google Earth?” New computing tools are now emerging, however, that are changing this situation.
User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS
The User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) is both a GeoSpatial application and a platform through which developers can create new, derived applications. uDig is a core element in an internet aware Geographic Information System.
MapInfo Professional v8.5 Evaluation Download
Download 20-day trial of MapInfo Professional.
Degrib: How to Install
CGNS Development Web Site
Canadian Geographic Names Developer site.
LinkBack is an open source framework for Mac OS X that helps developers integrate content from other applications into their own.
MacBook RAM
Recommended by others as a good source for Mac RAM.
CP Honour Cruise -- Montreal and the St. Lawrence River
Travelogue of a voyage by container ship across the Atlantic.
alahup!, the agile web development CMS
Extract Microformats for NetNewsWire
ys60gps is a simple GPS-software for Series 60 mobile phones written in Python. My goals is to write modular, extensible, reliable and free (open source) GPS-software in Python for Series 60 mobile phones.
Pystumbler 1.0
Log geolocation and GSM cell information.
Context project
An interesting project to make mobile devices location-aware. Useful-looking code.
Comments about Python for Series 60 cell phones
PythonForSeries60 - Matt Croydon::Postwiki
Excellent list of Python for Series 60 tips and links.
Dates and Times
PyS60 Tutorial Menu
An excellent series of Python for Series 60 tutorials, tips, examples and references.
3D Systems | Rapid Prototyping, Advance Digital Manufacturing, 3-D Printing, 3-D CAD a free Canadian address geocoder
Unlock codes for nokia GSM FREE
ExifTool by Phil Harvey
Tool to read and write EXIF data to/from digital photos.
Helix Player for SymbianOS, v1.0 Release Notes
Series 60 tips and tricks - Engadget
An excellent collection of links to Series 60 applications and utilities.
Approximate/fuzzy string search in PHP
Styles of address
Forms of address for various Canadian officials.
Apache AxKit
Scan an EAN-13 barcode from an image
UPC Database: semafox a free US address geocoder
FrontPage - Freemap Server
OpenLayers: Home
A thing of true beauty.
Boston Free Map
XFN Graph — XHTML Friends Network Visualiser
Graphing XFN relationships.
TextMate Blog » Blogging From TextMate
How to blog from within TextMate.
SIMILE | Timeline
A nifty AJAX-driven applet for displaying timeline information.
Apartments Lisbon - Accommodation apartments in Lisbon - Portugal.
Database Events for AppleScript
XFN: Background
A page most interesting for its concise characterization of social relationships.
MicroID - Small Decentralized Verifiable Identity
Something to pay attention to.
Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
Share internet and TCP/IP services over Bluetooth
Best documentation I've found for the OS X side of using gnubox.
WriteRoom | Hog Bay Software
As close as one might get to old-school WordPerfect on a Mac in the new century.
BlueMic :: Blue Microphones
Mongrel: Home
Mongrel is a fast HTTP library and server for Ruby that is intended for hosting Ruby web applications of any kind using plain HTTP rather than FastCGI or SCGI. It is framework agnostic and already supports Ruby On Rails, Og+Nitro, and Camping frameworks., a free, GSM based location service
Log Digester analyzes your php error logs
AAS Feature: Nokia Python's Flying Circus
WAAS Description
Description of what WAAS is, how it works, and where to expect satellites and base stations.
GpsPasSion Forums - SiRF Star III - NMEA Command to enable WAAS?
Discussion on how to enable WAAS mode on a GPSslim.
Zend Technologies - PECL Tutorials - Accepting payments using Verisign's Payflow Pro
PHP 5.1.x + PayFlow Pro - how to compile from PECL.
WebKit Nightly Builds
Introducing Drosera
A JavaScript debugger for Safari. Finally!
Xtracycle Hitchless Bicycle Trailers and Sport Utility Bicycles
Sport Utility Bicycles
the DutchBicycle Company
Florida-based distributor of Dutch bikes.
stamkey | スタンキー:QRコードスタンプ
Beautiful page.
RUZEE.Borders - Steffen Rusitschka’s Blog
Google Co-op - Subscribed Links Developer Guide
Ecamm Network: Call Recorder for Skype - Automatically Record Calls On Your Mac
libcurl - PHP Binding examples
Useful examples of using cURL and PHP together.
Magazine Digital Initiatives
What magazines in the U.S. are doing on the web.
gpx2shp / gps2shp home
Convertor from GPX to ESRI shapefiles.
public OGC WMS server list
WMS layers: My Top Ten
Useful list of WMS layers.
A Photo Tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden
Gläsernen Manufaktur photo tour.
Flickr: Photos tagged with glaesernemanufaktur
Photos of the Gläsernen Manufaktur VW plant in Dresden.
The Association for Medicine Arts and Ideas in Porto.
Henry WorkCycles: Bakfietsen, Cargo Trike and Workbike specialist in Oostelijk Havengebied, Amsterdam - the Netherlands (Holland)
Retailer of bicycles for working.
Amazing Wheels
Many amazing bicycles.
Google Maps API and WMS Servers
Mapstraction - a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.
Mapstraction is a library which provides a common API for Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft's javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible.
Alexaholic: Website Statistics and Website Traffic Graphs
A nice AJAXy veneer over Alexa data.
Bayham Systems: Asterisk SMS Gateway - Developers Zone
Rogers Wireless Developer Page
Aspicore GSM Tracker - GPS Location Tracking with GPRS Smartphone
GPS tracking for Series 60 phones.
Blogarithms » Interviews via Skype
iBox Test Page
I just *know* I'll find a use for this someday...
Nick - - a graphical view of a nmea bluetooth gps for s60 python
Nick's Adventures with Series 60 Phones and Linux
OpenSourceCMS - Home
"Try before you buy" for many open source CMS and e-commerce platforms.
Simon Woodside | HOWTO develop Symbian apps using Mac OS X
Python-to-SIS, the next generation
How to make SIS files for Series 60 devices without the need for the Windows-only SDK tools.
PyS60 Emulation Library
Allows running many Series 60 Python scripts under OS X.
Symbian port of Perl
Code Snippets for Series 60
Useful snippets of code for Series 60 phones.
GSM Location Code
My IP Address Lookup - Community Geotarget IP Project - what country, city ip addresses map to - IP Trace
Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Airline Tickets - Farecast
The World of Wayne Green
Personal website of venerable magazine publisher (73, Creative Computing, 80 Micro, etc.) Wayne Green.
TXT.CA - home
All about SMS/text messaging in Canada.
CSCA - Home Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about "Common Short Codes" -- those "send a text message to XXXXX to vote now" codes you see in adverts.
P & L Software : Software : Mesa for Mac OS X
Inexpensive spreadsheet for OS X.
Code Sorcery Workshop » Pukka Screencast
A must-watch introduction to the Pukka posting client -- I learned how to use it *well* from the screencast.
Useful Python + GPS + Series 60 Code
Now you can record tracking data from your bluetooth GPS receiver and send the track via bluetooth to your PC for direct use with "Google Earth".
Using the Python for Series 60 Bluetooth Console from OS X
Crazy Little World Of Mine » Making the most out of Nokia N70 - Part 2
GnuBox on SonyEricsson P80x/P90x/P910 and Nokia Series60 phones
Allows setting up a sort of "virtual APN" on the phone.
NRC - Mobile Web Server
Apache for Series 60 Phones
Nokia Research Projects
Bluetooth presence detection. Neato. Used at reboot8.
Re: N70 MP4 encoding settings - Smartphones and Nseries Devices - Nokia Support Discussions
Nokia - Nokia N91 Support - FAQ Search
Video encoding for Nokia phones
Historic Places - The Register
100 Prince Street in the National Register
Caixa de Musica
Good music - high quality MP3s.
Tour the sewers of Porto
Sony BRAVIA - The Advert
Configuração do EMAIL no SonyEricsson T68i
Contains useful information on Optimus outgoing SMTP mail settings
OPTIMUS - How to get balance information
Printable Maps - Reference
Dublin Tourism - Dublin Podcasts
FExplorer - Download
File manager for Series 60/
Guide to world transit systems for Series 60 phones (and other mobile devices).
Hard to Find 800 Numbers
RLIB - Open Source Report Writer
FPDF Library
Free PDF generator in PHP.
A reporting engine for PHP, using XML templates.
Bug that prevents Asterisk 1.2 from compiling under RHEL 2.6.9-34.EL
Style-Force Semplice™ Pixelfonts
Free pixel fonts.
ZoneTag Photos
Tagging photos with geo-location information using cell system IDs
PlaceLab Phone Stumbler HOWTO
Like NetStumbler, but for GSM phones
Cellular/Mobile Equipment Maps
List of Canadian cell phone tower locations. - Links zu den deutschen GSM-Senderstandorten
List of German GSM cell IDS. Also has links to other countries
Cell IDs of Rogers GSM Sites
Bluetooth Object Push - Automator Actions
OS X Automator action to push content via Bluetooth.
Best Screen Snap for Series 60 by SmartphoneWare
Free screen capture utility for Series 60 phone
A List Apart: Articles: CSS and Email, Kissing in a Tree
How to (and how not to) use CSS in email newsletters. / Accè
NOAA's National Weather Service - XML warning/watch product data feeds
HP Inkjet Driver Project
Useful table that shows the "printable area" on many different models of HP inkjet printers.
Macromedia - FreeHand TechNote : Where are the page margins in FreeHand?
Useful (if simple) instructions for noting the printable area in Freehand. - HTML Mime Mail 5
Penguin's PDF Workshop
Merge and Split PDF files through a web interface. Handy when in the field.
O'Reilly -- Automatically Import Images into iPhoto
HOWTO for integrating iPhoto and mobile phones. Useful.
Zen Cart : The Art of E-commerce, shopping cart software
An open-source shopping cart app, forked from osCommerce.
Micheline McKay
MySQL: Reset Auto Increament Number at
Vitamin - A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs
Useful-looking resource.
BUG - Backpackers Guide to European languages
Euro-language cheat sheet.
TechCrunch » ScanR: Turn your camera phone into a scanner
Interesting app that lets you take photos of a document with a 1 megapixel+ cell phone camera, and returns a searchable PDF.
Yahoo! UI Library: TreeView
MySQL + AppleScript + OmniGraffle = ERD
And excellent AppleScript that connects to a MySQL database and creates OmniGraffle documents for each table.
ZIP Code Tabulation Area FAQs
ZIP Code Boundaries
Rent a Bike
Christianiabikes, Copenhagen Denmark....English version/Facts
Open-source e-commerce app.
n70 | Roland Tanglao's Weblog
Splunk > Welcome
Log search tool.
Equal Height Columns - revisited - In search of the One True Layout
Search tool, cross-platform. I'm looking for an alternative to swish-e.
Software Add in Using Swishe
Good instructions for getting the PHP + swish-e to work
Charlottetown -- Compare Destinations -- - Airfare Comparison Engine
Very cool airfare comparison tool, with maps!
AJAX Activity indicators | Animated GIFs designed to indicate your site is doing something
AJAX Activity Indicators
Development Resources » Tools: Aspect values, x-widths for fonts || Effective Website Design in Bangkok, Thailand
Table of aspect values for fonts that can be used with CSS font-size-adjust.
XFN - XHTML Friends Network
Canada Post - Adressage
The structure of the Canadian Postal Code.
MySQL AB :: GIS and Spatial Extensions with MySQL
Good introduction article about MySQL + GIS
MySQL ZIP Code Database and PHP Locator
Methods for a location proximity search using GPS (WGS-84) mathematics - The Code Project - .NET
Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X
Hivelogic: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger
Excellent HOWTO for installing Ruby on Rails for Tiger
Products - Air Traffic Control System Command Center
Data products from the FAA.
Flight Explorer AVweb Edition - In-Depth Review
More information about ASDI flight data feeds.
NBAA Flight Ops > Flight Tracking, ASDI & BARR
Information about access to the FAA's data stream of aircraft situations.
FlightStats - Global, Real-Time and Historical Flight Performance Data
Comprehensive commercial flight data information with a web service API.
pdftk - the pdf toolkit
An AJAX word processor.
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
A helpful, simple introduction (with a quick converter app)
NOAA/NGDC/MGG-GLOBE Project (Global Land One-km Base Elevation) Home Page
A very detailed digital elevation set for the entire earth.
South W FRANCE! 2 Stone Houses: Family with Parents! Pool, Jacuzzi
Interestingly looking houses for rent in France.
PayPal Mobile Launches - And It’s Awesome
Jon Udell: Towards politically neutral infrastructure: Amazon's S3
Simple review of S3
why’s (poignant) guide to ruby :: 3. A Quick (and Hopefully Painless) Ride Through Ruby (with Cartoon Foxes)
Open Source Ruby On Rails Shopping Cart | Sublog
How to represent 12-hour time as 4:53 instead of 04:53 using strftime
Jon Udell: Shaping the boundaries of self-projection
Applescript to track emails
Jon Udell: Bookmarklets 101
Notes about problems introduced with Bookmarklets in Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Using prototype.js v1.4.0
RubyForge: rails-plugin-for-mysql-spatial-extensions
Adjust visible hours on the fly in iCal
Javascript ate my hamster: Go get Yahoo Event Utility and Firebug
Ruby on the GTD Track
LoadMyTracks (for Mac)
Fraser Speirs’ Growl AppleScript
Paparazzi 0.4.1: Screenshot a web page
Arc2Earth goes live
An AppleScript to keep your devices in sync
Dr. Contextlove or: “How I stopped worrying and learned to love iCal”
Using a robots.txt file
GPS Visualizer learns yet another trick
Yahoo! Developer Network
Geocoding globally with Ruby on Rails
5 handy Quicksilver triggers
Gorgeous, Mac-centric Firefox themes
“Send to Quicksilver” returns in 10.4.4
Quicksilver is deep and wide
gWiFi: Using google maps to find free WiFi
Google Maps + Hotspots
CrunchNotes » Podcast wtih Brian Oberkirch
An interview with the founder of Edgeio -- a classified advertising aggregator.
Mactank - MailTemplate
A plug-in for OS X to allow templates to be used for email messages.
FBnet - Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening - Home
Association of Danish Holiday House Letters
Vacation Rentals in Denmark, Sweden and Norway: Holiday in Scandinavia - Dancenter
What is Kbps?
Single Copy Sales
Recurring Tasks | Kinkless
Gradually I peel the orange of kGTD.
Welcome to Highlands Cinemas® and Movie Museum
One of the nicest independent movie theatres you'll ever find.
MaxMind - GeoLite City | Free IP Address to City Database
Apple Mail plug-ins and tools
Comprehensive directory of add-ons.
Notes about using AppleScripts in from someone at Apple.
MailActOn and KGTD | Kinkless
Method for easily routing email messages in into kGTD. Note that this *doesn't* require MailActOn to work properly -- you can run the script manually.
Croatia villas holiday rental at Adriatic Sea
English Country Cottage
england devon cottage rental travel
Anti-spam Features - Meta
Encyclopodia - the encyclopedia on your iPod
wikipedia ipod
PDF Output from Mapserver
Macromedia - Rich Media Advertising Resource Center : Tracking Flash (SWF) Movies
Apartments for rent in Berlin.
Excellent introduction to Kinkless GTD
An Introduction to Getting Things Done (GTD)
Kinkless | Simple tools.
At first I thought it was *kinky* GTD. But it's kinkless. GTD for Omnioutliner
Furnished apartments in Copenhagen.
lovelydesign. products. little bits making kit
RoboGEO v3.2 - New Features
Photos + GPS = Geocoded Photos
Mabber Mobile Instant Messaging
Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on linux
Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals -
An AJAX-driven booking engine.
Holiday house Asterix in Bruges, Belgium.
Barcelona Vacation Rental - Barcelona Holiday Rental - Barcelona Self Catering
This looks like a spectacular Barcelona apartment. That I will never be able to afford. Sigh. - Google Thai Maps
CocoaDialog is an OS X application that allows the use of common GUI controls such as file selectors, text input, progress bars, yes/no confirmations and more with a command-line application.
Tool to develop GUI OS X apps using PHP as the development language.
Cocoa development language list
Pecl install - PHP Wiki
Preventing SSH Dictionary Attacks With DenyHosts | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
On Context And The Taylor Approach To Knowledge Work
Danish 23 meetup
How to fold a fitted sheet perfectly
Yahoo! UI and Design Patterns Released
Tags and Categories are not the Same!
Stop Motion Video - United Airlines Commerical Making Of
Decrease Load Time and Increase ROI in Web 2.0 and AJAX Sites
In this article I&apos;ll be explaining the concept behind content encoding and discussing how this issue relates to web 2.0 web and AJAX sites. Next, I&apos;ll be showing some examples of web 2.0 sites that are using this technology and those that are no
Batch geocode
Phillip Holmstrad has a free web app up that batch-geocodes multiple US addresses, and will even turn them into a KML file for you. (I don&apos;t know if the KML functionality is a recent addition, but I&apos;ve only just noticed...
DLD speech and slides ajaxMyTop
MySQL + top + AJAX = monitoring through the web
VC 2.0 part 2
First rule: Don’t write blog entries so late at night as they end up being cryptic. Sorry ‘bout that, Mark. Here’s some additional information on this whole VC disruption thing from my perspective. I’ve been doing the VC thing for about 5 years wh
What is Libjingle?
MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 12.7.1 Boolean Full-Text Searches
Croup -
Villa Casanova
Paris: The City of Light, This Time for the Babar Bunch - New York Times
Paris For Kids
PHP/TK: Tk extension for PHP CLI/CGI
Documentation for the delicious API
Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway
Kannel is a compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway, used widely across the globe both for serving millions of short messages (SMS) and pushing WAP service indications.
Dietrich Ayala | PHP API
PHP class the supports the API
Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages - PHP
PHP5 for OS X
Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Website - Platypus
"a powerful developer tool for creating application wrappers around scripts"
FeedBurner Support :: View topic - Pointing an existing feed URL at your new FeedBurner URL
MySQL AB :: MySQL Presentations: Optimizing MySQL
The Copenhagen Post - Real Estate Classified
Danish Homes for Rent
Living -
Apartments and Home in Copenhagen
LukeW: Web Application Form Design
overstated: Migrating to
Useful information about getting information *into*
Neato OS X application \"self-updater\"
Getting started with DARCS
Seeds of Island Songwriting
Adium Book
Bridge between Adium and Address Book
Turning MySQL data in latin1 to utf8 utf-8
Project Oekonux
Economy + Linux
FeedBurner - Developer APIs
GeoTraceAgri - Geographical Traceability in Agriculture
Documentation: 23 API support
The API for the \'23\' photo sharing site.
ShellsNet Wiki: ShellsNet
Another list of free shell account providers.
Want A Account On The Deathrow OpenVMS Cluster?
Demo OpenVMS account available.
Free Shell Accounts
A directory of places that you can (in theory) obtain free \"shell accounts\"
GPS Visualizer
An excellent -- and I mean EXCELLENT -- GPS tool... amazing.
Download the Simple Test testing framework - Unit tests and mock objects for PHP
If English was written like Chinese
\"Oliver\" in Chinese, calligraphy, prononciation.
Simon Willison: Notes from the summit
Recommended by Olle.
An explanation of Italian power plugs.
PHPEquivalents in Ruby on Rails
Solio - Portable Solar Powered Charger
Solar-powered charger for phones and iPods
A MySQL module for Ruby
Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
Lussumo Vanilla - The sweetest forum on the web
Forum software used by MAKE magazine.
Bangkok Guide
A useful-looking guide for people moving to Bangkok, Thailand
Cottage for Rent in Mallorca
Serialio - Products - GPS Receiver for Zaurus
Idefisk softphone
Another IAX softphone for the Mac.
Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup and Search
Kismet on Zaurus SL-5600 and SL-5500 with ROM 3.10 or higher
Good instructions -- followed them to the letter and it actually worked!
All about \"pay as you go\" GSM service.
Costs of living in Bucharest
United Mobile - Worldwide GSM SIM
Haven\'t used these folks yet. Appears to be the root of the Telestial \"RIING\" SIM card.
Development Tools - eBay Developers Program Programming eBay Web Services with PHP 5 and Services_Ebay
[cvs] Index of /pear/Services_Ebay/examples
Lots of Services_ebay code examples
Croatian Telephone Directory from T-Mobile
Create eBay Sandbox Users
Tool to quickly create \"pretend\" eBay sandbox users
eBay Sandbox
A mini \"pretend\" eBay that allows for API testing.
Services_eBay Documentation - Getting Started
Use to generate a single Auth & Auth token for eBay API.
WebTech 2006: Web Technology Conference and Expo. Sofia, Bulgaria | WebTech 2006
Bulgaria is on my radar.
Frequently Asked Questions - Sony Ericsson FAQ
Helpful advice for my T610 mobile phone.
frequency decoder - Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widgit
Very sweet looking date picker.
Transparent custom corners and borders | 456 Berea Street
Corners -- the bane of my CSS life.
English to Danish to English dictionary
Upside Wireless becomes the first SMS provider to launch a Reseller package
I use their service, and it works well.
Surfin’ Safari » Blog Archive » Introducing the Web Inspector
Browse the DOM in Safari. Neato.
macosxhints - How to send .Mac mail when SMTP is blocked
Sometimes this might be useful, but I\'ve largely replaced the need for it by port forwarding to my own mail server using SSH over port 22.
WHO | Avian influenza - DMA timeout with PDC202XX reset
Linux Kernel: Wish for 2006 to Alan Cox and Jeff Garzik: A functional Driver for PDC202XX
Promise UDMA 100 PDC20265 and kernel 2.6.5 dma problems
NSLU2-Linux - HowTo / UseOpenSSHForRemoteAccess
Boing Boing: HOWTO disable the crippleware in The Complete New Yorker
Linksys NSLU2 Telnet Access
HOWTO: Develop Flash on Mac OSX with Rake, MTASC, SWFMill and TextMate
Grading the Condition of Postcards
NewsForge | MySQL migration: MyISAM to InnoDB
NSLU2-Linux - Main / HomePage
How to run Linux on the cheap Linksys NSLU2 \"disk server\"
TidBITS - Networked Hard Drives
Useful tips about using the Linksys NSLU2 with Macs (it runs Linux!)
Remove URL
How to get Google to remove references from their index to pages you\'ve removed... - DEMOarchives: The Premier Launchpad for Emerging Technologies
A very entertaining video archive of presentations at the DEMO conference.
Canadian distributor of solar products.
Micro Persuasion: Read Most of O\'Reilly\'s Hacks Books for Free Using Google
OpenWRT packages at
Good source (with install instructions) for iftop for OpenWRT
iftop: display bandwidth usage on an interface
Video from 22c3 Conference.
Time Synchronisation on OpenWrt
LaCie - External Storage: Hard Drives, CD-RW Drives, DVD-RW Drives, Tape, Monitors
Good list of Canadian online electronic retailers
Persistent NFS Automounting Under OS X 10.3 (Panther)
MAC OSX 10.2 Windows Sharing - Diagnostics and Background
Lots of HOWTO information on sharing files between OS X and Windows
Linux 2.4 NAT HOWTO: Destination NAT Onto the Same Network
This solved me \"can connect to webserver from the WAN but not the LAN\" problem using OpenWRT and iptables
iptables(8): administration tool for IPv4 ... - Linux man page
Linux Networking-concepts HOWTO
OpenWrt / setting up routing of public IPs (DMZ)
OpenWrt / WRT54G 2 WAN ip addresses?
openwrt nvram - Google Search
Matt Kemner\'s guide to WRT54G / WRT54GS - Grading Standards by IBNS
OpenWrt / 2 ip address on my WRT54G
Wi-viz: Wireless network environment visualization by Nathan True
WRT54G Bandwidth Usage Log
Monitor and display the total internet traffic of all wired and wireless clients connected to a Linksys WRT54G(S) router.
Void Main\'s Beautiful WRT54G Site
Asterisk firewall rules -
OpenWrt / port forwarding with multiple WAN ips
ClientModeHowto - OpenWrt
Useful guide on the actual setup of \"client mode\" with OpenWRT
LinksysInfo - The No. 1 In Linksys Support and WRT54G Firmware Forums-viewtopic-WRT54G v2.02.7 & v2.04.3 Ping.asp hack works :)
Very helpful series of posts concerning how to work around the lack of the \"Ping.asp\" bug in recent firmware versions of the WRT54GS. It worked!
HOW-TO: WRT Client Mode - hack a day - _
Useful HOWTO to setting up a Linksys WRT54G in client mode.
AnandTech - HOWTO: Use Linksys WRT54G as a wireless ethernet bridge
10base-t interactive | rendezvous enabled applications > IP Scanner
Useful little Mac apps.
GoodStorm |
Like CafePress, but, in theory, better.
How To Use the Yahoo Geocoding API in PHP
The ship, the sea & the intellectual sphere
Build your own Google homepage
Google\'s Home Page API
RFID based spatial address book
Managing presence with RFID
Can I Crash?
CommunityWiki: WikiSpam
Open Source Xara Xtreme - Download
I was a big Xara user back in the day. This looks open source.
RubyForge: RAGI - Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface: Project Info
Guide to IP Layer Network Administration with Linux
Another useful Linux networking guide.
Linux Networking-concepts HOWTO
A good, basic introduction to networking concepts. A little dated (much talk of modems), but still useful.
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
Google Talk LibJingle Code and API
Solving a problem with running X Window apps under OS X
Using SMB on OS X
How can I keep a samba share mounted? [Archive] - Mac Forums
Linux Samba Host - Mac OS X Client GUI not connect - Macworld Forums
Possibly useful instructions for getting Samba to work Linux <-> OS X
Stopdesign | Secure wireless email on Mac OS X
Good tutorial on setting up SSH tunnels to allow for secure connection with email servers back at home.
Pull Down Menu Collection
The Complete Guide to Converting Video to iPod Format (Mac)
Google Homepage API - Overview
Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome
This is weird.
The Ethical Hacker Network - Essential Wireless Hacking Tools Project details for IRAX
Preventing Access - Meta
GPS Central (Canada)
Looks to be a solid source of GPS product information for Canada.
DNS Name Server Zone Transfer
Useful test tool
Open Source Guide - DNS for Rocket Scientists - Contents
Very, very helpful guide to DNS.
24 ways: Centered Tabs with CSS
EffectsPack - Prototype/Effects V2 based javascript effects
Rounded Corner
The First 100 | Yellow Arrow
Hey, I'm one of the first 100!
SiteUptime - Free Website Monitoring Service
I'm not a customer; just bookmarking this because they have a free "is my site up" tool that is handy at times. :: Anatomy of an e-mail message
Very well written tutorial to email headers.
An SMTP Gateway for Asterisk -- send faxen by email.
SPF Testing
The SPF Setup Wizard
Online IP CIDR Calculator
View Rendered Source Chart (Firefox Extension)
Steve's Southern Ontario Cell Phone Page (and Cell Phone Reviews)
Good information even if you don't live in Southern Ontario.
Nextel | Compare Data Service Packs
I can't find a link to this on Nextel's site, so here it is. --- DNS Primer ---   Powered byUltraDNS
Good introduction to DNS for the uninitiated.
Useful Javascript: Prototype for your forms
Olle uses Prototype.
Holland College
A short course in Mandarin.
Useit - Copenhagen on a low budget - The City & Its People
I used this. Now Olle recommends it.
Navizon: P2P Wireless Positioning for the World.
mologogo » home
More about mologo -- gps + cell phone + web
Phone + GPS + Web. Works in the US only, on the Nextel network. Cool.
Perl URL Encode and Decode String
A reversible encryption routine for PHP
moo.fx - the next small thing
More goodness spotted by the eagle-eyed Olle.
Canvas tutorial - MDC Bookmarklet
Track Google AdSense Clicks via Google Analytics - Free AdSense Tracker : SEO
The Tao of Mac - XUL/Extensions
macosxhints - Avoid creation of those pesky ._ and .ds_store files
LiNUX Horizon - NTP - Network Time Protocol
VoiceXML and CCXML Developer Site
Free WAV files with VOIP prompts: digits, letters, etc.
catwav: concatenating two .wav files under Unix
Asterisk sound files international -
Good index of free sound files (digits, letters, voicemail, etc.)
0xDECAFBAD - Asterisk Text to Speech
Script to automate the process of getting TTS audio from the IBM TTS demo.
0xDECAFBAD - Global Numbering Plan
Amazing data file with 579,887 different numbers around the world.
Introducing JSON
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
Index of /jasmine
Gizmo Project download folder?
The Apple Blog » Gizmo Project Wishlist. SIP Software Roadmap?
Twisted Matrix Labs: Twisted Matrix Laboratories
"Twisted is an event-driven networking framework written in Python."
The Tao of Mac - SIP/Clients
Asterisk MacOSX Support -
RSS Stock Ticker
How to grab currency rates information via RSS
TipMonkies » Blog Archive » The Ultimate Guide to Google Services
XML Developer Center: Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML
The Tao of Mac - HOWTO/Write iSync Phone Plugins
SIP Broker Wiki : SIP Broker Wiki
inno:script - The makers of Porcupine Web Application Server - What is Porcupine?
web application server
Welcome to phpAdsNew / Open-source ad server
Asterisk voicemail default message text
How to change the email message that Asterisk sends with voicemail attachments
Network Caller Notification application module for the asterisk PBX
Dojo -
AJAX / DHTML toolkit. Thanks Olle.
Asterisk IAX clients -
LoudHush: IAX softphone for Mac OS X
Astmasters HOW-TOs
Useful information for Asterisk VOIP setup
RULI - Resolver User Layer Interface
ngrep - network grep
Why haven't I heard of this before.
Linkstew » Blog Archive » Immensely useful OS X Terminal tip
Useful information for using the OS X Terminal app.
Urchin Web Analytics
New home for the Urchin documentation now that Google has consumed and rebranded it.
Map of Europe
Good for reference.
Curiosity is bliss: Remote Javascript Scripting
unofficial pavoni web site = lair of the chrome peacock
All about Pavoni coffee makers
Asterisk settings Gizmo -
Setup information for Gizmo and Asterisk.
Pocketlights sells LED Flashlights LED Keychain Lights and LED Bulbs.
They just sell flashlights. For your pocket. Amazing.
Google AdSense Support
All the AdSense FAQs on one handy page.
How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket — Strongspace™ Weblog
Eastlink website development log...
Records developments to the Eastlink website
PunBB Docs: About
Lighweight PHP-based forum
Yahoo! Maps Web Services - Geocoding API
Google Groups : Google-Maps-API
Suggestions for a "zoom to extents" functionality in Google Maps
FAQs - GoogleMapki
Useful FAQs and tips for Google Maps hacking.
Acquisition. Innovative Mac P2P.
I can never remember the name of this app.
FreeOSZoo download page
Free operating systems you can run using Qemu
Q - Q [kju:]
Run Windows, Linux and a lot more Systems on your Mac.
BBAutoComplete: Typing Enhancer for Mac OS X
Auto-complete for BBEdit : Documentation : HowTos : Server Tuning
MySQL, Linux, and Thread Caching (by Jeremy Zawodny)
MethodShop: Add Google Maps to Mac OS X Address Book
AnandTech: The Mac mini as a Media Computer
Recording to a Mac via Firewire from a DVR
Yellow Arrow
I love almost everything about this project. | My sysadmin toolbox » Blog Archive » A bakery in Lisbon: business views on a opportunity.
Bread in Lisbon.
Semi-private bookmarking in
Jon finds feature I didn't know about
Linux on Dell systems FAQ-O-Matic
Linux System Hardware Monitoring
Grabbing the CPU temperature under Linux.
DNS Cache Flushing
Those pesky IT guys got you down? DNS fixes! Yay!
HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software
The Art of Web ~ JavaScript: Escaping Special Characters
The bane of many a programmer: how to escape quotes in various languages.
Digium™ - The Asterisk Telephony Company
Instructions for updating Asterisk after a kernel upgrade.
Main Page - GoogleMapki
Lots of useful Google Map hacking examples and tips
Jon’s Little Page of AppleScripts
Handy little AppleScripts
Mac OS X: What Are All Those Processes?
Useful reference when using Activity Monitor on OS X
Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
I just *know* I'll have a use for this someday.
HTML Entities
Great Site Ranking in Google The Secret's Out » Blog Archive » XSLTs for RSS and Atom Feeds
SimpleBits | CSS Centering 101
The mysteries of CSS centering explained.
Nice little rsync-based backup system. I've been using it for a year.
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - View Entry - How do I shutdown qmail?
Another thing I always forget how to do... - about mobile phone SMS messages
Good information about how to send email to mobile phones.
AIMRelay Project Homepage
Send AIM instant messages from a Perl script. It works well for me.
When is Daylight Saving Time worldwide?
SDG Systems Downloads
VNC Server for Zaurus. Works well. - DOM-Drag
Drag and Drop in DHTML
blummy - Home of the blummlet
Still confused as to what this is. But it looks interesting.
SlideShowPro - Photo Gallery and Slide Show Component for Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8
Coolotraonic Flash-based photo galleries.
wApua: A WAP Browser written in PERL/Tk
TuxMobil: WAP and i-mode Applications for Linux
Rails-compatible DatePicker: Demo
Thanks for the pointer, Olle.
Inetis Ltd. - TTemulator, wap emulator
Another web-based WAP emulator
WML Language Reference
A Short WML 1.1 Reference
A web-based WAP/WML browser
Linux on your Linksys router
A webby way to interact with Subversion repositories.
Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax Client - Server problem
The best explanation I've found for the perplexing "hylafax through firewall" problem.
MacHylafax - The HylaFAX Client for Mac OS X
Been waiting for this for a long time. Hylafax is rock-solid on the server side.
Urchin Web Analytics: Support Resources
Urchin Documentation - Importing, Exporting, and Scripting the Configuration CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites
I can never remember how to install CPAN modules from the command line...
Regular Expression Library
Good library of regular expression for pattern matching things like ZIP codes, phone numbers, etc.
Rails On RHEL in Rails
Takahiro's inside out - Ruby/Qte:en
OE Forums -> Learning Pyqt Tutorials - Zaurus - iPKG the Itsy Package Management System
BuildingIpkgs - MoinMoin Wiki
The K-Zone: My first Qtopia application -- how to get started with Qtopia development -- part 5
Rundel Datentechnik: Zaurus Tips & Infos
Useful Zaurus tips (include file layout)
Six AdSense optimization tips for forums
List of commonly used ports
Wireless Toronto - providing free WiFi hotspots in Toronto
Audio hiss revisited
El Barouf on 'How Rogers 'Email to Text' Just Plain Sucks'
Possible workarounds for Rogers SMS to Email problems
PEAR :: Manual :: Writing documentation
Kiko - your next calendar
AJAX + Calendar
SSH Killers
Possible solutions for ssh problems under OS X
Free Noise Control Booklet
Chameleon: a new icon set that changes color
Profile of David Allen, in the Guardian today
Like tinyurl, but better (it is said)
Backup 3.0
Backup technique for .Mac backup 3.0
The Long Now Foundation: library
Interesting podcasts from the Long Now Foundations.
Bulletproof Logos
Neato technique: styling text for ALT tags
Q - Q [kju:]
A CPU emulator for the Mac.
Available ROMs for the SL-5x00 - OESF
"flexible one-click solution to Ruby on Rails development for Mac OS X 10.3+"
DjVuLibre: Open Source DjVu library and viewer : DjView for Qtopia
A djvu file viewer for the Zaurus
Mac Connectivity - OESF
Zaurus Geek | Software |
Useful Zaurus tips and applications. Project Info - KDE Pim/Platform-independent
Contains Opiemail, an excellent IMAP client for the Zaurus
Kismet on Zaurus SL-5600 and SL-5500 with ROM 3.10 or higher
Kismet on Zaurus
Webserver lighttpd auf dem Zaurus - Sil53r Surf3r
Nice front end for Subversion for OS X
subversion: Mail reader
How to setup subversion using RPMs without Berkeley DB support
Version Control with Subversion
Steven Garrity recommends this as a good introduction to SVN.
Nullriver Software ~ Products
Sync your Mac to your Playstation Portable - Tutorials - Zaurus - Linksys WCF12 on the Zaurus SL-5500
Flickr: Raleigh
Discussion thread about photo archiving
Textpattern Support Forum / Plugin: vdh_flickr
How to find out our Flickr NSID (aka your "numeric userid)
Utah Hotels, Salt Lake City Hotels, The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City luxury hotel
Buzz Bruggeman says this is the best hotel he's ever stayed in.
Manpage of DIALOG
Workspot Screenshots
A virtual Linux desktop. Amazing, I think.
Oddlaa Creative : Design Studio : 406.580.6991
Minimo Project
GPE: The GPE Palmtop Environment
Bourne Shell Reference (Linux Reviews)
Frequently-Asked Questions about sed, the stream editor
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Bash Reference Manual: Bash Reference Manual
OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO
Zaurus Software Index :: Projects :: Python for arm-linux Devices
C++ language tutorial
XML-RPC for C and C++: Overview
Using XML-RPC with C and C++
OS X: Terminal Settings for X11
Software development for a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 Linux PDA LG #90
Zaurus SL-5500 ROM Update
Welcome to FreeHand for Cartographers
MySQL Reference Manual :: 13.2.8 Subquery Syntax
New feature in MySQL 4.1 - subqueries (aka sub-selected).
AppleTalk Australia - Articles
Running KDE remotely via OS X
Addicted to Flickr by John Nunemaker
PHP plus Flickr = Fun
Creating a Zaurus development environment for Zaurus under OS X
Eligibility tests for U.S. citizenship, in English and Hmong (!)
iFill - Griffin Technology
Stream to the iPod
MySQL Reference Manual :: A.2.5 Host 'host_name' is blocked
MySQL Reference Manual :: 3.6.9 Using AUTO_INCREMENT
MySQL Reference Manual :: 8.6 mysqlbinlog — Utility for Processing Binary Log Files
21C3: Home Page How to Record a Podcast
Home :: PDFreports - Web based PDF reports from database.
Qt-mac-free-3.3.4 on Mac OS X Tiger - Martin_Wojtczyk_Wiki
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Part 12) CVS Repository - log - cvs: blogmatrix/generic/search/
Python script to scrape for Canadian telephone number
CanadianDriver: Quebec car rental company offers hybrids
Visa Canada | Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
What they cover, what they don't
Origami Teapot!
A patched version of CocoaMySQL to allow it to work with MySQL Server 4.1
How to run Qmail supervised
Qmail FAQ
Qmail is wonderful, but requires a complete minset reinstall every time I tweak it. This document helps.
GISWiki/RSS - Meta
Include RSS content inside a Mediawiki wiki
fileNice™ - []
Universal Battery Extender with USB port
Alex Belits - Voice over IP
Zaurus Development Version of DemoLinux bootable CDROM
Bug#266164: marked as done (qt-embedded-free: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: there are no arguments to `clear' that depend on a template parameter, so a declaration of `clear' must be available)
Possible fix for a bug that stops compilation of the Qtopoia development tools for OS X
O'Reilly Network: Using Qpsmtpd
SMTP in Perl
Unofficial Zaurus FAQ - OESF
Using Zaurus with OS X
Includes information on how to develop Zaurus apps on your Mac
Michael Francis, PEI Emergency Measures Organization
Contact information for PEI's pointman for disaster response.
Skype Voice Services Program - web 2.0 javascript
Built on top of Prototype
Prototype JavaScript Framework
Combination of a web page and a web server module to allow remote SSH from any browser.
Cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs.
Good place to upload Creative Commons-licensed video and audio.
WICK: Web Input Completion Kit
PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer
The PocketMod is a small book with guides on each page. These guides or templates, combined with a unique folding style, enable a normal piece of paper to become the ultimate note card. It is hard to describe just how incredibly useful the PocketMod is.
Dashboard Programming Guide
Main Page - Xbox-Linux
BART Widget - Dashboard - Transportation
System recovery disk maker for OS X
* * session americana : media * *
Google Sitemaps - Welcome!
The Canyons | Early Season Pass Deals
Analog Search Engine Lists
IFR: An FIR Alternative //
Urchin Documentation - What does Session Error - unable to call application. (4002)... mean?
Urchin Documentation - How can I increase the Urchin database size limit beyond 40,000 records?
How to make a podcast for iTunes
Growl Protocol: How to make Growl notifications from remote machines
The Tao of Mac - Projects/netgrowl.php
Geonames Feature Designation Code Help
NGA: GNS; Names Files of Selected Countries
LibraryThing | Catalog your books online
Daring Fireball: Markdown
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Welcome to Growl!
Ukrainian Genealogy Group - Prince Edward Island
mainpage [Flyspray] Project Info - dotproject mods
Globetrotters Club Forums
London Open House
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Extreme points of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Asterisk call notification
Search via Ajax
Adsense Optimization Case Study - BuzzMachine: Blog Tips - ProBlogger
macosxhints - Set system and network prefs from the Terminal
Apple - Support - Downloads - Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 Client
Fuddland | Weblog | 2005 | 04 | 06 | Use a Flickr feed to include any photostream on your site via PHP and MagpieRSS
My bike dealer, a hero
Olle's bike dealer in Copenhagen
Turck MMCache for PHP - Turck Software St. Petersburg
Peugeot 1007: a trip to Italy...
Daring Fireball: Apache Configuration Language Module for BBEdit The Superstore for iPod and iPod Accessories.
iPod shuffle + FM radio Project Info - PHP Simple Excel File Generator
Visitor log for
BiffWriter PHP Class
JOIE DE VIVRE HOSPITALITY / On the Record: Chip Conley
PDF::Writer for Ruby ~ A Pure-Ruby PDF Document Creation System
Standard Deviation
Image_Graph - PEAR Open Source PHP OO Graph Rendering Utility
PHP Code for Computing Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation
Slashdot | Weather Service Becoming More Tech Friendly - Self Publishing - Free
Make your own book Weblog: Comments for ‘More NetNewsWire features you might not know about’
Tips for using NetNewsWire.
SAJAX - Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod - XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP
WWW.EBOOK911.COM - ( ASP .NET UNLEASHED by SAMS is now available !) HexColorPicker
Maps for MapServer - U.S. Streets Edition
Ruby/Tk: Hello again » plazes launcher (.NET version)
Proxytunnel: Punching holes in the corporate firewall
Code Snippets: Parse RSS from a specific url [ruby] [rails] [rss] [syndication]
Stockholm Icons Now in Two Sizes
Update: The upgrade email has just been sent to previous Stockholm customers. If you haven't received the email, please contact me to receive instructions on receiving the new icons. Thanks!

I've just finished an update to the Stockholm set of royalty-
My webmaster technology watchlist for 2005
AreskiCC V2.2 - Asterisk CallingCard Application
Jon Udell: Simple single sign-on
O'Reilly Network: Audio Linkblogging
Rapha – Performance Roadwear
An AJAX shopping cart
Google Ranking Factors - SEO List
Mac OS X API now available
Setting Adium Status Message from Plazes with Applescript
Io Programming Guide
Sushi Lesson - How to eat sushi properly | Bayosphere
Apple .Mac
Manipulating Strings with JavaScript
Using iChat AV with a firewall or NAT router
Ruby-Tk FAQ
Ruby Documentation - Ruby Tk
Invoking OS X apps from the command line.
Ruby: HomePage Ruby/Tk Primer, Part 3 An Introduction to RubyCocoa, Part 1
RubyCocoa Wiki (en)
RubyCocoa - Try RubyCocoa Samples
Ruby GUI Toolkits - TrugWiki
RedHanded » Daemonize
RDtool or RDoc?
RDOC - Ruby Documentation System
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
File: rubyproject.rdoc
Zend Technologies - Beginner Tutorials - Building WML Applications Using PHP
CL 1.1 front page -
Tag Cloud Font Distribution Algorithm | Echo Chamber Project
MAKE Login Page
Using T-Mobile Sony Ericsson T610/T616 as a bluetooth modem for OSX
PHP: set_time_limit - Manual
vB Easy Archive - Sony Ericsson T637 WAP and MMS settings for Rogers Wireless
Activating the Right Layout Mode Using the Doctype Declaration
CSS - Quirks mode and strict mode
Tagzania - Tagging the planet
Yummy! Personal PDF Library
TextMate: The Missing Editor for OS X
Slashdot | Online Backup Solutions?
Pimp My Safari
Multimedia Training - Exporting Video for the Web
IEEE Registration Authority - IEEE OUI and Company_id Assignments - MAC address decoder
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO make Enhanced Podcasts (images, links and more with audio)
video conference tutorial for mac pc using iChat and AIM over firewire - how to ichat setup and firewall port settings
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Ruby on Rails
All Ruby FAQ questions
Daring Fireball: Scripting Safari URLs
Whitedust: Recent SSH Brute-Force Attacks
Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator
Safari Icon Manager
Lets you manage the favicons in Safari
Steel Elements
:: lighttpd :: my home
Savant2 (2.3.3)
Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog: Thursday IRC Channel Information
Styled Checkboxes
O'Reilly Radar > Where 2.0: A Collection of Map Hacking Goodies
Google Earth Hacks - Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth.
gumstix - all things small
Temperature Conversion
Windows XP to Mac OS X file sharing
PyPlazes - KyberWiki
location-formats - Microformats
Geobloggers - the map is the territory
Find Your Wi-Fi Hotspot at McDonald’s
Web Interface Design Tip: The Yellow Fade Technique (Signal vs. Noise)
Google Maps API - Sign Up
BluePhoneElite: About
Google Maps API Documentation
Google Maps API
XMLHttpRequest and AJAX for PHP programmers
Jerome Groopman
Rebecca Mead
Malcolm Gladwell
Michael Specter
Plazes Traces + XSLT = RSS
Plazes + XSLT = Google Maps
HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map - Engadget -
Google Groups : Google Maps
Unofficial Google Maps Embedding How To
Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets