Where were the Rukavinas?

Dad sent along a link to this interesting Ancestry.com page that provides a map, from the 1920 U.S. Census, of all the Rukavina families in America. Also interesting to note their definition for the last name:

Croatian and Serbian: nickname from an augmentative form of ruka ‘hand,’ a nickname for someone with large hands.


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Hello I’m looking for any information about my great grandmother Lucija Rukavina. The only information that I have been told is that she was born in Gospic Lika about (1867-1939) married to Grgo Lulic. Born Pazariste (1865-1945) Lucija’s parents Magdalena Dosen and possibly Mate Rukavina.
Lucija and Grgo children: Ivico, Mato,Mile, Anka,Kata & Magdalena (Manda) Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello, I am planning a trip to Croatia in May of 2020 and am wanting to find out what city my family originated from. My Grandfathers name was Anthony Louis (Tony) his sister Olga, and brother Frank. There are known relatives in Minnesota but they lived in East St. Louis in the 1940’s-1960 and owned a real estate business. Thank you for any info.

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My grandfather, Nikola Rukavina, was born in Bos Dubica-Bosnia Nov 1902 - married to Marija Poljak. His parents came from Perusic , Lika. they had 4 children : Ivan, Anton, Anka and Francika (my mom ) I live in Quebec Canada :)

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So neat! My grandfather, also named Nikola Rukavina was born in Kapuskasing, ON in 1934. His parents came from Lika. Manda and Polde Rukavina.

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I am trying to do some genealogy for my family am having difficulty. My Great Great Grandfather was Eli Rukavina
1878 - 1955 born in Ličko-senjska, Croatia. I keep having difficulties with the name changes and too many Rukavinas marrying other Rukavinas. If anyone has any resource links, literature recommendations or any contacts in the Gospić area I would greatly appreciate it!

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I have a family member , Theresa Rukavina, that played American baseball during WWII. Her parents George and Rose left Croatia in 1913 and were on the 1920 census in Ohio