What makes you a “well-known businessman” in The Guardian?

In an article on August 16, 2013, The Charlottetown Guardian newspaper referrred to Tim Banks as a “well-known businessman” (emphasis mine):

The provincial government is lending a total of just over $8 million to well-known businessman Tim Banks for an expansion of the redevelopment of the former Kays Bros. Building on Queen Street in Charlottetown.

Which prompted me to ask, via Twitter, “What is the threshold that causes @PEIGuardian to refer to someone as ‘well-known’?”, to which The Guardian replied:

@ruk Appeared in at least two Guardian articles? If someone says the name in the newsroom, we all say, “Oh yeah, him!”?

This made me curious: just what does trigger “well-known businessman” in The Guardian? So I decided to try and find out. From the UPEI Robertson Library record for The Guardian I made my way to the “Eureka” service, which holds a full-text archive of the newspaper (UPEI campus login is required to access this).

Here are all the occurrences of “well-known businessman” appearing in The Guardian in the last decade:

  • The provincial government is lending a total of just over $8 million to well-known businessman Tim Banks for an expansion of the redevelopment of the former Kays Bros. Building on Queen Street.
  • Griffin says [Wade] MacLauchlan is a well-known businessman and highly respected academic who has demonstrated a strong commitment to building better communities.
  • Lt. Michael Campbell, a well known businessman, volunteer, and local board representative will act as host for the event.
  • Murphy is also known to many Islanders as the wife of well-known businessman Danny Murphy, franchise owner of Tim Hortons and Wendy’s on P.E.I…
  • A well-known businessman and sports lover who passed away at the age of 92 last year, [Edmund] Gagnon was considered a giant in the world of junior hockey and played a significant role in helping to establish the sport in New Brunswick.
  • A well-known businessman and facilitator behind the Small Halls Festival, [Ray] Brow said it’s time to say goodbye to any long-distance charges in this province.
  • [Harry T.] Holman, a wealthy and well-known businessman, purchased land in 1910 with the idea of building a home for his family.
  • Well-known businessman [Peter Williams] offers for capital’s council.
  • [Jospeh] Spriet, president of the 2009 Canada Games Host Society, is a well-known businessman who lives with his family in Valleyfield.
  • I’m here as a friend and neighbour on behalf of friends and neighbours,” said [George] Beck, a well-known businessman who was asked to act a spokesman for what he said was a large portion of residents opposed to the pay increase.
  • Wayne Buote, a well-known businessman and community supporter in the Rustico and Cavendish areas, died suddenly on Sunday at his home in New Glasgow.
  • He also said there is absolutely no connection between [Kevin] Murphy’s appointment and cabinet’s decision to hand the well-known businessman $250,000.
  • Well-known businessman [Tim Banks] agrees with Charlottetown’s last-place finish in Maclean’s survey.
  • Keith MacLean, a well-known businessman and member of P.E.I.’s construction industry, died Friday at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown.
  • Well-known businessman and Tourism Advisory Council chair Kevin Murphy says he believes the Provincial Nominee Program was good for P.E.I. tourism operators, and admitted that he personally benefitted from it.
  • Well-known businessman Elmer MacDonald dies.
  • Well-known businessman and entrepreneur William (Bill Sr.) Hambly died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Monday, Aug. 6. He was 87.
  • But her father Robert [MacLean], a well-known businessman himself, took her aside with some advice.
  • Roger Birt, well-known businessman in the Charlottetown area who has flourished with residential properties and commercial real estate.
  • The Conservatives Best Hope For A Breakthrough In Prince Edward Island Is In Charlottetown, Where Well Known Businessman Tom Deblois Is Hoping To Turn The Capital City Blue On Monday.
  • Chamber president Derek Nicholson presented the President’s Award to well-known businessman and town fire chief Harry Annear, who was shocked when called to the podium.
  • The announcement was made this week by Mayor Richard Collins who said he was delighted the well-known businessman [Merrill Scott] and former town mayor agreed to take on the task.
  • The mural on the Hardy building at the corner of Church and Main streets will honour the life and times of well-known businessman Gerald Rooney (1914-1983).
  • He’s the son of well-known businessman Orin Carver, who passed away a few years ago.

During that same decade there were no references at all in The Guardian to “well-known businesswoman” and no references to “well-known businessperson”.

UPEI Library Eureka Database Search for 'well-known businesswoman' from 2003 to 2013 in The Guardian.

This brings to mind Jane Ledwell’s talk at Confederation Centre Public Library last year where she sought to answer the question “are women mentioned less-frequently in media in general.”


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Tracey Allen on August 19, 2013 - 13:25 Permalink

So true.

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Lee Ellen on August 19, 2013 - 13:56 Permalink

But HER father Robert [MacLean], a well-known businessman himself, took her aside with some advice.” (emphasis mine)

This comment infers that whoever “HER” is, she is also a well-known businessman…

At a time when word count is important, you’d think The Guardian would cut out the “well-known” out, but that, like being “well-known” is stating the obvious.

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Nathan on August 19, 2013 - 15:17 Permalink

A well-known blogger, Peter Rukavina, uses research to expose Island ways.

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Ian Scott on August 19, 2013 - 17:56 Permalink

Great item Peter, I think you meant to say “This brings to mind Jane Ledwell’s talk.” Although mine — may still be the more appropriate term for this wonderful data-mining exercise.


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Peter Rukavina on August 20, 2013 - 14:56 Permalink

It figures that I would make a typographical error when referring to Jane Ledwell, one of the Island’s great editors.