What does Unisys do?

I wanted to know what Unisys does. So I went to their website to a page called About Unisys. I challenge anyone to tell me what Unisys actually is in the business of after reading that page. And if Unisys can’t describe themselves to me, why should I trust them to do anything else?


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RBL on April 16, 2002 - 20:33 Permalink

I’ve also wondered exactly what it is that Unisys does? Those Mr. Monitor Head commercials are not very helpful. I did find the Sports Systems section of “About Unisys” quite interesting however. I always knew someone was making a killing with these types of systems, just didn’t know who. The list of events is quite impressive.

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Libertia on April 17, 2002 - 12:14 Permalink

Well, for one thing, they designed an information system that allows people in PEI’s court system to keep better — and electronic — records of people who are making their way through the system. It means a lot better record keeping and significantly less paper.
I know many people don’t think record keeping is very sexy (or they didn’t before Enron) but it’s actually a pretty important part of accountability, if you think about it.
It’s kind of hard to make a TV commercial about, though.

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chris on October 1, 2005 - 14:18 Permalink

UNISYS is just a big mainframe for storing data. Think of it like SQL database for MicrosUCK windows, either data edition, or server 2003 (not web edition, as it is probably incompatible). However once up and running (I found out later that the new UNISYS machines that are coming out are supported by SUSE and Redhat now) it runs like a mainframe. Or like MYSQL, or SQL, or anything else that stores data in files and keeps track of logical data. I know that UNISYS comes in a standard machine by itself; This is because it is a very powerful system. It needs to stand alone. If you were to rate how much data SQL server 2000 can run (threads), and verse that with UNISYS, the UNISYS machine can fly circles around SQL, because you can’t just load SQL onto a machine and have Windows control that environment, it is dependent on an operating system. Yes, UNISYS does come with its own operating system, however these OS’s are there to only control the mainframe and to make sure that all systems and sub systems are redundant (they never go down). Think of UNISYS as one big parking garage, with an attendant that remembers everything, and keeps track of everything. Then you would use Windows Server X to make sure that everything goes according to plan. The software that UNISYS ships with their product allows you to control the mainframe. At our office we use a Raritan KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse over ethernet) to control everything, but our main UNISYS system is running Microsoft Windows 95, that’s right, Windows 95. After reading the newest e7000 servers that UNISYS has come out with, it is almost certain that we will be jumping the MicroSUCK band wagon and switch over to Fedora Core 4 or Redhat Enterprise. Linux is better anyway :-) .

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Does Unisys do P.I.T ma-chains at the Post Offices?