Walking Zoom

I had a meeting, on Zoom, of the Island Studies Press Publications Committee this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to it: the meeting itself wasn’t the reason—collegial company and interesting material was expected—I simply couldn’t conscience another hour sitting motionless in front of my screen.

So I took a page out of brother Mike’s playbook and went for a walk during the Zoom, calling in from my iPhone. I alerted my colleagues in advance, turned off video and mostly muted audio. And ended up walking more than 5 kilometres, from downtown to the Experimental Farm and back, in the process. The meeting was great, and that I was on the move didn’t compromise my participation.

Along the way back to the office, once the Zoom was over, I stopped for a sandwich at Non La, and at Island Activewear for a new autumn coat. So a bolster for both my own activity and the local economy.


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Rob on November 19, 2020 - 07:35 Permalink

How much data did you use?

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Peter Rukavina on November 19, 2020 - 09:32 Permalink

No idea!

I’ve decided that productive and healthy use of a mobile device requires me to ignore data usage, and just use what I use. So I have Zoom calls, stream Spotify, surf the web, all with carefree abandon.

Okay, I actually looked it up (under “Usage” in my Public Mobile dashboard): 189 MB for a roughly 40 minute Zoom call, with video off for most of it. So usage of about 4 MB of data per minute.

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Rob on November 19, 2020 - 17:54 Permalink

I approve of this approach!