Two Documentaries

Overheight Must Turn is a documentary about a low-clearance train bridge in Durham, North Carolina and the trucks that run into it (a cavalcade of which you can see on the 11foot8 YouTube channel) despite the warning signs and signals. Watching the tops of innumerable Penske rental trucks get peeled off is entertaining in its own right, but the documentary also explores larger issues of why people don’t pay attention and why systems fail.

Minka is a documentary about the Japanese farmhouse of the late Associated Press foreign correspondent John Roderick, also the subject of Roderick’s 2007 book. I read the book several years ago and loved it; the film, which was made largely after Roderick’s death, is a rumination on architecture, love, memory, and death. At its heart is a narration by Yoshihiro Takishita, and his smile, his humour and his soul enlivens the film.

Both documentaries are worth watching.