Trailer Dancing

The trailer for the new movie Closer is so finely targetted at my demographic it’s painful: I will have no choice but to see the film.

What’s interesting is that the trailer shown in theatres (this one with Damien Rice/Suzanne Vega music) is running in parallel with another one (this one with music by Jem) on television; the TV trailer doesn’t draw me in at all, and is obviously meant for a group of people with completely different tastes. I wonder which group will actually enjoy the movie?

The trailer for Spanglish, on the other hand, appears to try to appeal to all demographics in three minutes and five seconds, running through a dizzying variety of musical genres and takes on the plot in that short space. Having seen it perhaps a dozen times now, I still have no idea what the film is about, or even whether it’s a comedy or a drama. And rather than being left hungry to find out by actually going to see the it, I’ll avoid it, if only due to the risk that the confusing trailer is simply a reflection of a confusing film.

Finally, the trailer for the ABC special Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven is so horrifyingly bad that I’m tempted to actually avoid the living room at our house on Sunday night on the off chance that I might accidentally click over ABC and see part of it. What the hell is that beard that Jeff Daniel’s is wearing?


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lexa on December 3, 2004 - 20:04 Permalink

Thanks for the links to the Closer trailers, I don’t get out nearly often enough to come across them myself. I have to agree with you; the TV trailer would not have drawn me in at all. It lacks the feeling of the other.