Town and Country to Fall

The venerable Town and Country Restaurant, run for 42 years by Louis and Faida Rashed until they retired in 2006, then briefly reconstituted in 2007 as an Asian fusion place, is scheduled for demolition. Letters went out on January 14, 2009 to property owners in the neighbourhood:

Planning Department Letter for Town and Country Demolition

It’s sad to see a place that evokes such memories for so many meet such an ignominious end — from going concern to gravel lot in two years. She will be missed.


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Jason on January 17, 2009 - 20:15 Permalink

You know…I moved to Charlottetown in 1995. It seemed that Charlottetown then was so quaint and community oriented. And though I’m not 100% against progress, I try to remember what Charlottetown was like 13 years ago and what it’s like’s quite hard to recall. Now you have monstrosities like the building next to the Shell on Euston and University, the one on Queen…businesses coming and going. To see this announcement after (as you said Peter) so many memories. Just sad. What’s next? The Canton?