Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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CrashKattie on August 27, 2007 - 16:35 Permalink

Damn some stores have security, S*&t i am soo jelious.
We have to deal with the drunks and the robbers alone, call the cops if one of us can get in the back, (only two of us at night). and wait.
if it is too busy somewhere else in town, we have to deal with it alone.
I personaly had to stop a gang fight in my lobby,
I was so scared i had to take two days off work i was to sacred to go back to work.
Just talk to the dude he is just doing his job and it does look supisious for someone to be sitting in thier car just drinking coffee. Robber, stalker, they are trained to look for those things, they are just protecting the timmie girls, god love them.

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LondonGuy on September 7, 2007 - 04:32 Permalink

The Tim Horton’s store in the A&P at Cheapside/Adelade here in London, I’ve dealt with stuck up snotty wench of a woman every time I’ve gone in there. This morning, September 6, Thursday was the final straw. I ordered my usual medium Ice Cap, the girl behind the counter, as usual gave me a scowl, no “hello” or any sort of a greeting.

When she gave me my Ice Cap, she practically threw it at me.

Never again, never will I go back to that particular location! I have decided that tomorrow I will call the 800 number for customer service and complain about this horrible service. It’s one thing if it’s just once and she was having a crummy day, but every time?

She was dressed similar to what a manager would wear. I haven’t been to a normal storefront Tim’s in several months, so maybe the uniforms have been changed recently? Either way, I will be complaining about this, and hopefully she’ll be fired, or at least written up.

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carol gough on September 16, 2007 - 13:57 Permalink

i was a tim horton employee in bishopfalls newfoundland on aug 6 2007, i got hurt at work, and went to the hospital. the doctor put me off. my doctor sent the paper work to workers comp. the nesxt day my employer fired me, i asked them if i can have my saveings plan, i earned from not recieveing, there benifits i worked there 2 years. they said i am not intitled to it any more. i was suposed to have got a payment thru them. tim hortons unfair employer. treat no employees with respect. i already talked to ministry of labour i should get it . tim hortons finds way not to pay money they owe you. thats how they make there money . if you get hurt at work they show there respect by fireing you. good job tim hortons ?

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deb on October 5, 2007 - 23:22 Permalink

I love Tim Horton’, I go there 3 times a day, I am addicted to their coffe. In Oct. they usually have pumpkin doughnuts, I wait all year, this year they don’t and I wonder why. They have pumpkin muffins, but have tried and the one I had was horrible.

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CrashKattie on October 7, 2007 - 16:45 Permalink

Deb ^
I am sorry that you didn’t like my muffins, can you tell me what part of it you didn’t like and maybe we can change them.
I miss the pumpkin doughnuts too.

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Dezie on October 20, 2007 - 05:46 Permalink

I am In grade 9 and 14 years old a bunch of my friends are applying for jobs at tim hortons because they now people that work there, i don’t know anyone there but i would love to get a little part time job there. Is this possible?

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betty yager on October 31, 2007 - 22:19 Permalink

i am sorry but i am disgusted with tim hortons at lunch time. i go there to have the lunch deal with my daughter to get the broccoli soup deal and they are all sold out. this ticks us off . as far as im concerned this is false advertising when they dont have any. they should be making it all day and not just once in the morning. if they are going to have broccolli soup HAVE IT ALL DAY . i am a customer daily and dont like to not be able to get what i want when i go. they dont even have plain donuts when we went.this was in welland. and they told us the city was all sold out..COME ON WHAT IS THAT. i want to know why? betty yager 237 wallace ave welland ont L3B 1R7. i have spent tons of money there and should have shares in the place.

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CrashKattie on November 1, 2007 - 13:50 Permalink

Dear Betty Yager,
you are right, you are absolutly right, you are a regular, you have more rights then anyone else who comes in to Timmies, you have way more rights to that bowl of soup then the woman infront of you.
How dare a store run out of something,
what is this world comming to.
Infact i am discusted that they did not call you at home and ask you if you were comming in for lunch to day and for that i am soo sorry.
You are right about having no donuts either, infact, I have contacted Timmies head office in Ontairo and told them how angry you were of the fact that when you walked in the door you were not treated like the only customer, I explained that becasue you come in, you are family, that becuase you like the soup, that is the only one that they can make, even though there is chili, donuts, muffins, bagles, buns, breakfast sandwhiches, 6 other soups that need to me made and the chicken for the sandwhiches, they can’t make those, that you are the only customer that This locaion should be catering too.
They agreed that there will be a special durring the next super bowl, where the half time show will be tim hortons repeatly saying sorry for not kissing your ass when you and yours walked in the door, saying that they know if it wasn’t for you comming in and buying your $2.00 lunch everyday, that we would have to go bankrupt.
Wow thank you so much for keeping all of our stores open,
for being able to employee all the the stupid ppl that you have to deal with.
We are also going to get your home and cell and work number, to call you ever 10 min 24 hours a day to see if you will be comming close to any timmies locations across canada and the us so that we can close that location down and only serve you and the food that you want.
we also need your family and child(ren) school information so that we can contact them and their teachers friends and frineds family to see if maybe in the time we were not talking to you about what you want from timmies you were talking about what you wanted from timmies.
as for your donuts, i am sorry we thought you were the only one in the whole world who wanted those donuts we were not aware that other locations were also selling them.
all other bakers who have been making donuts at other location will be dragged out in the streets and shot for your pleaser, infact we will give you the gun and you can do it. we all know that you are always right and we are here to serve you and only you.
all employees who have been selling the donuts that are only made for you will be fired. and sent to your house. were all 50,000 ppl will be there in your home making you the soup that is only ment for you and the donuts that are only ment for you.
we will also make sure, they do your dishes, wash your car, go to work for you, do your taxes, wash your laundry, and put a new roof on your home for you.
as for you spending sooooooo much money at this store. i have contacted the owner of the store and that person has been fired, the store now belongs to you. however there are no employees there to work for you as they have all been fired for selling your soup and donuts to other customers.
we have in your new office provided the number for head office for you to order donuts and soup from, however we have fired them too, they are at your house washing your laundry, sooo you will have to use the timmies private jet and fly to the fatory and make the donuts yourself. since our piliot has been fired and is washing your dishes right now you will have to fly the jet yourself. however since we are here to serve you and only you, we will pay for you to go to school and learn how to fly, don’t worrie about your family we are taking care of them becasue we are here to serve you and only you.

we hope that once you get your piotls lincene, fly there and make the donuts and soup, and get your own store up and running you are happy,
thank you for giving all of us jobs, we had no clue that when Tim Horton opended his first doors years ago that you would be supporting us all.
However now due to our research we now know that it is infact all for you.
I am sooo sorry that we didn’t whipe your ass when you cam in, kissed your feet and called you god.
Wow what the FUCK would we have ever done without you.
Thank you so much
Timmies employeee who just learned a who the hell was signing her paycheques all this time.

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CrashKattie on November 2, 2007 - 16:13 Permalink

I got this letter from Bette Yager today thought i would share what she had to say to me. and what i had to say back.

i think your attitude sucks. they should fire you right away. i have had many businesses in my life time and if i had someone with an attitude like yours working for me you would have been fired before you started. if this is who is working in timmies hope you have a good life washing floors for a living. you deserve it. you are very crude and rude and are very disrespectful of the customers like me who do pay your wages. if we didnt buy your products you wouldnt have a job.maybe you dont deserve one. so when you cash your next check think of how you got it.

and my reply…….

Thank you for your email.
Yes my attitude does suck, however i am not at work am I. I am glad that you have had many businesses in your life time. however if you did i just don’t understand why you are freeking about because they ran out of something, was your buisness sucessfull, do you still have it? have you ever tried to order something and it not be avaialbe, i guess not, maybe you just didn’t have enough customers to sell out of something,
You see when ppl buy something from your company, it runs out, when it is popular lots of ppl buy it and then no one can order it.
I don’t wash floors for a living, you really don’t spend as much time in timmies as you say, or you would know that no one there washes floors for a living, we wash the floors becasue that is part of your job, like you as a mother, as a mom you just don’t wash floors and bitch about things that you have no control over, it is part of your job, just as it is mine. You don’t pay my wages, you partly do, and since when has paying someones wages give you the right to get angry at someone,
going back to your buiness, which i am assuming that you don’t have anymore, if a customer cam in and was looking for something and you didn’t have it, did that give that person the right to go bashing your good name all over the town, go online and rant about how you didn’t have “so and so”,
have you ever gotten a rain cheque from a store before,
Have you ever gone into a store and they be out of something? have you ever gone to the owner and gotten mad at them?
Do you know how i got my cheque,
from hearing ppl like you for 8 hours a day 6 days a week, yell at me beccause we are falsely advertising soup, becasue we are out of one type of donut, because the person in front of you had a 300 donut and muffin order,
you say you spend so much money there, which means you spend a fair amound of time there. have you ever listened to the cusomters freekout on staff? Have you? in your job now, how many times a day do you get called a bitch, or a cunt, tell me how many,
does your husband hit you, call you names, are you in a abusive relationship. I am not askig to be rude, if you are then yoiu know how timmies ppl feel, if you don’t do a google search on it.
Having to put up with the name calling, putting up with customers, yelling, throwing things at you, and still having to smile at them, and thank them and tell them to have a good day.
knowing everyday something will happen, you go home tired, and crying.
Oh why don’t you just leave you say,
as you i have children, timmies pays medical and dental, i am not married i don’t have a boyfrined, i am doing this alone, i work, i am not some welfare mom.
I don’t have the job of a life time, yes i wash floors, i have also worked at walmart, zellers, hard labour jobs, and cooked your food in resturants.
I like ppl when they are nice.
how many times a day does someone complain to you.
is it the gas stations fault the gas is so high.
no it is not the timmies girl fault that the soup was so popular the we sold out.
it is not our fault that we can’t order any donuts. BTW i work in BC and there was a problem getting those donuts.
You need to relax, did you ask when they would be back or just run home and start finding a place online to bitch too.
Next time you go in try treating them with respect, yes we don’t make money but we are not there making beer money lady, we ahve family and children that need to eat, we all can’t have the opportunity to have our own buisness like you did.
Just remember that we are not robots.
and if you still think i am a bitch for wrigting this just remember timmies will not close its doors becasuse you don’t come in.
there are other locations to serve you, there are other companies to get your food and coffee from,
i suggest you go there from now on.

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Erin on November 5, 2007 - 04:22 Permalink

Betty Yager? are you for real? GET A LIFE and stop worrying about what you can’t get or can’t have, because everything you do have will be burnt up someday and NOTHING will matter but the treasures that you store up in the heavenly places, if any. THINK ABOUT IT

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Lorraine on November 6, 2007 - 18:03 Permalink

Crash, you kill me.I had a really good laugh ,thanks needed that because this job is so stressful.I guess people think we don’t do anything,but they should realize that nobody but us have to prep everything or they would’nt get products.We just don’t make coffee,you follow us in a day and you like so many would quit after only one shift,because you thought it would be a piece of cake,only lazy people seem to quit because of the work load,because like Betty they think that all the job requires is waitng for people to come in and served them.We do have to cook that soup and it does take time!We also have to cook donuts when the cook is gone home and when you are busy you don’t have time to go back and cook so you say we are out at the moment,and if you care to wait we could do them,but you customers are so rude about it that it makes us think twice about doing those small things for you.But if you are nice to us I will bend over backward for you.now you tell me who else would do that.This thing about being rude,well if you can ditch it out so can we.We learned from the best,you the customers.I do not take abuse at home and I will certainly not take it at work either,customers,bosses, or co workers.So next time you go for lunch Betty remember there was customers before you, maybe they are out of your favorite soup,so just ask politely if they have some in the back or if and when it would be ready.Lunch time is very busy,so why not go earlier,because of the amount of people that do come to lunch I’m sure we are bound to run out of certain products.But try again some other time you might get lucky and We might have your soup on.And as far as you having shares in the business you can buy them on the T.O exchange,they are for sale.Like every customers that tells us that in a day,I would be retired by now.And another thing we had the broccoli soup forever but it seem that only now people want it because it’s advertise,so you know this is no special,it’s all year round,they are just promoting it.The power of advertising!!!!

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CrashKattie on November 7, 2007 - 03:06 Permalink

It is nice to see someone out there who is agreeing with me, Betty was soo pissed off at me that she emailed me to tell me she is sending this letter i wrote to her to TImmies head office to get me fired. LOL what a loser.

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Lorraine on November 9, 2007 - 17:36 Permalink

Crash, ever since that, lol,thing with the broccoli soup,I laugh when I’m serving that soup.Told my workers about it and they had a good laugh also.If that is the worst that ever happened to Betty well I feel so sorry that she doesn’t have a life.But I do promise that from now on we will never run out of products because it upsets so many people.Good luck with head office!!!they are fantastic at damage control.LOL..What we do at home is none of their bussiness.What are they gonna do confiscate your puter.OMG.I didn’t know we had to kiss AS_ at home also.Get a life people stop complaining about soups and concentrate on the big picture.

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CrashKattie on November 10, 2007 - 15:23 Permalink

Thanks Lorraine,
I belive you have comments on a few of my comments before.
Do ppl accually think this site has anything to do with Tim Hortons, this is comments from some random persons web site.
This site has nothing to do with timmies what so ever Fuck don’t ppl read.
If betty thinks she can get me fired, good luck with that.
Me chatting online on a website comment page has nothing to do with work if i want to tell someone off i can.
I have had customers try and get me fired.

LOL the are you human word is Drunk LOL
We have the right to refuse service.
I do not have to deal with abuse, as you say not a home fuck no at work.
Ppl need to deal with life.
It is nice to know someone like you Lorraine is out there and see the humor in what i say.
Ya cuse i can tell head office what to do.
Oh for Fuck sakes woman. Grow up.
LOL ppl.

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Overworked and ... on November 10, 2007 - 23:08 Permalink

I work at Tim’s and we are not allowed to keep our tips. We must place them in the till when the customer leaves.

The other night half our shift did not show up. We all have to pick up the slack.

Customers constantly abuse us.

We are now fired immediatly if we discuss wages with each other or even talk about what other places are paying.

I make 8.05 and after 5 months had to beg for $8.25. I was supposed to be on my second wage increase by now. Most are to intimidated to ask.

Like some posters the bathrooms are sometimes covered in feces. I was thinking of the time I put in cleaning it up and the wage I am paid by the hour.

Imagine looking at the most digisting thing you have ever seen covered in feces and told I will give you a dollar to clean that. What would you say?

I made $1 basically to clean that up.

How am I supposed to feel about myself after that? Let alone feel good enough to meet you and smile as you customers remind me more that it is my palce to serve you.

That anyone no matter if they are on welfare walk through that door and can treat us in any manner over any litle thing, and we must take it or lose our jobs.

We have to do this. I have worked 16 hrs days. From 7-11 and back to work at 7 and the customers come at the drive through as fast as you can greet them.(In my location)

We can hear everything they are saying about us.

I watch grown people throw tantrums and curse us out because we don’t have a certain kind of donut.(one that is sold at a competitors).

I have seen it all on a daily basis. People acting in the most dramatic ways over tiny things.

I have had business men 3 times last week hold me up while I was trying to quickly clean up the tables tease me and basically call me a loser and degrade me for the meanial work I am doing.(thanks for the talk guys, why not offer me a better job instead of letting me know that my job sucks and embarassing me in front of a store fill of custonmers.)

Then I rush back to the till and pour the coffee for the person taking the orders.

I move as fast as I can and by the time I look up I see I am 2-3 orders behind.

Then the coffee is running low, creamer is out, the garbage is full, someone spilt something, the tabels are messy again, the bathroom has feces all over it, your head is spinning your moving so fast and trying to think of som many things at once. Then some customer comes up to you and wabts a double cup or to complain abiout something someone else did, or for sugar packets that are in front of their face etc….

Not to mention dealing with your stressed out coworkers and keeping your supervisors happy as well.

I am not even describing all I have to do and I have to do it at a fast pace and keep it up for 8 hrs.

Somewhere int here trucks show up to delivert hings and I ahve to go do that. Meanwhile no tables are cleaned etc. All my other dutires are backed up.

It gets so much better when people call in sick. Then you have to pick up the slack and work short staffed.

Hiow about you customers acknowledge the job we are doing?

Recognize us. Say hello. If we are not saying it is because we are so stressed out and worried about something.

Say thank you. It goes both ways. Recognize we exist also.

Spazzing out on us only makes it harder on us. Then we have to face the next person and a lineup that is even more impatient from your rant.
I havee been freaked out on by customers for not cleaning.

I have been feaked out on because my cleaning around them intruded upon their privacy or grossed them out.

Daily I run into the bathroom to clean some sort of disater and simply press the lebver on the toilet and flush it.

Every cigarette but thrown on the ground by the drive through or in front of the store, peice of gum etc has to be picked up.

While we are doing that customers are waiting longer in line, or the tabels are not being cleaned etc.

I could go on and on.

I especially enjoy the woman who comes in every morning at the same time knowing the store will be busy and comments to the other people in line about how stupid we are and mocks us. We listen to this as we serve the other customers, and try to block it out and concentrate on what the order being taken.

After this day in day out I don’t go home I don’t have a home.

I cannot afford even an apartment on my salary let alone a home. I eat at Tims with my discount. I have my extra change of clothes I keep at Tims and my uniform.

Most people either live at home, have a spuse with a better job or work TWO FULL TIME jobs just to get by.

I am lucky, I have a trade and ticket. As soon as I can save enough for a vehicle to get me to the outskirts of my city where all the shops are I’ll be making good money again.

Terrible public transportation and no one who will hire you in my trade if you don’t have own transportaion is a tough hill to climb if you don’t know anyone in a new city.

I will not look at fast food workers (especially in such busy places as Tim Hortons) the same again.

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CrashKattie on November 11, 2007 - 13:57 Permalink

Dear Overworked,
oh we have all been there, I feel for you.
I know it is hard, and the only ppl who know what you are going through are the ppl who have been there before.
The only ppl who give a shit about your day and how it is going are the ppl that have been through this before.
I have and I know others have.
I don’t know how your boss feels about it, but just remember “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE”.
Tell the customer that you are not comfortable serving them with the current attitude that they have.
That they have every right in the world to go eslewhere for thier coffee.
I have had to do this.
At first I thought i was going to get fired, but geese for the money i make i don’t have to put up with ppls shit.
Just remember, you won’t be there long, and if someone is really bothering you, tell them ” I am enforcing my right to refuse service, you can wait for someone else to serve you or please feel free to purchase your items from another location” and walk away.

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Raevyn on November 27, 2007 - 18:52 Permalink

Okay, as of right now, I work at Tim Horton’s which is sharing space with a Noco and Charlie the Butcher’s. We get several regular customers and they’re the best. However, the irregular ones (the ones that come in about once or twice a month), are complete assholes. The area where my work is is filled with upperclass snooty jerks. The irregulars always give us attitude and, yes, we can refuse service, but some of us don’t seem to know that. While we’re trying hard to perfect their order (as our manager demands of us), they stand there and complain.

Why is our coffee taking too long? I thought Tim Horton’s always cared about their customers.” Then they look at me and say, “Ugh, are you the only one here?”

This was said at night, around 8:30, 9:00 or so. Yes, I was the only one for the moment, because the other employee was taking out the trash. No matter how much I want to jump over the counter, strangle the people and throw their lifeless bodies into the middle of oncoming traffic, I simply smile and say, “Have a nice night.” Then they give me attitude about the service I gave them.

Also, one of our supervisors is leaving (her last day is Friday) and this lady (we call her the Sweet N Low lady, as she always comes in with her own packet of Sweet N Low, as we don’t supply it) is a regular. She loves all of us, except for said supervisor. The lady asked the supervisor to stir in the Sweet N Low (Not a hard task, is it?) with her coffee. The supervisor threw the Sweet N Low back at her, thrusted the coffee at her and said, “Stir it yourself!” Thankfully, the supervisor is leaving.

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Sukhwinder on December 5, 2007 - 20:01 Permalink

I am a Tim Horton’s regular customer, and I visit most of them in lower mainland in Vancouver, but the one located in Richmond, on No.3 road, doesnt have any proper customer service knowledge, they respond properly as if they didnt have any education or training at all, and most of all, they dont seem to have any common sense. The manager at the location is same, so its obvious where the staff at the location are getting their bad attitudes from. Will never visit there again.

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Anonymous on December 30, 2007 - 08:47 Permalink

I’ve worked at Tim Hortons since October of 2007 and to tell you the truth it’s not that bad, I don’t know about those people on here ranting on about how bad it is working there, it depends on the location and the management, not ALL TIM HORTONS are like that. Yes,you make just get 2 15 minute breaks but I find after your 2nd one, your time goes by really fast. I’ll admit it’s not the greatest job out there, but it is better than most for example Janitor or housekeeper. Imagine having to clean sh*t for a living, compared to pouring coffee and getting someone their donut. It doesn’t sound so bad now , does it? Put on a smile, make your customer’s coffee right, now how hard is that and if you do make a mistake, brush it off..it is okay, there’s no point in getting worked up over it and oh..customers are not always right, but if they have complaint just deal with it the best way you can and go on about your day.

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anonymous on January 5, 2008 - 04:47 Permalink

Hi I was just wondering is there any documentation any where that says employees can not go outside for a smoke or anywhere for that matter, during their 15 minute break? I find it highly disturbing that a company can dictate to an employee what they can or cannot do during their break? Of course that is within reason (i.e.- drug use or drinking). Thanks to alll for any information you can provide?

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Nicholas on January 6, 2008 - 00:23 Permalink

I work at tim hortons and also had many questions on breaks but the law sayse you are allowed to 30 unpaid braks (or 2 15 minutes) and during those break you are allowed to do as you wish. exept as you said drug use or drinking excluding cigerettes. Most of the employees at my location go for a smoke durring there breaks anyways so i don’t see why you couldn’t. I also found this canadian goverment site that can tell many stuff about your breaks. http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/en…

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ANONOYMOUS on January 7, 2008 - 04:52 Permalink

mmkay…working at tim horotons is a pain peoplee. Wages suck and customers are rude and abnoctious[probably spelled wrong]. They expect you to be as the speed of light and you know what, we can’t! I am so damm sorry if we are too slow.. if you dont like it, dont effin come to tim hortons for crying out loudd!!

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Mike on January 12, 2008 - 03:24 Permalink

$1.28 for a coffee? Please people, quitcherbitchin! Mr. Joyce, please just change your cup/lid supplier, as my wife is gettin really ticked with all the coffee stains. Thats all I have to say about that…for the rest, all you Timmy’s employees, just keep a stiff upper lip and a smile on, and I’ll keep-on-a-tippin you.

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Sean on January 21, 2008 - 16:09 Permalink

I was just wondering where all the chocolate chip bagels have gone! It’s been a few years now, in southern ontario at least, where we don’t have chocolate chip bagels. It is very disapointing, as that used to be my favourite.
Are they in other places in Canada?

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CrashKattie on January 22, 2008 - 03:38 Permalink

we haven’t had chocolate chip bagels in years, I have accually never even had one.

Try looking at www.timhortons.com they might be able to tell you where you can find some.

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jo on January 28, 2008 - 18:02 Permalink

PS — Ron Joyce hasn’t owned Tim Hortons in almost a decade, he can’t do nothin for ya!

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Sarah on February 3, 2008 - 23:28 Permalink

Hello not only today but consistantly the tim hortons near kanata has horible service! every time i go i ask for a chocolate chip muffin and it isnt too much to ask but every time i come to this tim hortons all the chocolate chip muffins are burned!!! i sugest you use the recipe/oven time the same as everyone else!
but i love tim hortons i will not be going back to that certain one though i was dissapointed:(

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CrashKattie on February 4, 2008 - 05:18 Permalink

Have any of you ever thought of leaving a comment card in the accuall Tim Hortons that you are complaining about.
I mean this site has nothing to do with Timmies in any way shape or form This is the comment section on someones Blog.
Have any of you ever thought of speaking to a manager? or writing Timmies?

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a tim hortons e... on February 13, 2008 - 19:53 Permalink

OMFG! i work at timmy’s ok, let me just tell u something:
if u dont get ur cofee in 20 secf, im just so sorry. We are probably understaffed, and overtired. And poor service comes from a poor customer. We can hear every single thing that goes on , So Shut up, we all try our best, and if u didnt get butter on your effin bagel, go butter the damn thing yourself, were sorry thers 9 tousand other sandwiches were trying to make, so that u guys arent mad we take so long. Were not slow, were just busy. The longest u ever probably have to wait at the drive thru is like 1 min. If u dont have that kind of patience than dont even bother coming. UGH , and if u order a bunch of stuff, dont complai that were trying to get it as fast as we freaking can. Just come in if u have to many coffes.

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Jane on February 27, 2008 - 05:20 Permalink

Tim Horton’s Slaves. I take my hat off to you all. My grandmother was one of the first and last dignified slaves. She worked at the Tim Hortons in Burlington. 1960’s. I lived in St. Catharines which sports the QEW exit that took the life of Tim Horton I am over 50 and have seen my daughter survive 2 summers working partime at Tim Horton’s. Some split shifts and still smiling .She also worked another full time job in tourism..WHY because she needed the money and had no intention of working at Tim Horton’s ever again. It was a stepping stone for her.Yes 5 years later she has her degree and working in her field,making 4 times that minimum wage of only 3 years ago. I have two neices with the same storyTim Horton’s slaves.Both now have their degrees.One in nursing the other in business. The nurse is in California. The business woman has been recruited by a university to co-op for her Masters degree. Now I said all that to say this. Tim Horton’s had those girls in tears many a time, disgusted with thier managers and as tired as dogs,There were times I was ready to go in and discipline the manageress. Pay my daughter to stay home. BUT they are never going back again….
That is my story..I pray those of you who are in a more permanent position can hope for more. In the mean time..I am applying to Tim Horton’s because I need the money. I hope I can keep up the pace and remember to add sugar and not sweetener.Then keep smiling like so many of you do everyday. If the Tim Horton’s tables and chairs, could talk. Or the cars and vans in those parking lots sigh. You would know that ‘slinging’ coffee’ is something that is much needed in every little town. You are doing good.

from A little pensive tonight.

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CrashKattie on February 29, 2008 - 03:20 Permalink

Thank you Jane

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Katherine on February 29, 2008 - 03:56 Permalink

I put in a hard days work on my first day. After having panic attacks that evening I realized that it wasn’t the job for me. The next day I apologized embarassingly and returned my uniform. I explained that my decision had nothing to do with any of the people I worked with.
Thinking my check would appear in the mail, I waited for four weeks. I went into my Tim Hortons to inquire only to be dumbfounded by the response I recieved from the owner. He asked me why he should pay me? I said because I put in a hard days work. He said he wouldn’t expect a check so why should I? He litterally had no intention on paying me for my work. That is illegal and I know my rights. This owner owns many stores in the Owen Sound, Ontario area. How many other people has he tried to rip off? Ignorant, disrespectful, words cannot discribe, person. I am still so completly flabbergasted at this happening. This store is located in Southampton, Ontario. This owner has no respect for the labour laws in this country. Lets send him a clear message that this will not be tolerated in Canada.

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Mikey on March 10, 2008 - 07:17 Permalink

It is 2:16am and I am doing an assignment on Tim Hortons and I must say this thread has kept me genuinely entertained!

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Tyler on March 11, 2008 - 17:21 Permalink

I worked at tim hortons for about 9 months.. and quit 2 days ago. They wanted me to watch the training videos for roll up the rim, during my break. I thought this was outrageous, because it would diminish the point of a break. Everyone was underpayed, they tried taking a half an hour off my paychecks when I baked, because I would take both my breaks at once as time management was hard in our busy store.. (usually the last half hour of my shift). “I don’t want to see you guys acting like teenagers out there” was what the owner said every day. All our staff is teenagers!! Sorry it’s hard to take our job seriously.. but its a flippin coffee shop! the reason I quit was because someone came in and left a hell of a mess on 3 tables, and they obviously did it on purpose (salt and pepper packs, napkins etc.) and i told them they’re not welcome back in the store. MY supervisor gave me full permission to do it.. my next shift I got yelled at for it, and was tired of their bullshit and walked out. Now i’m waiting for my paycheck.. does anyone know how long they can hold it for?

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Amanda G on March 11, 2008 - 21:51 Permalink

Hello ppl.
Well speaking of tim hortons i had a donut today and the maple icing on the maple dip was stuck to the bag. so basically it was a plain donut.. this is not the first time its happened. And just last week i went to bit into a carrot muffin from tim hortons and it was not cooked. I got a ice cap last summer and it tasted super strong * and i get ice caps regularly* and they had the nerve to tell me it was my taste buds:O.. Also everytime i get a ice cap its leaking down the sides and my hands get all sticky (N). enuf complaining from me for now. I really do love time hortons its the only coffee shop i go to .. but they are really slacking! one more thing. When customers come in and buy a donut or a coffeee we atleast deserve a smile! not an angry face.. Ohhh wait i have one more thing.. i went to tim hortons to see my father, and bought 3 coffees, and i sandwich. I asked them for a HALF a cup of hot water to warm my 3 month old daughters bottle up who was ready to eat. They charged me for a small tea. I tried to fight it cause i had no change on me, my dad came to the rescue and offered to pay for the cup! and they said im sorry sir were going to have to charge your for a smalltea.. so i got half a cup of hot water.. and they didnt even give me my tea bag so i had to go and argue about that one cuz the girl said i asked for hot water .. but i still shouldve got the tea bag. Kay thanks all! The only way ill get tim hortons is free things now since my cousin whom i live with works there.

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Shani on March 12, 2008 - 02:53 Permalink

Yes it can get stressful at times but work gets like that. If you don’t like working somewhere it is your right to quit. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to give you your cheque within 6 or 7 days of termination. OR sometimes the employer waits until the next pay period to give you your cheque. I work at Tim Hortons and I was told you will not get your cheque until your bring in your uniform. I mean that’s fine..like who wants a uniform?? LOL. but yeah check in with them and see whats going on with that.

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quannah on March 12, 2008 - 04:01 Permalink

If they wanted to charge you for the hot water, ask for ice water that is free, then ask them to put it in the microwave and heat it for you, My store does not charge for hot water, that is bullshit.

I have heard you don’t get your last cheque until you bring in your uniform, but like Shani said who wants to keep it.

The ice cap lids leak, that is a part of life, nothing really we can do about it, if we could change it we could,
As for the icecapp being too strong that would be some newbie who doesn’t know how to mix the mix right, sorry about that.
the muffin might have been not cook all the way,
all you ppl have to do is bring the product back into the store and explain your problem with it.
I will always do what i can to make sure that my customers are happy.

The reason there was no icing on the donut was because it was fresh, you can’t get any fresher then that,

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boNi on March 29, 2008 - 00:55 Permalink

I work at tim hortons too and to the people who are surprised that tim horton workers cant get your orders right sometimes, etc—-dont be. We get paid minimum wage and we are poorly managed. If you actually think someone that only gets paid 8$ an hour cares about ur stupid coffee, you’re living in a fantasy world. Not to say that i personally dont care, becuz as an employee, i am one of the rare few who does care, but must dont. Most workers are under educated high school drop outs. In reality, how can you expect someone with such low intelligence to perform such a simple task as getting ur coffee? Im not saying that they are all unintelligent, but some are. I am just giving you reasons as to why the service is so poor. Another reason the service is so poor is becuz these workers are put under huge amounts of pressure to get your order within a small amount of time. Do you not realize that they are human beings? It’s impossible for them to get everything right all the time. They’re not perfect and they are ALLOWED to make mistakes. It’s sad how often I see a customer forget that, and chew out an employee who is trying their best to please them.

I also have to say that Tim hortons are poorly managed and undertrained. ive worked there for 7 months now and still have not been trained on Deli and drive thru coffee making. The managers where i work are vendictive and put me on different shifts without even notifying or asking me if i’m able to do it, when i gave them a list of days i can and cant work, due to school schedule. i dont know, its sad anyway, which means its time to look for a new job.

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Steve on March 30, 2008 - 01:35 Permalink

I want to work there, and I’m 14, birthday is July 30th. Can I start now?

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Laryna on March 30, 2008 - 06:46 Permalink

I think you have to be 15 to work anywhere.

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Jayna on March 30, 2008 - 06:49 Permalink

Not ALL TIM HORTONS are like that, it depends on the store!

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BONI on April 1, 2008 - 03:15 Permalink


yeah i know, i was just bitchy that day :) but from what i hear, a lot of them are pretty bad. just depends i guess.

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Jayna on April 2, 2008 - 00:06 Permalink

Our store is pretty good, we’re short staffed a lot but that doesn’t mean we suck at what we do. It just depends on how you’re getting trained and all that stuff. The only bad thing about work..is the customers LOL

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Black on April 2, 2008 - 08:23 Permalink

I’ve been working at Tim Hortons for 3 years now, and I have customer service skills to put all of you whiny employees to shame.

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Kimberly on April 2, 2008 - 23:22 Permalink

We all have our ”off-days” so don’t give us that ”Oh I’m so much better than you ‘cause I deal with customers” crap! Get real. People make mistakes, people get frustrated with others, get a CLUE!

Black's picture
Black on April 4, 2008 - 01:14 Permalink

I didn’t give you any “I’m so much better than you” crap, you psycho. Though probably on my off days, I am better than you. Sorry.

PS Get a clue? Okayyyyy.

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Marissa on April 4, 2008 - 01:41 Permalink

Working at Tim Hortons can get pretty stressful and times and I try to do the best I can. LOL why did you call her a psycho. Black?

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amanda on April 8, 2008 - 01:13 Permalink

Hi my name is amanda and i was recently employed with tim hortons, iv worked at 2 other locations as well so i am familiar with the work place and how things run.I just recently moved to delhi ont, with my fiance and 6 children and wanted to get a job seeming as i had been out of work for a few years due to having children and wanted to get back out in the work place. So i applyed to the tim hortons just down the street from me i thought perfect i can walk dont have to worry bout getting a ride and i had a babysitter lined up, so i get a phone call asking to come for a first interview it went great i got asked to come back for a second. So i get the job i was excited ya i know its only timies but its a job i feel better about my self cause im contributing to the house hold and the girls seem great good to work with. Then after only 4 shifts of working i get fired!!! wanna know why… listen to this the girl who i had the second interview with said it was because a few of the girls had a gutt instinct i wasnt gonna work out!! yup thats right that’s why i got fired can u believe it. I dont understand how i could have been so mistreated when i always greeted customers with a smile and took there order’s as fast as i could and had great conversations with some, i even had a gentleman that new me from a whole in the wall say how i was gonna do great!! and gave a nice tip. Please tell me this is not how tim hortons does buisness because that is not how u should be doing buisness with employees.I am still shocked today about this and have e mailed tim hortons about this and still no response i sure hope writing this gives me a response cause i am gonna be contacting the local news about this and let everyone know about how great tim hortons really is!! something needs to be done about this so it doesn’t happen to someone else.

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Hina on April 27, 2008 - 00:14 Permalink

I was just wondering about the tim hortons pay check..how much is the pay per hour and when do you get your check??? is it eery two weeks?? and also i have a friend who is looking for a job and she wears a scarf(hijab) and as you may know that we are not allowed to show our neck and ears when we wear the scarf..is it ok if she wears it and puts the shirt on top and hairnet inside the scarf and then the visor?? i mean it should be fair for people who wear the scarf. and plus not one single hair shows..like today i was working and we had a customer come in and gave her bagel and showed us the hair inside..for people like us who wear the scarf..there is a 1% chance that our hair will fall in food..hair nets don’t even help. wearin the scarf like that doesn’t even bother me throughout the whole day i never have to fix it..and my hat doesn’t ever fall down. that would be nice if you answer my questions.

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Jenna Taylor on May 2, 2008 - 02:37 Permalink


The paycheques are issued every two weeks. And for the pay, it depends on how much work experience you have and based on what the employer wants to pay you. I’m pretty sure you could wear your scarf under your hat and visor, BUT I’M not 100%, you might want to ask the manager about that.

I hope my answers were a bit helpful.