Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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Employeee on August 31, 2006 - 00:27 Permalink

Yeah…. I have been an employee of Tim Hortons and I was wondering… If you give them your SIN at least days before payday…. would you get your paycheck??

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alanna on August 31, 2006 - 01:06 Permalink

I am an employee at Tim Horton

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patsie on August 31, 2006 - 23:54 Permalink

in responce to employee, wheni started i gave them my sin number on thursday or friday , the pay period ended that saturday and my first pay was in the bank on monday

hope that helps

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employee on September 1, 2006 - 00:05 Permalink

there MUST be other places you people can get your coffee like seriously if the service is that bad and the coffee is that grose then get your lazy asses outta bed 10 minn earlier and make your own damn coffee or go someware else,

we do the best we can but honeslty i pretend to be happy and cheerful at work but they don’t pay e enough to actually give a fuck weather or not you like your coffe and what the fuck do you expect for 1.24??? a song and dance??

you know, a lot of the ppl are saying “everytime i go” blah blah blah….quit bitching and don’t fo then
half the people posting here need to get a life and a coffee perker (or shit even the instant crap) and fuck off and leave the people alone that really are doing there best but have to put up with assholes day after day after day……

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Connie on September 1, 2006 - 02:21 Permalink

Why is it that everytime I place an order for a double double I get a coffee that tastes like regular.

Why can’t all locations have the same customer service.

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employee on September 2, 2006 - 04:53 Permalink

hi.i am currently employeed at a tim hortons store on vancouver island.i like my co workers, and enjoy working there, but what i dont like is all the bagged within the store. i have done every shift that the store has to offer, know every shift. I know other employees within the owners stores have been with them for nine years and still under $10 a hour … that is not fair.. as for me , im still under $8.40. after two years.. starting wage $8 an hour..
could somebody answer this question. what is the proper wage suppose to be for starting.. if it is the owners wage and how can we get owners to increase wages without losing our jobs..

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shiela on September 12, 2006 - 04:43 Permalink

Hi I am an employee at tim hortons in brockville ontario on jefferson drive.I am upset at the treatment of employees by the crew leaders,they sit around doing nothing at all and order around the other staff like there thier personal slaves.There is a list of duties to be preformed every shift and the work is supposed to be distributed between all employees but its mostly the new workers and trainees that do everything then the work is marked on the papers as done by all.I have seen the supervisor cleaning tables and windows so why is it that the crew leaders just make others do all the hard work wile they just sit around then if a customer comes in they call the worker off her duties to come serve the customer. They only do that when manager & supervisor is not around. They get paid more but do nothing.I am afraid to complain because i feel i will loose my job if i speak up.

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Scarlette on October 8, 2006 - 17:35 Permalink

How old do you have to be to work at tim hortons?

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Pissed Off on October 10, 2006 - 03:21 Permalink

Went to Tim Hortons drive through on many occassions. Almost everytime I go to Victoria Park near Sheppard location I always get the same lady and she always tells me that the new latte machine is cleaning itself and that I have to wait 15 min for a latte.

I can understand this happening once in a while but everytime I go, THAT REALLY PISSESS ME Off…………I think they are too lazy to use the machine and some of your employees don’t even know how to use it, I have to tell them how when I order my coffee…………. Also some of the employees are rude. I spend sooooooooo much money at Tim Hortons and I feel as a customer that give Tim Hortons business and good business that something has to be done right away to compensate me and other people in the same situation.

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Pissed Off Too ... on October 10, 2006 - 03:32 Permalink

Okay here I am again pissed off with Tim Horton’s service. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WHAT DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE MEAN TO THE MANAGER!!!

I went to the Tim Horton’s location on Sheppard just before Victoria Park drive through. When I arrived I simply asked for a steeped tea and I was told that I have to wait 15 min for tea because they had to make a fresh pot.



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Phaedra on October 12, 2006 - 19:56 Permalink

I am an employee at tim hortons in edmonton. I am not vary happy at my job that is why i can no longer tollerate hearing you people WINE AND WINE about your coffee. To the person above it only takes 5 min to brew a pot of tea BUTT if you are a nasty customer it can take 15 min!!! I STAND AT THAT DRIV THRU FOR 2-3 HOURS IN THE MORNING AND IN ALL THAT TIME I GET 1 OR 2 NICE, POLITE CUSTOMERS!!!! If you are soooo unhappy go somwhere else!!! I bake your doughnuts,bagles and muffins and at the same time serve the custemers AND am expected to clean as well. THERE ARE ONLY 2 OF US AND ALL THIS WORK HAS TO BE DONE BETWEEN 12AM and 4AM SO I’M SOOOOO SORRY IF YOU THINK ME UNPLEASENT IN THE MORNING BUT I’M A LITTLE STRESSED FROM SUCH COMMPLAINTS AS MY COFFEE ISN’T HOT ENOUGH!! OR HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF COFFEE. No little fairy makes the coffee for for us and when some car in front of you orders 10 cups it is kind of hard to keep up. All i want you people to remember is we are some ones MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE, DAUGHTER, OR BROTHER, HUSBAND OR SON


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Crew Leader on October 30, 2006 - 01:21 Permalink

I want to make a comment to “Sheila” from Jefferson Dr in brockville. I am a crew leader and i am not aware of crew leaders ordering around new staff and trainees to do stuff. We do our share of work as well as the other staff. We have alot more different chores like making sure all gets done. As well as soups, cashes ,change etc. If you are that concerned about crew leaders not doing their jobe then complain to management . You can use your open door policy…and no you will not loose your job….Trust me you have it alot easier than we do….Wearing a black hat is not always peachy and it took alot to earn it….take care

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r on November 5, 2006 - 03:20 Permalink

To all you complainers,

Sorry if the service from Tim

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Wendy MacEachern on November 10, 2006 - 21:53 Permalink

I am a Tim hortons fan so much that i used to work there.
There’s a bilboard that advertises for hire that states -Flexible hours-garunteed to fit your life style-health and dental- and a bunch of other garbage..Those poor students and mothers/parents who go to get a job and later find out (either before/during or after the interveiw) that the hours cant be garunteed, they can’t or don’t like to give a regular 8-4 or 9-5 shift. They don’t hire people on for stand by shifts, so when/if someone calls in last minute they have someone there or who can get there to fill in (just common sense). They have to pay for their uniforms which dont fit properly (not all women have huge thighs/bottoms). They have to wait to get health and dental. They say they under stand hveing kids but they will fire you if you dare take aweek off because your kids are sick at home. They don’t pay enough at all…I heard in B.C they are hiring for up to $20 an hour (can this be true? gezz i wonder why..because they need the employees..duh noone wants to work for minimume wage…it’s not enough to live on anymore.). My issues was the shifts and being over worked because they couldn’t hire any more people (or they thougt it unnessicary)…Please address this and maybe you’ll have happier employee’s which will bring in happy customers (right?, just common sense..).

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Bella on November 19, 2006 - 04:17 Permalink

I would just like to tell everyone to SHUT UP, Get a life……..

Find something better to do with you time then complain about customers or employees.

Is this what our would has come to, for people NEVER to be happy about anything.

Was anyone ever taught the golden rule
“treat people the way you would want to be treated”

Everyone remember that when your bitchin’ and complaining

We all have busy lives and nothing is ever perfect but, EVERYONE does not have to pay for anyone’s bad day, Get over it and move on

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michelle on November 30, 2006 - 01:00 Permalink

lol i just find all this really funny. yes tim hortons is very interesting…the food is dirty man. i wish they would use gloves in the back. i wish they wouldnt smear the chocolate dip with their fingers

do they give health and dental benefits for part time workers?

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Suzan on December 4, 2006 - 02:05 Permalink

I worked in Tim Hortons one month. Lots of workload, few stuf and many works supposed to be done properly in a limited time then try to smile and be kind to customer.

If you want to understand how a slave feel, apply to Tim Hortons. They Just want to put cash into their pockets,there is no time to drink water or free donuts or muffins.

They dont care about the lazy stuff, but if you complain about those lazy stuff, they fire you.

They throw away soups and the other lunch meals into the toilet, they are dirty, I didnt see anybody washing their hands.

New employee trained poorly, I try to learn how to work in drive through by myself, I mostly do cleaning, fillede stocks into fridges, collect garbage, carry trays, help to others however you are snikky and know how to show yourself a hardworker although you are not, it is good for you.

Finally I like to say that Tim Hortons is a company which doesnt care about employee but the money they put in their pocket

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laura on December 5, 2006 - 06:19 Permalink

people are rude and snobby, try memorizing order after order, then try to make it and at the same time get the money from the customers and oh yea give a smile. we are under paid and over worked. most people who complain wouldnt last a day working at tim hortons. im trying to pay for my tuition, but thats nearly impossible as i get paid 7.25…..ive been working there for over a year.
when are we getting new uniforms like we were promised?

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Courtney on January 3, 2007 - 03:00 Permalink

Hey there, ive been reading some of the really nasty things that people have been writing about Tim Hortons, and let me tell you, that isn’t true for all locations, especially the location where i am at. Swift Current, SK. The owners and managers at these locations are GREAT! I have been working at Tim Hortons for 2 years now, and still working my way through gr. 11. Sure we may not get paid a whole heck of alot, but really, how do u expect to be paid 13$ an hour pouring coffee? I agree that we work our asses off but i mean really. At my location there is no such thing as ‘split shifts’ or 10 minute breaks as we get 15, and we DO get complimentary food on shift. We have also had winners from roll up there rim, and not once have we had a problem with them recieving they’re prizes. Also….about the whole customer service thing about finding flies in coffee or what not…..i do know that it IS hard trying to keep bugs out in the summer due to all the sugar and drive thru windows and doors, but if you find a defect or somthing wrong with your product, staff is to replace it without any questions asked without a problem. Also….every Tim Hortons store should have customer Comment cards and a place to put them, if you dont like something about their service or anything, TELL THEM!, staff will be talked to immidiately! Anyways…it depends on the store location i think, because the one im at is nice to work for. :)

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anonymous on January 7, 2007 - 02:11 Permalink

Could someone explain why 80% of the lids on the coffee’s I buy (normally large size) never have opening tabs that stay clipped in place. You peel it open and fold it over but it rarely grips and you either have to try and pinch it to get it to grip the center of the lid or tear it off so its not poking into your nose everytime you try to take a sip. I realize that these things are thermoformed in the millions but a little better quality control from the supplier would help. Or a better design so the darn things stays open.

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Anonymous on January 9, 2007 - 01:02 Permalink

I’m also an employee for Tim Horton’s. I’m the baker. I bake for two places in the morning and I only have one oven for the bagels, muffins, croissants etc, and one donut oven. Our place opens up at 6 AM, the other place opens up at 7 AM. The inspector wants everything to be out on the shelves by 7 am. It’s impossible. They treat you like scum, it feels like you are in boot camp. They want everything just right. Don’t they know we are only human. We are not robots. Tim Horton’s is a very stressful place to work at. I’m looking for a new job. I won’t recommend anybody to work for Tim Horton’s.

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upset on January 10, 2007 - 23:04 Permalink

man i so agree wid da buddy w’o wrote ‘fore i. I worked at 5 different timmies all across canada and man do dey treat ya like scum. Im only 17. dey always made me go to work from 2-11pm and den i gots to git up da nex’ mornin’ ta work from 7-3. and dey knew i ad to walk ‘ome and it took me 30 mins, so id git ‘ome real late and ‘ave ta git up right early da nex’ mornin’ ta ‘ave time to walk. Den ye got owners….actually owners dat makes ya come in da mornin at 5am alone to ope da store, an’ count da monies and do ot’er supervisor jobs and ye don’ git payed more den min wadge. and den ders dis rule dat you cant switch shifts if its absolutly necessary and bouth parties agree…..”you got ta give a 2 week notice”……and den they push ya so ‘ard its rediculous……i ‘ad ta git down on me ‘ans and knees wid a budder kniife and scrape between the grout over da w’ole floor……..i was at it fer an ‘our and den dey tode me dat i missed a spot…..man……..and ders more but i aint gonna git into it……..its rediculous absolutly rediclous (i dont care if i cant spell so stop makin fun of me in yer minds)………one very upset newfie

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ANONYMOUS on January 12, 2007 - 17:35 Permalink

I’ve been a manager for a few years now and I’ve learned a lot and still do. One of the most important things is how you treat your employees. Threat them with respect end they will show you respect end that reflects on costumer service . You also have to reward your staff for there hard work. We have a program that we give points to them when they give fast service at the drive-thru, work all there scheduled shifts, pick-up an extra shift…..,and they can exchange their points for diffrent merchandise. You have to make them feel like the’re part of the team and trying not to forget to say Thank You. Another important thing are the customers. I’ve told my staff many times that the customer is always #1…no customer, no job. Thank you to all you loyal cusomers, you are the reason we still have a job.

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ANONYMOUS on January 12, 2007 - 17:36 Permalink

I’ve been a manager for Tim Hortons for a few years now and I’ve learned a lot and still do. One of the most important things is how you treat your employees. Threat them with respect end they will show you respect end that reflects on costumer service . You also have to reward your staff for there hard work. We have a program that we give points to them when they give fast service at the drive-thru, work all there scheduled shifts, pick-up an extra shift…..,and they can exchange their points for diffrent merchandise. You have to make them feel like the’re part of the team and trying not to forget to say Thank You. Another important thing are the customers. I’ve told my staff many times that the customer is always #1…no customer, no job. Thank you to all you loyal cusomers, you are the reason we still have a job.

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Frank on January 14, 2007 - 23:09 Permalink

The only good thing I find at timmies anymore is the coffee. Sorry we’re out of steeped tea seems to be common Answer when you ask for one. What’s the Story! Are the employee’s to lazy (or poorly trained) to get off their ass and make a pot of Steeped Tea.? If you tell them that you’ll wait for a fresh pot (Not always a good idea) they seem to be taken back by your answer and from there on you never know what you’ll end up with in your cup of Steeped Tea. Don’t bother to tell me this does not happen because I’d hate to call you a liar. While I’m on it (complaining) Why are you donuts not cooked all the way through anymore. The majority of the donuts I’ve ordered lately taste like raw dough inside.

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roxanne.marie on January 21, 2007 - 02:18 Permalink

i dont know if is the perfect place for this , but i would like to find out if students at 16 years can work in a tim hortons place , like a part time job , i heard some friends saying that this is posibble , but i am from Romania and i woul prefer an answer from someone who really knows!please if you can , sens me am email roxy_bc_05@yahoo.com with all the details . i live in windsor , ontario
thank you very much , roxane.marie

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T. Merrill on January 24, 2007 - 14:27 Permalink

I live in the Hull Quebec area and my complaint is intended for the Tim Hortons on ST. Raymond. I pass through the drive through about 7 times a week and without exagerating,I may get 1 O.K. coffee.Here is my daily routine when ordering(Im not kidding)
:order a large triple/triple from drive through
:exit the drive through and park in the lot
:go in the store because there is never any sugar in my 3/3
:wait in line just for them to tell me they did put sugar in it
They put 3 more in and,still no sugar taste. WELL….here’s the problem ,every time they make a coffee they don’t stir it.EVERYTIME!. so…I ask this,Am I supposed to have a spoon with me in the car to stir my coffee with,because I don’t. This can not be due to the incompatance of 1 or 2 employees, this has to be there rule,mayby to save time.this may save them a second or too but causes me 15-20 minuts of my day everyday. This time saving technique is a poor one and should not be aloud. Now I carry in my glove box,sugar spoon and cream when I can. Heck,I’m so well equiped I can allmost start a Tim Hortans out of my car! If I parked outside that tim’s,I’d do well.

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T. Merrill on January 24, 2007 - 16:53 Permalink

One more thing……. Do you want to know where Tim’s get there coffee from?. They are not a coffee supplier,therefor they buy there coffee from one and here it is……the secret is out. It’s “NABOB”.(of course its tweaked a little but NABOB is the company they buy from.

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Employeee on January 29, 2007 - 02:05 Permalink

to BOKI: its 1.79 for a small, 2.53 for a medium and 3,17 for a largee

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CrashKattie on February 13, 2007 - 18:24 Permalink

I currently work at the timmies in Courtenay bc. I have been reading over the remarks that you have been leaving here and yes i do agree with some and not others,
No we don’t do anything to our coffee, it comes in little pakages that we are not alowed to open untill just before we make the coffee,
You have to be 15 and have SIN number to work there.
at my store you start out at $8.30/hr for days and $8.80/hr at night.
our manger is pretty good. we don’t have a drive thru at our location but our lobby is open 24/7, all weekend i have to deal with drunks, and ppl who get mad at me becuase i will not give them free stuff.
Yes it is a low paying job and i am getting watched by 15 diffrent cameras. Yes you have to deal with very very very grumpy ppl but you also get the nice ones and the regulars who somehow make it all better,
it doesn’t matter what job you have you will always have the same problems,
Bitchy ppl.
bitchy managers
bitchy coworkers
not enough money
ppl who complain
ppl who are not happy with thier purches
ppl who want free things
newbies who are to slow and piss you off.
coworkers who will show you up
coworkers who will stab you in the back
99% of the time stupid clothes you have to wear (be it Mc or Timmies or a 3 peice suit)
I have kids and medical and dental is a must, i am doing this job for them.
I have read ppl complain about the coffee, well there has to be a reason why you keep comming back isn’t there.
Yes it is a busness and we are there to make the owners money same as starbucks, the superstore, the gas station across town the Dr. that you go and see and the place you buy your tampons from.
It is all about the money and this is how they choose to get theirs
At the store i work at the coffee spoon is cleaned once a hour and the water is changed once the ice melts. our coffee is timmed and is thrown out after 20 mins, we clean the tables and the bathrooms, (don’t get me started on the homless who miss), our baker does what he can with the product he is given, it come frozen if you don’t like it then don’t buy it, we take temps every two hours and i have thrown out so much food because it wasn’t up to par or over or under cooked or not the right temp.
I work hard for my money, i work from 11 at night untill 7 in the moring, there is cleaning and baking, staging, and dealing with the customers, do you think that the bagles get in the basket alone?
I try as hard as i can, and when i have a customer yelling at me becuase i put two donuts into the same bag, right after i got yelled at by some drunk guy becuase i wouldn’t give him oral pleasure in the kitchen and just beofre the jacked up crack hooker who is mad at me because the cab i called for her is just taking too long, ( becuase i contol the cab drivers did you know that) and just spent the last 4 hours cleaning out clogged up toliets, I am very very very sorry that i didn’t stirr your coffee just right, and i am sorry that at 4 in the morining your bagle is a bit to hard for you, i am trying as hard as i can but with that yelling from the drunk girls in the corner and the constant wondering if that was an AIDS infected needle i had to pick up from the mens bathroom floor and got pricked with, and the line up out the door and only 2 ppl on, i some times get a little distracted,
Once again i am very sorry for not smiling bigger then i sould have,
for not saying have a great night a bit more happer, next time you come in hopefully i won’t be so stressed out about being called a C*&T by that guy over there and i will be able to serve you better.
*just a quick note timmies girls deserve tips too

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Calling the ket... on February 13, 2007 - 18:41 Permalink

I’m going back to the whole “steeped” tea issue. If you like bagged tea then stick with that. I don’t understand why people are so offended by the “steeped” tea concept.
As we sing on our shift…”MONEY! Watcha do for MONEY?!” As Crashkattie states above, it is just about money.
If you don’t like it don’t buy it. If it tastes like crap it is crap. Simple. Stupid is as stupid does.

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Dano on February 19, 2007 - 17:41 Permalink

www.ipsosresearch.com/timhorto…  — - ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOCATE

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TH Employee on February 20, 2007 - 11:51 Permalink

I saw that ad as well. When I checked with my employer, he told me that it is in no way associated with Tim Hortons, and that they were in the process of having their name removed from the ads. Unfortunately, anyone who has one of these cards has no way to use them. Most coffee shops, including ours, do not take even credit cards, never mind a generic card like this one.

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Denise on February 23, 2007 - 21:11 Permalink

I to have attempted to access the www.ipsosresearch.com/timhorto… and could not get to a legitimate website as described on the contest brochure. What a rip! Itotally enjoy the coffee and will still remain a tim’s fan-but please have legitimate contests.

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th employee on February 24, 2007 - 12:38 Permalink

It’s really unfortunate when a less than reputable company uses someone’s name without permission, causing that person or company to become the “bad guy”. The same company is now advertising Sears or Zellers cards as prizes, probably under the same fraudalant conditions. Please, please do not blame Tim Hortons because these cards are no good. This company should have to post just as many ads admitting their scam, but we know that this will not happen.

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th employee on February 24, 2007 - 12:44 Permalink

Please, please understand that Tim Hortons has nothing to do with this promotion. This company used Tim Hortons name without authorization, and unfortunately, many people participated, and are now stuck with this bogus card. The same company is now advertising Sears and Zellers cards on the ads, probably just as fake.

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karen on February 24, 2007 - 21:27 Permalink

I get the crocheting site too — that one and this one when I try to ipsosresearch addy. I was handed the card by a Timmie’s employee so I figure it must legit. Will ask tomorrow. Anybody else ask at a store?

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CrashKattie on March 2, 2007 - 17:00 Permalink

well that is werid becuae i work at Tim Hortons and i never even heard of thes before so i went to the site that you were all talking about and i had no proplem getting it.
It had passed though

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social injustice on March 5, 2007 - 10:13 Permalink

I have worked at Tim Hortons for almost six months. I can definitely recommend, if you are in the job market, to seek employment elsewhere. It is a VERY stressful job, for a number of reasons, and the pay is, well,……the very MINIMUM amount they can pay you under the law. If you are under 18 this amount is even lower. When first employed you are promised “reviews” and “raises”. They keep true to their word and within a year or so you could expect a raise of as much as .05 cents an hour. Be sure not to spend your new “wind-fall” all in one place. Tips from customers are very much appreciated to help offset our shamefully-low wages.
Not everything is terrible about the job. I enjoy working with most of the people I work with. And there are a lot of friendly customers, especially the regulars. I believe most of the problems experienced by Tim Hortons employees and customers alike, result from the “bare-bones” staffing policy. To “cut corners” and save a little extra cash, they make sure that there is only the very MINIMUM number of people working at any given time. This makes sure that everyone working at that time is run off their feet. I don’t mean simply busy, I mean to the point of exhaustion. By the end of the shift, your feet ache, your back aches and your head is pounding, very often, from listening to a constant beeping in your ear. Many of the older ladies that I work with have trouble with arthritis and joint pain frequently. Sometimes we are so short-staffed to the point where you must hold your bladder until there is a little bit of a slow point in drive-thru, because you cannot be spared for those few moments. On top of all this there is also a LIST of activities which must be completed by the end of the shift. This LIST is not short, and next to impossible to complete if customer volume is a little higher than normal. Also, because they are always on the bare-minimum of staff, being ill really isn’t an option. Being so rushed is what causes mistakes to be made by employees, which they frequently are, and is also why wait times are what they are. Being rushed constantly for eight hours straight with 2 15 minute breaks and no lunch also causes a lot of stress for employees which is why you see so many grumpy, sullen faces behind the counter. Not to excuse out-right rudeness. Scheduling one or two more people for certain shifts would go a long way to solving many of these problems and considering we are only being paid $8 to begin with, it wouldn’t cost them very much. Our labour is cheap, and they demand so very much from it.
A lot of posts on this site are about hygiene at Tim Hortons. I believe most staff do their best to keep it as clean as they can. Unfortunately, many employees are simply not aware of how easily bacteria and viruses can spread and what they need to be doing to prevent contamination. When I started my job I received no training in this regard, I rely on my common sense and keep things as sterile as I can, but I know that not all of my co-workers have the same sense as me. More training definitely needs to be done in this area. Again with the constant short-staffing it is hard to maintain a clean working environment.
None of the food at Tim Hortons is fresh. It is pre-baked, frozen, shipped, re-baked and sold to you. The soups are packaged, dry and re-constituted. (like lipton soup-works) Our chili is concentrated in a pouch and has a shelf-life of 2 years. Nothing, or very few things, are actually mixed or MADE in our kitchen.

There is a lot of arguing on this site between employees and customers, but the real villians are the ones making a fat-load of cash from the both of us: franchise owners and greedy corporate executives.

Tim Hortons is about the bare MINIMUM

MINIMUM training
MINIMUM quality
MINIMUM customer service
MINIMUM freshness

all to get MAXIMUM profits.

That may be the way of Capitalism, but it short-changes both employees and customers alike.

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Social Injustice. F*%K, you just nailed it on the head,
And the ppl who will be reading this, don’t even just say”oh get another job” it just isn’t that easy, when you have babbies at home and they need to eat, you take what you can get.

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To the above two poss.
I have worked at Tim Hortons for more than 10 years. Our store is nothing like what you describe. Students start at min wage, but get a raise after three months. Everyone else starts above min wage. I make over $12.00/hour plus tips.
If your store follows the recommendations, you will be well trained. If you are not, it is the fault of your management, not Tim Hortons.
The only time we are understaffed is when someone calls in or quits without notice.
Yes it is busy and there is a lot to do, but you are not being paid to stand around and wait for the customers to come in. Learn to manage your time. When everyone does their job, there is no problem getting the work done.
You can choose to make the best of your situation, or the worst. A positive attitude will go a long way. We have many staff members who come to work because they enjoy it, and have been here more than 5 years.

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Oh i am not doubting Timmies in whole it is the specific managment’s respablity to train, as for wadges it depends on where you live, in bc it is min, in edmonton alberta starting is $21 an hour, depends on who are are working for,
same here our one baker has been here for 12 years and we all love him so much, no we are not getting paid to stand around doing nothing however it is hard when for 8 hours a day you have the black hats breathing down your neck “do something do something” sometimes you do need to just say still and take a breather, it is hard to run on only two 15 min breaks in a 8 hour shift. which is whyi choose to do nights, I do like my job. but like i said before there are good parts and bad parts.
and if everyone did there job then everythign would run like clock work, But this is the reall world, and things don’t run like that in real life.
ppl are lazy and ppl fuck up and forget things, and when that happens then someone who has to do their job plus others, and as for the staffing shortage, we have that alot. ppl calling in sick or late, have you ever worked the night shift on a weekend. refer to my long essay about ngiht shift. and just wanting to go home at 7am after having a night like adressed above only to have your 6am person call in sick, then have your 630 person just not show up.
then have both of your 7’s not come in either.
No boss wants to pay over time. it is expensive and i relazie that, but hell what are you supose to do just leave and have one on run the store,
we had one girl do a back to back shift. 14 hours she was there working, her feet hurt, she didn’t get to say good night to her kids, i have pulled a few doubles in my time and i have only been there for 7 months.
we do it. we stay and we work our asses off. not only doing our cleaning and baking and cooking of items but the 6,630 and both 7’s job as well,
not all employees are like this, but that is what happens when you hire 15,16,17,18 year olds who are doing this job for beer money,
me i have rent, car payment, babysitters, phone, internet, cell phone, hydro, cable, gas, insurance, food and toilet paper to pay for, beer what the hell is that, going out on the weekend, what the hell is that,
I have learnd to budget my money that i get from timmies, i have learnt to deal with managment breathing down my neck, i have learnt to deal with ppl not doing thier job, i have learnt that being called a fucking slut becuae i didn’t do his coffee just right, i have leart that just because my shift is over it doesn’t mean i get to go home. i have learnt that just becasue i am supose to get two 15 min breaks i don’t always get them. if you are short handed, you can’t leave becuase “CUSTOMERS ALWAYS COME FIRST”
i agree with this to a point, yes i understand without the customer you don’t have a job. i do i really do understand this i am 30 years old. i am not stupid.
that is just my two cents.

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I think since Tim Horton’s is a franchise it’s hard to compare quality, some franchisee owner’s will treat there employees and have good working conditions and pay, while other will cut out everything they can to make an extra buck.

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I’ve worked at two different Tim Hortons locations, and I can tell you that the complaints that employees have are pretty much universal. I can also say that a lot of the customers who complain on here are total assholes. Regarding complaints about speed of service… next time you’re waiting in line (this won’t work if you come to drive-thru) just look at the girl/guy behind the counter busting their ass for the people in front of you and ask yourself “can they really go any faster”… after you’ve come up with that inevitable “no”, remind yourself that when you leave with your coffee, enjoy it, and go about your day, they’re going to be busting their asses just like that pretty much nonstop for the next eight hours. I read somewhere up above that Tim’s employees should “get off their asses” to make fresh steeped tea so that they don’t run out. Now when have you EVER seen a Tim Horton’s employee sitting on their ass? I work there, and while there are customers in the store I’ve never seen it happen. No, but I’ve seen pregnant women and senior citizens busting those asses to get you your coffee for $8 an hour. There seems to be a prevalent conception that because we work at Tim Horton’s we must be lazy or stupid. It seems that this notion is so powerful it can override what you’re actually seeing with your eyes. Tim Hortons employees are easily the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met, and I’ve worked some ridiculous jobs.

And one last thing, if it’s great service you’re after, it wouldn’t kill you to tip a little when you do get it. The job’s hard, the pay’s a joke, and let’s be honest, a quarter isn’t really going to deflate your socio-economic status. By buying your coffee at Tim Horton’s you’re telling them that you have no problem with virtual slave labour, the least you can do is chip in a little to make it right.

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I am the spouse of a former Timmy’s supervisor. Two actually as my daughter is still a student super. Fact of the matter is, it is not ever the employees fault for crappy service. It is management, or lack of, and owner directed policies. Get them in and get them out is the policy. Period. IF there is something wrong that employees need to complain about? That open door policy Timmys brags about, gets the employee penalized and released. That is how it works at ALL Timmys. I know. My spouse just filed a complaint and was released. The owner told my spouse that it was because I went in and made a scene. I never set foot in the place. The owner was lying, as usual, that is how owners are trained by Timmys. Lie, and never ever give a crap about workers or customers. Just sell. Oh and since my spouse was let go, the owners policy is the spouse is also banned from the building, meaning me.

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There is definitely more to this story than your version. As a manager, I know that good, experienced staff members are valuable, and we do not let them go without very good reasons. If her attitude has become as bad as yours, you may not need to look any further than that.

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Iam a first timer visiting this site, and it all seems a little crazy, I am a supervisor at a Tim Horton’s and sitting here, listening to all these comments kind of makes my head spin. First off, to the customers, if you had a bad experience with a Timmy’s you should call the store and talk to the managers or supervisor about this so it can be dealt with and looked into. Sitting here, complaining to people on here is not going to solve anything. I know for a fact, that if one of my emoployees was ever rude to a customer, or our product was not fresh, heads would roll. Second off, Tim Horton’s has very strict policys to follow. This is maintained by always fresh reports. Basically if you store is not up to par, if your product is not always fresh, and even if your coffee is caught being one minute old, you store is given a failing mark. And we all know what happens to stores that fail tests. If you are complaining about the length of time it took for you to be served, then you should realize that Tim Horton’s on average serves somewhere around a 100 cars in drive-thru AN HOUR. Do the math there. I know that at my location cars are being pushed out in the morning on average, every 20 seconds. And in the afternoon, 30 seconds. So maybe you had to wait once, but think of how many times you have actually flew through. And if you’re at the front counter and the line is not moving, then please, complain! Let some one know! Customers are always a first priority and if any one could help to make your experience more enjoyable, I’m sure they would. Of course there are going to be times when things aren’t running as smoothly as we all wish, but sometimes things go wrong. People call in sick and no one can replace them, maybe some one is new, you never know. Just be patient is all we ever ask. And if you have a thermos and you feel you should get more than one cup then too bad for you. Those are the rules and if that’s a problem with you the please take that up with the franchise. Not the poor girl who has no idea why you can’t have an extra one, standing in the front counter. It’s not like she makes the rules.
Ok, and if you work at a Tim Horton’s and you sit here and bash on it. Then you should obviously go find another job. Enough said, it’s that easy. As long as you have the right ambition and motivation. And the right attitude will help too.

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well let me see . Where to begin Tim Hortons in Sackville NB. Well the service at this store is gone to the damn dogs . They are rude and very very slow and 80 yr old moves faster then some of the staff in the store . i can very seldom goe there and actually leave with the right order . And be it my coffee usually is cold and for the most part you have to sit in the drive — thru for a good 20 minutes . Thats on a good day .I have never seen service so bad . The manager there certainly could use some managing assistance i believe . At one point she had a decent bunch and it was a good experience going there but they all got smart and quit cause it was so bad to work there .

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hi there!
Tim Hortons produces a disgusting amount of waste in our cities. Needless to say I am very displeased with this franchise. I find it appauling that they do not promote environmentally friendly behavior. For example, I see Tim Hortons coffee cups everywhere : on the ground, streets, plublic telephone cabins, garbages, bus stops, buses… Why is it so hard to recycle these cups? How come there are no facilities in Quebec that can recycle those cups? Last year, 22 % of waste in Nova Scotia was produced by Tim Hortons cups. Its just gross. I think they should offer a 5 cent rebate on ur next purchase when u bring back a coffe paper cup from the store just like they do with mugs from home.And those paper cups should be sent to facilities that can recycle those cups. They should also promote this 5 cent return campaign (for the mugs)because nobody knows about it really. Being one of the biggest franchises in Canada, they should do something to encourage people to take care of the environment.
any other suggestions?

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I must be very lucky because at the Tim Hortons I work at, we are always adequately staffed…even if some people call in sick, we are never at a point where we need to hold our bladders because of customer volume.

I’m also surprised that many Tim Hortons do not provide lunch/dinner with a paid 30 min break. The nicer supervisors will even let you smoke, provided that you don’t go out when there’s a lot of customers…I’m curious as to which Tim Hortons you work at?