Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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rainbow on September 30, 2005 - 23:45 Permalink

I work at a Tim Hortons. I have to say that I enjoy my job except for the customers. I find that some customers are really nice, but others are completely rude to us. Yes, we are getting paid minimum wage but we do deserve some respect too. I believe that the customers are the reason for the high employee turnover rate at Tim Hortons.

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Queena on October 1, 2005 - 01:14 Permalink

At this current time I am an enployee at Tim Hortons, Im actually going to work in a bit. I been working for them for over an year, the staff at my store is great. My friend and co worker found this site and I just finished reading through this page of post and there alot here I agree with and some I don’t.
For one thinf they way you treat us will reflect on how we treat you. Treat me like and moron and I wont be nice. Im not stupid I been though hight school and collage. I work here to help pay off my student loan while im one my work term.
We try to abide by the custome is always right but there a tiem where we have to draw the line there are just some thing people request for that are just plau=in not right. Like if we are out of something and you think I should give you something that cost twice as much than what we done have for the same price. Doing things like that can get us fired.
Things like Spoons and holding cup are suppose to be cleaned each shift. Coffe pot clean at the evenging shift or night. Stock sometimes get forgotten because 1. Its busy and we dont have a cance to throw things out because customes complains when you have a work standing there and not surving (we count our product to see what need to be thrown so we dont give you old or moldly product)
Evening and night shifts are more relaxed because people are nicer we are nicer becausse we have less volume of coustomes than day people. and if you get crappy service between the time 6 am to 9am it could be because 1 the night shift are still there. ( it hard to stay awake all night, serve and clean and then be able to keep up with the customer volume in the morning) and 2 that person that you saw there at 11 pm is back in at 6 am I dont know about you but when i leave work at 11pm I get home at 11:30 pm I got to shower because of the lingering coffee smell then I got to eat soem decent food, relax and unwind by then its around 1 am off to bed up again at 5 am to go to work. SO that about four hours sleep and that only if I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Try four or five days of this and you tell me how happy and full of energy you are.

Also I saw some posted the comment “If you got time to lean you got time to clean” that one of my coworkers motto and shes three tiem my age give or take a few years and I tell you when I work with her I feel lazy and slow because she live for the job I dont.

My final thing I got to say: Im sorry for the bad service but we are human, at least when we are having the worse day of our lives we smile and serve you coffee. So please try to understand your complaints from our view and think about if you were in my shoes.

Before i go to the person who asked about dental I dont think its covered for anyone other than your mom. She would have to get a different policy that covers two people, which I dont think you can get till after your there for awhile and it cost more.

This time this will be the last thing I have to say, to the person who sadi because “we” work in timmies we dont have a say, I work there I also get served there too. Quit being a prick its people like you who i wish would spill there coffee onto there crotch.


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I don’t usually leave comments at these sites but some of your comments compelled me to write my two cents. There is much misinformation on this page and alot of unjust accusations. Not all Tim Hortons owners are bad as some of you have expressed, just as not all employees are good. There are thousand of Tim Hortons stores across the country all run by individual franchisees. Our store treats its employees fairly, we have a health plan after three months, a RRsp savings plan and a Scholarship Program. We have a food discount that permits staff to eat most things for free on shift and 50% off the rest. We can regular raises of 25 cents or greater and can go to our owner any time if we have a problem. (They even have paid staffs rent for them when they were going to be evicted) I don’t know how you can generalize the way you have and make some of the obscene and rude comments you have about people you don’t even know. Even with all this good the employees still don’t even bother showing up for work, call in sick and leave other staff shorthanded. So don’t put all blame on the owners — a poor working environment may have just as much to do with the staffs attitude and work ethic of the employee as anything else

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Ok people. I cannot believe you come on here and complain about a friggin coffee shop. Get a life. I only stumbled on this looking for a local Tims that’s open 24hrs. And for the complaining employees, either switch jobs if they treat you poorly or go back to school and get an education with a view of getting a better paying job. I believe every fast food/coffee place such as Tims pays about the same so don’t be so shocked when Tims pays you the wage you agreed on when you accepted the position! Oh, and if you expect people to read your pleas and whoas and be empathetic, then SPELL PROPERLY!!

I love Tim Hortons, I have no complaints about them, only you morons on here complaining!!

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johann buck on November 5, 2005 - 23:22 Permalink

Has anyone else noticed the unsanitary conditions under which they handle food at tim hortons.They ware gloves but with the same gloves they do cleanup,adjust their hair,
wipe the gloves on their uniform,handle money and do all kinds of chores and then use the
same gloves to handle food.Recently one server coughed into her hand and wanted to serve me.
After I told her to wash her hands she wiped her hands on a rag and again wanted to serve me.When they handle food for people at the car service they don’t even pretend to know
anything of hygene.This goes on at all tim hortens I ever visited.

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C.Schneider on November 13, 2005 - 05:39 Permalink

My Comment today is:

Why can I not getting the same level of service at all the locations?

Every Morning I stop at the O’Conner & Bermondsy location. The service there is freindly and effient. You are always greated with a smile and thank you. I am a tea drinker, an they do know how to make tea properly. I hope that you are able to pass this message on to them.

On the other hand.

Tonight I went to the Kingston Road & Midland location and receive the worst service every.

My hot tea was not hot.

Here is how it happened through my eyes.

The drive through order taker did not verify the order, even when asked if he heard what I said.

Then at the pick up window, it was discovered that they had not gotten the order correct. Also as mentioned I am a tea drinker.

From the window I could see how they were making the tea. The put the cold milk in the cup and put the leuk warm water in the cup and then put the tea bag on top of it all. When I aked for the manager, a person came over and I brought to his attention he should instruct the staff on how the make tea. that tea bag goes in first, then the hot water and finally the milk and sugar. He made no comment and just walk away from me.

Also the Brimely and Lawrance location needs to have someone check up on the house keep. The need to properly clean their washrooms. It was not just the regular slobby things people do.

It was mold in the toilet and grime around the sink.

In conclution:

It was your advertising that got me going there for the tea and now I am not that sure about going to any other of your locations.

What kind of people are you selling the franchises to?

It’s altimately your good name that is hurt by this type of service.

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Princess on November 17, 2005 - 15:25 Permalink

Johann Buck:
I don’t know what Tim Horton’s your going too, but we get fired if we use the same pair of gloves continously. We have to wash our hands before we put on our gloves, wash our hands when we take off our gloves, change them in between cash, and really though…who wears gloves taking your money? That’s just weird. And I’m sure that you’ve visited every Tim Hortons too to find this out that we’re all unhygenic of course. All the gloves look alike, you may have missed them switching from glove to glove. If we cough….we usually try to turn away and do it, then we’ll take your order, then we’ll wash our hands before we go to get your order. We’re only human. If this whole glove thing…with someone keeping the same gloves on happened…then you should write it in the comment box at the store at which it happened and try to name the employee that did it. I know at my store, we do take customer suggestions and complaints that go in that comment box seriously and we post them all on the wall in the back. There’s no point complaining on a forum, if this is continuously going on.

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Jess on December 28, 2005 - 00:41 Permalink

How old do you have to be to apply for a job at Tim Horton’s? Can you be 15?

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A Child on January 6, 2006 - 04:58 Permalink

I just wanted to day that I do NOT appreciate Tim Hortons deciding to take out all the English Toffee Cappucino machines. Everyday after hockey me and my Mom go and get one! Now we have to drive all over town to get wht we want!!!

I would also just like to say, How old do you have to be to work at Tim Hortons because quite frankly I think it is an excellent job for a teenager!!
An reponses would be greatly appreciated and I can not wait until I live some of these expirences that these people claim to be living!

A Child…..

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jenna on January 7, 2006 - 21:22 Permalink

hello why are iced caps so good?

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I work for tim hortons and I am not happy with the fact that since I stopped being a shift supervisor I don’t get any paid holidays. I have a question for anyone that works for a Rhode Island tim hortons. Does anyone remeber tim hortons telling anyone that stayed on for the first year that full time employees would get $300.00 and part timers would get $150.00. please respond and let me know.

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i work for tim hortons and also remember a bunch of promises made at the holiday inn in mystic conn by tim hortons. they lied about everything to get our support about buying bess eaton. they have not come through with bonuses promised—oops wait a min—they gave us tim points—now we can buy there products and do free advertising for them!! this company is a joke and never let your kids work there.

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In reponse to the comments from the employees of the RI Tim Hortons. Maybe you should look into other employement if your not happy with Tim Hortons. Yes they did make some promises and also exspected you as employees to do the job held before you. Not many of you have been doing this therefore why would they have to keep promises when you can’t do your job??????

GM who is VERY happy with her job and her company…

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Former Employee on January 14, 2006 - 12:53 Permalink

Good job for teenagers ?

NO! It’s a living hell … The managers are gettin’ pushed around by the owners and you’re always on peer pressure.

Consider other job options. There are alot of oppurtunities out there. You may think working there gets you free ice caps or donuts but NO! Okay… sometimes but only when you have the time to. And that rarely happens. It’s always busy and they always put the minimum amount of employees working with you to save up some cash to load up their pockets. I do have to mention that not all Tim Horton’s franchise / store act this way. Only a select few are okay to work at and the majority are like prison and slavery job. It all really depends on the attitude of the owners and or managers. Choose wisely ! You’ve been warned …

And promises ? Yeah right … you must be kidding ! Most of these owners / franchise owners / managers are liars !!!! They will tell you anything and convince you somewhat. And if a problem occurs, they will stall you (tell you anything) till’ you go crazy. Forget it, find a job somewhere else.

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I would like to know who you would talk to, to get the lids on the coffee cups changed. There is not one day when the coffee doesn’t drip from under the lid onto your clothes. When a company is making millions of dollars a day you would think they could correct this problem.


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Stephanie on January 27, 2006 - 02:13 Permalink

Hi, I can help answer the question above me. I’m a Tim Hortons employee and what you would have to do to stop the coffee from dripping under is to check if there is a hole at the top, because if there isn’t then thats probably why your coffee drips from under the lid……I’ve had that same problem while serving customers and got them another coffee and I let my manager know about it….but unfortuantly I really don’t know who you can talk to about the lids….sorry, I hope this helps.

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tim judd on January 27, 2006 - 05:02 Permalink

i just wanted to let you know that i enjoy tim horton coffee infact i enjoy it so much that i added up what i spend a year on your coffee it came to $1100.00 just for coffee not including donuts or tibits i buy just to let u know u have a loyal customer

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Stephanie on January 27, 2006 - 23:43 Permalink

Yeah, we get alot of daily or regular weekly customers; my favorite ones!

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Donna on March 1, 2006 - 04:24 Permalink

What is the average annual employee turnover rate at Tim Horton’s in Canada?

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Lorne on March 10, 2006 - 23:48 Permalink

If Tim’ says their products are fresh they lied because fresh and frozen are two different things. Reheated does not mean fresh and when they pick them up off the ground after taking them out of freezer, thats really not fresh.

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Paul on March 13, 2006 - 22:50 Permalink

Hey everyone, I’ve been researching a tim hortons franchise opportunity (Alberta, Canada). If anyone thinks they can offer me some information (such as potential earnings statements) or know someone who might help (like a current franchisee or manager) please let me know. Will compensate for the consultation.

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janie lewis on March 21, 2006 - 03:24 Permalink

As usual, my husband went to our Tim Hortons location on the north end of Grande Prairie on Sunday morning. It’s a treat for me as I’m not supposed to have alot of chocolate or creame. After getting another cup to put my paper cup into, I had the first, mouth watering, waited for, delisious sip of mocha! Ahhhh. Much to my horror, I had a string with the sip of mocha, looks like it could be a piece of DENTAL FLOSS OR A PIECE OF A HAIR NET.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like retribution, and thought I would go to the head of the company, first. I will be going to the north loacation Tuesday am. Unfortunately, I was unable to go on Sunday, day of the incident, or today.

I would appreciate a response from the head office, as this was rather disgusting, still have the offensive piece in question, and I do appreciate the job situation, and trying to find competent workers.

Janie Lewis
Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Matt on March 23, 2006 - 12:13 Permalink

Does anyone else have a problem with Tim Horton’s persistence in continuing to call them ‘donuts’ despite no longer being fried? Have they no sense of propriety?

They’re just toric cakes now.

At least I still have Krispy Kreme.

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Mary on March 30, 2006 - 07:10 Permalink

Hi I work at a timhortons in the states and was wondering if any of you other employees out there agree with me that the “you have to have a Doctors note if your sick or miss work” policy is crazy. I am writing a paper about it for English and need some opinions on it. I think that their health insurance should be cheeper if they expect us to pay 70 dollars to go to the doctors just to get a note.

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Lynn on April 3, 2006 - 00:10 Permalink

Mary-re doctor’s note.
I run a Tim Hortons. Today is Sunday and I have been here for the 7th day straight because three people called in “sick”. If you were the one constantly covering for others, you wouldn’t be so quick to think that this policy is ridiculous. If people only called in when they were really sick, we wouldn’t have this policy.

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tanysha on April 18, 2006 - 02:02 Permalink

im wondering
how old u have to be to work at tim hortons
if sum1 can please tell me that would be GREAT!
thank you

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Clairette on April 25, 2006 - 14:44 Permalink


On 21 April 2006 we stopped at Tims for a smoothie and a coffe on our way to a wedding in North bay.
Five minutes later (in the car) i took a sip of my smoothie and the bottom of the cup fell. It burned my stomach stained my suit and the car seat. I was not very happy. We then stopped in Kanata Ont.
and asked to see the manager still wearing my stained suit. I told her what happened showed her my suit and she just smiled, and said do you want another coffee with a smile, no i’m sorry or whatever and i said it is the least you can do for now. I was very disppointed with her comment. I have at least a Tim Horton coffee a day. I just love their coffee. I feel that more should have been done for 1—the burning on my skin
2—the cleaning of my suit
3—the cleaning of my car seat
4—having to stop at another store to

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Boki on May 2, 2006 - 23:42 Permalink

I was just wondering, how much is an Ice-Cap Plus tax? I want to buy some for my friends but the nearest Tim Hortons is about 25 km away! If someone could please answer my question before Wednesday, May, 3,2006.
Thank you

P.S Im only 13 and my parents won’t let me go alone.

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Who? on May 20, 2006 - 13:40 Permalink


It will be easlier for you to contact their handoffice (the TDL Group Corp) at 1-888-601-1616 and their are more than happy to assist you

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x timmies emplo... on May 22, 2006 - 04:24 Permalink

I use to work at a Tim Hortons in our small town, and i know how terrible it can be to work. The only people making any money are the owners and the corporate clowns ie district managers. At the location that i was employeed the only time standards where followed were when the district manager was doing one of his inspections, for example timing of pots, temperature logs. The manager had her whole family working and they got away with murder and also made more money then anyone else. I personally witnessed the manager taking meat, milk and other supplies out the back door to her car for herself. Since the cameras are controlled by management her actions were never recorded. As far as Camp Day proceeds I know we made more then what was reported to the owner and corporation. I personally have seen what good does come out of the monies too bad somebody elses hand was in the pot first! I provided the best customer service i could and i still have customers who acknowledge me on the street. However i quit my job because i stand for trust and honesty and i could no longer provide this to the customers knowing what was going on behind the scenes!!!! For all of you who are happy with your jobs and mangement good for you, it can be an excellent learning experience when you have great peers!!!!!

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Who? on May 22, 2006 - 14:27 Permalink


I believe we all wanted to know which store you work before so we won’t go to that store anymore


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Who?2 on May 23, 2006 - 06:46 Permalink

Try all the Tims. Do you really think someone getting paid $7 an hour cares about your coffee? If so, its time for a reality check.

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Mandy on May 25, 2006 - 23:44 Permalink

I have been working for tim hortons for 8 months now. I haven’t had a review or raise at all in this time besides the increase in minimum wage that occured in february. Dont get me wrong, I love my job and most of the people i work with but how can i possibly continue to work for minimum wage the the prices of everything skyrocketing, esp gas. When i first had my interview, I was told that I would get a review at three months and again at six, and every six months thereafter. I am very unimpressed with this situation at my store and hoping it will improve with a change of location.

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Jennifer on May 31, 2006 - 17:24 Permalink


Tim Hortons (Exeter, Ontario) has the worst customer service of any location I have visited. Judging by the behaviour of it’s employees and ‘their’ lack of social- interactive skills, and not to mention the disregard for food safety, the management could be considered ‘poor’to say the least(Chris Whaling???). I cannot fault the employees for poor behaviour or for not following food safety rules/laws. It is management ‘who’ is responsible for controlling this sort of customer complaint.
Windows are slammed at the drive-thru, customer’s are treated like second-class citizens and the wait time for service is unacceptable.
During one of my visits to the location, I saw an employee, who was preparing a deli sandwich, wipe her nose with her hand and continue preparing the sandwich. I left the store immediately and decided not to order anything other than coffee from this location.

Do you think that the employees or owners/management is to blame????

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Amanda on June 1, 2006 - 19:17 Permalink

I’ve been working at Tim Hortons on Vancouver Island for about a year and a half. I find it a load of bull that I can’t seem to find employee policies/regulations anywhere. I’ve asked my managers/supervisors on numerous occaisons if there is a manual or book of some kind that I can look at, they say yes, but never actually show me. Should they not have this on their website?

Also, breaks are screwed. For a four hour shift we get a 15 minute break after two hours. Fair enough. But for an eight hour shift we only get two fifteen minute breaks. Should there not be a one half an hour break, and one or two fifteen minute breaks? Just curious.

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Exeter Employee on June 2, 2006 - 15:26 Permalink

re:Jennifer(May 31, 2006, see above)
I am an employee of Tim Hortons in Exeter, and this comment sounds as if it was written by a particular customer who co-incidentally was told, on May 31, not to return to this store.
We work very hard to provide the best service that we can but we know that we cannot please everyone all the time.

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Exeter Customer on June 4, 2006 - 16:12 Permalink

Re: Jennifer May 31/06
As a regular customer at that location, I find your allegations completely without merit. I know that all of these locations are audited regularly for cleanliness and food safety by both Horton’s and Huron County. I have seen some real jerks, come in and out of the doors. When you are getting a human service there is always a margin of error, and I have never had any trouble getting any errors corrected, quickly and fairly. I will say that for the most part, those girls are quite pleasant whether at the counter or in the drivethru. If I were you I would make it a point to never go back there again (you could make coffee at home). I am sure you live in a sterile environment. Maybe you could open a coffee shop and put them out of business(that’ll show em) Then you could see from the other side how unreasonable your claims are. Like any business that deals with the general public, it is really difficult to satisfy everyone. I am certain that if you made a reasonable request in a respectful manner, your rant wouldn’t be posted here, and neither would my response to it.

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clinton on June 9, 2006 - 06:43 Permalink

How much money does a Tim Horton’s owner make per year?(Net income)

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vicky on June 20, 2006 - 23:19 Permalink

I am currently doing project about Tim Hortons. I sent email to Tim Hortons asking couple of questions. They just tell me go to our website. If I can find anything in the website, why I email them??? And I can’t find any manager to interview, they all so “busy”. I am so disappointed .

If anyone here can help me out, I really appreciate it.

Here are my questions:
1. how do information flow within the organization? are the right people get the right information to make decision?

2. are employees rewarded and motivated to perform? How do they measure employees’ performance?

3. about senior lever manager, are they democratic or autocratic? do they provide a list of what to do next to employees or just provide a vision and leave the task to employees?

thanks in advance


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Ann'Elise on July 22, 2006 - 00:33 Permalink

Can’t you people say one nice thing about Tim Hortons? Or is this all just complaints? I’m a supervisor at Tim Hortons and I absolutely love my job! My store owners always give my staff and myself the time of day, and my manager is very fair with scheduling and she always tries to give us what we want out of our jobs. Sure, the pay sucks, but I don’t think I’d enjoy any job as much as this one. My coworkers are so fun, and the customers (even the bad ones) make my day great! Obviously Tim Hortons is just in the bussiness for the money, but what coffee company isn’t? Just love Tim Hortons for what it is. Okay?

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Employee on August 6, 2006 - 00:09 Permalink

I find it unfair that you people blame the entire Tim Hortons franchise for the mistakes that they received or the poor service they were given. In the end, it is up to the individual employee to ensure that they follow the policies of our store. If an employee has sub-par hygiene, the owner is obviously not aware that they are not washing their hands. If your order is wrong, either you were mistakenly handed the wrong cup, or we misunderstood you, which happens (those headsets can be hard to hear, especially when your being talked to by another customer out the window at the same time, and the ice capp machine is running noisily beside your ear). And if your complaint is that you had to wait in the drive-thru line for a half hour, you can usually thank the guy two cars ahead of you who ordered 6 sandwiches and the guy before that who got 8 iced capps. Half the time, your poor service is being provided by a person who’s only worked there for a week and will be gone by the end of the next week. For every 2 people that are hired, we’re lucky if one stays for over a month. This high turn-over makes it hard to have competent service at all times, and also hard to provide good training — why spend so much money training people who won’t last long enough to use the training? As someone who’s been at a Tim Horton’s for over a year, I’ve seen a lot of employees, good and bad, come and go. For a job that doesn’t require a high school education, what do you expect from us? We’re doing the best we can. It’s not like there are high requirements for the job, so don’t blame management when they hire someone who’s incapable of memorizing what goes in a double double….blame the individual employee. What’s the owner suppose to do, make the person pass an intelligence test first?

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Anon on August 6, 2006 - 01:14 Permalink

Yes, some employees are horrible. And so are some customers. Example — there is this one guy who comes through at least a few times a week. Every time he gets to the window, he complains that he ordered an XL reg. and wasn’t given it, except he never orders it, he just wants us to give it to him for free. This other guy got to the speaker and complained that he was given an XL coffee with 3 milks, it was cold, and he wants a replacement. Of course it was cold, it had 3 milks in it! But I said I’d replace it if he drove through. He gets to the window and hands me an empty cup. So he wants me to give him a replacement to the coffee that he drank because it was cold, but he still drank it. And then there are the people who blame us because the medium cups leak everywhere. We know they leak. We hate it as much as they do, but we didn’t design or make the cups, so I don’t know why they think it’s my fault. One women went on to me for 10 mins about how our cups should be like starbucks. Some customers are unreasonable in their demands and expectations.

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Employee on August 6, 2006 - 01:21 Permalink

I just wanted to say to all those ppl complaining that when they got to the drive-thru window, they were not greeted or told to have a nice day…this is often because the person who is giving out orders is the same person taking orders from the speaker. So while she’s giving you your order, she’s taking another person’s huge order over the headset. And if you think that you should come first over the person at the speaker, think of it this way — when you were at the speaker, she was taking your order while giving someone else theirs at the window. She can’t talk to 2 people at once, so give her a break!

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timmies worker on August 8, 2006 - 03:03 Permalink

I am currently working at Tim Hortons. The store i work for is constantly cleaned, the pots are marked (and thrown away after 20 minn), all temp logs are taken the old product is thrown away every night..ect ect.

I am ALWAYS friendly to the customers,and i ALWAYS say thank you and smile sometimes its hard , i work the backshift from 12 till 8am, and when it’s 7 in the morning i really don’t feel like getting yelled at cause i made a mistake, like someone else already said …if your that picky just order a black and get your cream and sugar on the side.

I hate when you get ppl that round of 10 different coffees they want as fast as they can..then they get pissed off if you don’t get it all right the first time..slow down a bit and gimme just two seconds then there’ll be less of a chance that i’m going to screw up.

Also when i’m working theres only 2 of us untill 5am (the store is closed untill 5 just the drive through is open) so if theres a long line at the drive through, its going to take a minnute, especially if ppl are ordering bagels and sandwitches.we can only get through one car at a time and this takes….especially when ppl gotta find there money, then they gotta find a place to put there drinks…then they gotta put there money back in there wallet …….believe me were going as fast as we posibally can.

Most of the customers are very nice, but you do get the odd asshole same as the workers most are nice (at my store anyways)but the odd ones really shouldnt be working with the public.

Yes the pay sucks….but i knew that when i took the job….becides i get between 20-25$ a shift in tips so that makes it worth my while.

People need to realize that were only human and we do make mistakes, we can only move so fast and the store is always buzy….sometimes you just have to wait a minn while we put on a fresh pot of coffee…..or else there isnt going to be any.

and employees need to realize that yah the pay sucks but you knew that when you took the job….yep the hours are long….yep your feet are proubally really sore at the end of your 8 hours but that dosent give you the right to be rude to the customes…..the ruder they are to me the sweeter i am to them….becides it usually pisses them off even more lol

oh yah one more thing PLEASE order your bagels first…..that way i can have them toasting while i make your drinks…it drives me CRAZY when ppl order there drinks and i get them all made and then they order bagels…UHHHHHH its just sooo much faster to order tham first…..especially when theres 15 ppl waiting behind you….

anyway i wouldnt say i LOVE my job….there lots of things id rather be doing….but i can tollerate it and i don’t dead going to work at night..and thats more than some ppl can say….its not a bad place to work but thats just my opinion

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L. Canning on August 9, 2006 - 03:50 Permalink

I work in Aurora, Ont. There is a Timmy’s across the street Wellington East. I work Sun., Mon., and Tues., every week. And every day at noon and 4pm there are at least two to three cars coming by with coffee orders of anywhere between six to 10 coffees each. You would think that after a month of this schedule that the Timmy’s would know to expect us. Oh we get our coffees and at least 2 of the orders per week are always buggered up. Today for example Aug 8th/06 at 4pm I recieved my coffee Double Cream I request the coffee looked as if it were burnt and had a half a drop of milk. My coffee was not the only bad served all 6 coffee’s recieved where discusting. I have taken many coffee’s back with complaint. We have only 30 minute and 15 minute breaks of a 12 hour shift, so it is difficult to return all bad coffee’s. Yes We keep going back why I don’t know, I guess in hopes that 1 out of 8 times we go we might get good coffee. Like I said I have returned coffee before and know others that have too…why does this Franchise at this particular sight not wake up and smell the beans? Good coffee results in tips, bad coffee NOT!
There is a Timmy’s over on Bayview that we venture over to at lunch and I haven’t a complaint yet, but the 15 minute break does not alot the time for travel so we’re stuck with Wellington st East….Please make good coffee Better!

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Employee on August 11, 2006 - 03:15 Permalink

Listen to me… I am a smart person, I am going to a primere university with an elite program with limited enrollment. I am not some slacker who doesn’t know anything about life. I work hard at my job and I wish to pursue business as my career. I understand why they cut corners (the managers and tim hortons co.) I respect them for that. Nothing has taught me more about saving money than working there. but here is the truth…
Don’t listen to the ads, I’m not crazy, I’m just a regular kid who is overworked, underpaid and tired of his job of one year. The first 6 months are euphoric (first job euphoria I am certain) but the next 6 months are total hell. PLEASE don’t send your children to work there, please please plase. This may seem like some other goldbrick slacker but mark my words, your child will be saying them to you in 6-12 months. My parents won’t let me quit because I need a job/money, so I’m working at the worst job on earth for another 18 days (final countdown) Then I’m out of the tenth circle of hell. I can’t give all the reasons I don’t enjoy it there (bad, early morning customers, inefficient corporation, bad policies to serving customers) the list would go on forever and someone would shoot back that as an employee I’m being paid to do a job. But it’s too much, too much running, too much standing, too much yelling, too much anger, too many hours (nothing less than an 8 hour shift).

just save your children, I am too late, for I am scarred for life, but DONT PLEASE PLESAE PLLLLLLLLLEASE don’t send your children there. We must send a message to Tim Horton’s that just because it’s cheaper to run ads and replace employees than fix problems isn’t the way to treat people. If they can afford to run ads to recruit people, they can afford to treat them better (get rid of steeped tea or have more people staffed at times) but hey it’s business. sooo as a business it has to learn if they treat staff like that, they will force out their best (me)

The full timer’s love me cause i work like a dog, the part timers love me because i cover their slack and management loves me because I will do it all for peanuts. But because of their disregard I will be happy to spit on their job on august 28th. (so happy I’m just about to cry)

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Employee2 on August 11, 2006 - 03:18 Permalink

just a heads up I’m not the same “employee” as the one about 3 posts above, but then one straight above is mine

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employee 3 on August 12, 2006 - 00:27 Permalink

Employee #2
The standards must be low in this elite program that you are entering since it does not require correct spelling, puncuation or grammar.
What do you expect from a part-time, student job? Maybe you have management that is difficult to work for, and maybe you just think that the world owes you a living. The store that I work for has many students who started working here while in high school and return year after year during holidays and the summer. They like the work, and the people that they work for and with. Just as you do not want to be characterized as a slacker, why do you think that you can say that all Tim Hortons stores are terrible, and unfair, while they get rich off the backs of poor kids like you.
This is a free country and you could have looked for another job. As long as you take your employer’s money, you owe him or her a decent day’s work.
I would hazard a guess that everyone does not love you as much as you think. I’m sure that your bitterness comes through loud and clear.

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john on August 17, 2006 - 18:50 Permalink

how old do u have to be to work at tim hortons?

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SW on August 24, 2006 - 12:35 Permalink

You have to be 15 to work at Tim Hortons.