Things I Learned About at Lunch

I had lunch today with Marc Leggott, Dave Cormier and Grant Johnson, open source warriors from the University of Prince Edward Island. They are rambling about in some interesting pastures. Some web things I learned about at lunch that I didn’t know about before:

While there are plenty of cool librarians on PEI, I’ve been waiting for the arrival of a serious contingent of open source librarians, and a cabal seems to be emerging. To seriously engage with them I’m going to have to get over my prejudices against “projects with long and complicated names and many acronyms” and, indeed, “projects that have government funding.” If I can do that, there seems to be a possibility of some interesting grounds to play in.


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Mark Leggott on January 31, 2007 - 01:44 Permalink

Thanks Peter — and a fine lunch it was — now I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, cause I want to be back. I suppose I could just try new ones until I find it again…

Don’t forget Fedora — another project we are looking at very seriously. And we look forward to working with you and other creative developers on the Island.