Sleep is Good

There are four people who have experienced the patented Pete Rukavina “post travel catatonia” phenomenon.

Brother Steve has seen it at its worst, when I stepped off the plane in Seoul after 19 hours of travel from Boston. I have little or no memory of the first 24 hours in South Korea; indeed the next day I “lost” my $500 in travelers cheques. Thankfully, cool-headed Steve was there to guide me.

Catherine and Oliver have seen me after flights to Japan (complete shutdown, aimless wandering), Spain (not too bad, actually) and France (no time for catatonia: had to drive in Paris).

And brother Johnny, in his capacity as my professional colleague, has experienced the state indirectly, through intercontinental rambling over the iChat and cell phone.

Johnny has also been victim to the post-return-home manic elation scene, where, buoyed by the adrenalin of reverse time travel, I will come up with crazy business ideas that involve 5 extra employees, battering rams, and lots of goats. Bless his soul for putting up with me.

Of course all of you in the listenership can listen in yourself to get a taste, although I was maxing out on the mental resources there to try and mask the mindlessness. Listening again this morning myself, I do have a touch of “I’m about to collapse” tone about me.

It’s now morning in Copenhagen, and I’m under the distinct impression that I’ve got my groove back. At least I had 8 hours of sleep and a tasty Danish breakfast under my belt.

I’m going to spend the day aimlessly wandering the streets of Copenhagen, ending up at the big reboot meetup tonight.


Johnny Rukavina's picture
Johnny Rukavina on June 9, 2005 - 14:50 Permalink

I have the goats herded safely into your office and am coaching the new employees on the proper care and use of the battering ram.

oliver's picture
oliver on June 9, 2005 - 16:18 Permalink

I admire how comfortable you are, Peter, with “not being yourself.” I often get mortified to observe myself in less than top form and like to live in denial of the facts of mood and metabolism. But we all deserve frequent avail of the twinkie defense.

Jacob B's picture
Jacob B on June 9, 2005 - 19:00 Permalink

Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far and maybe we’ll meet at Reboot tomorrow. Have fun!