Seatreat French Fries

Earlier this week Catherine and I stopped in for supper at the Seatreat before “meet the teacher night” at Prince Street School. Catherine had french fries with her meal, and the french fries struck us as being markedly different from any french fries we’d had a the Seatreat before: they actually tasted good. Not that the french fries we’d had there before were unusually bad; they were simply the same run-of-the-mill fries you get in most Island restaurants.

When I stopped in again this afternoon for a bowl of Louis’ chicken and rice soup I ran into Joe, personable owner of the Seatreat, and I complimented him on the change, and asked him what they were doing differently, thinking perhaps they’d upgraded to “McCain Super-Duper Premium Extra” fries or some such thing.

We just switched to using potatoes,” Joe said. “You mean regular old everyday potatoes?” I asked. “Yes,” said Joe.

This would explain why the french fries tasted, well, so much like potatoes.

If you are a fan of the occasional fry, I encourage you to drop in and sample the “old and improved” ones at the Seatreat.


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til on September 15, 2008 - 14:28 Permalink

Mmmh, self made fries … this post made me hungry