Rotary Shaving, Day One

This morning was Day One of the switch to a rotary shaver.

The biggest difference between the rotary Remington and the “bar” Braun is the audio feedback: with the Braun I’m used to the shaver making a different sound when it’s cutting and when it’s not, which is a good way of knowing what’s shaved and what’s not. The Remington seems to sound pretty much the same whether it’s cutting or not, so I’ll have to develop new methods for figuring this out.

While floating the three rotary heads over the wide expanses of the cheek seems to work well, I’m unsure about what technique to use for the mustache area where there’s only room for one head (the manual warns “hold the shaver so all heads touch your face together”). I’ll also need to experiment with whether to shave the under-chin area with the shaver right side up or upside down — it’s not clear which position will provide the closest shave.

Post-first-shave my skin felt like it had been lightly braised with a propane torch; I know from previous “changing shaving methods” experiences (i.e. shaving with a disposable Bic after years of electric) that this is to be expected. I’m going to drop in to The Body Shop for some healing after-shave salve this afternoon to mitigate the searing pain. This transition challenge must make for an interesting aspect to the shaving products business — it’s a great barrier to winning over new customers to your method.

The shave itself seems about as close as the Braun, somewhat closer under the chin. I actually managed to cut myself shaving, which I didn’t think was possible with an electric; it happened in the deep expanses of the underchin, though, in areas where I never take the Braun, so this is perhaps to be expected.

More from the shaving frontier as the experiment continues.


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Mark on December 20, 2005 - 18:43 Permalink

In my case the one useful tip for three-head shavers is to apply baby powder beforehand. It reduces friction and irritation better than a wet preshave, and makes keeping the shaver clean much easier. The downside is that it may cause the “self-sharpening” blades to become dull faster.

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Daniel on September 4, 2011 - 17:45 Permalink

I just bought a rotary shaver and exprerienced the same feeling. my skin is BURNING :D. i used an electric shaver for the first time and it was quite strange figuring out how to use it.