Righteous Kill

I’ve probably seen two or three hundred movies in my life. Maybe more. And I’ve only walked out on three: Rain Man, Strange Days and, last night, Righteous Kill, the new De Niro-Pacino cop film. It was very, very, very bad: generic plot, dreadful dialogue, wooden acting. And just plain boring.


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Steven Garrity on September 15, 2008 - 02:12 Permalink

Just to be clear, you walked out of Rain Main, but you watched a CBC made-for-tv disaster movie?

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Rain man walk o... on September 15, 2008 - 14:26 Permalink

Rain Man with Hoffman’s Oscar winning performance and Cruise’s testosterone standard delivery?

Was it the high performance car’s or the love scene where Hoffman echoed Penelope’s moaning that turned you off?

I walked out on ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ and just about stepped out of the last ‘Rambo’ movie as children were being mowed down by horrendous machine gun fire.

But Rain Man? (The Vegas scenes were brilliant)