Email newsletters are the cat’s pajamas these days. Recomendo, from Kevin Kelly and his Cool Tools crew, is among my favourites. “A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff,” they describe it. And that’s what it is. Here’s a recommendation that I followed this week:

For many years I’ve used Gmail’s web interface. I’ve tried lots of standalone apps, but they always fell short and I’d return to Gmail. Then I tried Spark (Mac OS X and iOS) and I’m hooked. It’s smart, snappy, and has lightning fast search. I have not used Gmail since installing Spark.

I installed Spark immediately, and am trying it out to see whether I agree (I’m comparing it to Apple’s, not to Gmail; I’ve never been a serious Gmail user).

While you’re subscribing to email newsletters, give Mita Williams’s University of Winds a try too; it’s also accurately described: “Three links to things in the world every Saturday.” And that’s why you get.

(I am so glad that I have neither first nor last name that ends in “s”–I’m not sure I could handle the apostrophic ambiguity of it all).


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Peter Rukavina on January 25, 2017 - 10:50 Permalink

Yes, that’s a good recommendation, Oliver.

Especially because Dave has promised to inject more of his interesting comics into his newsletter.