Rainnie Days

Saturday night: Oliver, drifting off to sleep and doing his usual sleep-singing and sleep-talking routine while doing so, is clearly heard to be repeating, mantra-like, “news, weather, Boomer.” He is obviously channelling Bruce Rainnie.

Sunday night: Oliver and I run into Matthew, Stephanie, Mollie and Sam Rainnie outside of Cedar’s where we’d just picked up a Boca Burger to go.

Monday morning: I wake up to CBC Island Morning with Bruce Rainnie singing an Australian Christmas carol about kangaroos.

Monday night: I walk out of Indigo in Charlottetown just as Matthew Rainnie is walking in.

They’re everywhere.

PS: the last time I mentioned Matthew Rainnie in this space, the post was reprinted in the National Post. I should be more careful.


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Peter Rukavina on December 14, 2004 - 23:43 Permalink

Supplemental: tonight on Compass, Bruce Rainnie has to announce that his brother Matthew Rainnie had been nominated for an East Coast Music Award.