Plum Tree Remediation Project

Hurricane Fiona spared our apple trees, and, indeed, almost spared the plum tree but for the large Norway maple that fell on top of it. 

The plum tree wasn’t snapped, however, and its roots stayed in the ground—it was simply smushed down from its regular 90º to the ground down to something closer to 20º.

With the help of our neighbour Doug, and some tie-down straps from Home Hardware, Lisa and I righted the tree, and lashed it in place at the original 90º, with hopes that nature will now take over and allow it to bear fruit another day.

Here’s its journey, from downed:

Downed plum tree

To raising it up, with Lisa’s help (it’s her arms and knees on the left!):

Raising the plum tree by hand

To holding the tree upright so that Lisa could ratchet it into place:

Raised tree!

Here’s where it rests now. Godspeed, plum tree!

Plum tree in our back year, with yellow tie-down straps holding in vertical.


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Thelma on October 30, 2022 - 20:58 Permalink

Job well done, that tree looks very happy!