Photos of our trip to Quebec

Back at the beginning of August, we ended up taking an accidental trip to Quebec City when a “short weekend away” got out of hand. We travelled to Moncton, then up the eastern side of New Brunswick through Campbellton into Quebec, then to Rimouski, and from Rimouski down the St. Lawrence to Quebec City. 

Highlights of the trip were:

My last visit to Quebec City was when I was 19. I’d just dropped out of university, and I was hitchhiking to the east coast. Catherine had never been, and she’d always dreamed of it, so when the weekend opportunity arrived, and we were pointed in the right direction, we seized the day. It’s a wonderful city, well worth a visit for anyone within a couple of days driving (which is a lot of people in North America). It’s about as European a city as you’ll find without crossing the Atlantic.

Oliver in a Wheelbarrow

Olivier Soap

Sign in Rogersville, NB

In a hotel room in Campbellton, NB

Catherine in Sunglasses

At the zoo in Quebec City