Perry Williams’ New Website

Perry Williams, videographer, designer, musician, arranger, writer, comedian and slate floor expert has a newly designed website that’s a paragon of elegant simplicity.

Between Perry’s Virtual Studios, Barrett & MacKay Photography, and Karin LaRonde’s good food, you could probably make a pleasant life in St. Catherines, PEI, and never cross the bridge to civilization.

Widen the net a little to include Herb at Meadowlaine for your home renovation and kitchen counter needs, Brian Landry for consulting services, Paul Baglole for publication design, and Kevin O’Brien for your networking needs, and you start to realize that the other side of the North River Causeway can pretty well stand on its own.


David Richardson's picture
David Richardson on November 21, 2003 - 16:39 Permalink

Well, mostly a paragon of clean design. Why doesn’t the layout flow when the browser window is resized? Why should I be forced to scroll to read the thing?