OpenStreetMapping in Charlottetown

It’s been a while since I spent any time editing OpenStreetMap for Charlottetown, and the tools available for making edits have evolved considerably in the interim. So today I spent some time tweaking and enhancing the city; you can see the work in progress here:

OpenStreetMap Screen Shot in Charlottetown

If you’re interesting in community mapping and you haven’t taken a look at OpenStreetMap lately, I suggest you return to the fold.


Bob Shand's picture
Bob Shand on November 11, 2008 - 04:37 Permalink

OSM is a great resource and I’m interested in doing more in Charlottetown and the surrounding area. Need to get out on my bike, need a good GPS first.

Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on November 11, 2008 - 15:44 Permalink

You can do lots for OpenStreetMap without ever leaving your house: the web-based editor at allows you to trace buildings, roads, etc. over Yahoo satellite maps (there’s an arrangement with Yahoo that makes provisions for this copyright-wise).