OpenStreetMap Prince Edward Island

As a result of various summertime adventures, the OpenStreetMap data for Prince Edward Island is starting to actually look like the Island:

OpenStreetMap for PEI in JOSM


Ken's picture
Ken on September 5, 2006 - 15:25 Permalink

Traces of activity giving shape to a map, I like it. How do I make my mark here in the dark on this map?

Alistair's picture
Alistair on December 8, 2006 - 03:46 Permalink

Cool to see someone else working on “the map”. Passed through PEI on a grand tour of the maritimes in early September. You can see my (incomplete) handy work if you look for the major highways through new brunswick, pei, nova scotia, and back through quebec to ontario. I’m in Ottawa and busy filling in small bits at a time.

Anyways, just thought I’d drop you a line when I ran across this post looking for something else…