No.6 Collaborations

In the liner notes to No.6 Collaborations, Ed Sheeran writes:

This record was based on one I made in 2010 called No.5 Collaborations Project with a load of artists I liked. I had a little folder on my laptop called No.6 Collaborations Project, so I started ringing up people who I wanted to work with. I think the first was Camila, and then it sort of opened up from there. I based myself in Nashville, set up a studio there and started making songs, so whenever an artist passed through Nashville I would hit them up and they would come to the house. We’d make a song, and the record was made over the course of three months, with lots of people I like. I really stepped out of my comfort zone on some stuff. It was very fun and I hope you enjoy it. —Ed

I like that idea a lot, and might try it in the print shop. Indeed it’s something I’ve done with a few passers-through over the years—Jonas in 2018, Laurie and Art in 2021—and it’s always been fun, a burst of that special kind of from-away energy.

So if Charlottetown is your destination this year, ping and we’ll print something together.


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vbj on March 27, 2022 - 21:27 Permalink

Sign me up!

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Andrea on March 28, 2022 - 13:33 Permalink

I would love to do this!