My Son

Three vignettes from the life of Oliver.

On Saturday night in Halifax we walked up a foggy and misty Spring Garden Road to find Maki Maki, a Japanese restaurant near the Dalhousie campus; I suspect we kept walking only because we both enjoyed saying “Maki Maki” so much. Halfway through our excellent meal (a bento box of soup, sushi, salad, tofu and rice) I said to Oliver “would you like some of the seaweed part of my soup.” He responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” thus placing himself in the small class of preschool seaweed-loving WASP children in Atlantic Canada.

Next, today at Oliver’s pre-school Christmas play, his group led off the festivities with a sing-song of three carols. Oliver not only refused to do any of the song actions nor sing any of the words, but he kept trying to hold the hand of the little girl beside him. Rock on you iconoclast you.

Finally, Oliver, completely of his own invention, has decided to call Chistmas trees “crispin’ trees” this year.


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Mandy on December 14, 2004 - 06:49 Permalink

I was lucky enough to attend said pre-school concert, and Oliver was still pretty cute. He may not have been as vocal as your “Inn keeper”, but he stole the show in his own little way.