My DVD Collection

My anarchist landlords upstairs have launched a project to consolidate their individual DVD libraries into a central DVD archive, from which they each may borrow freely. And they’ve invited me to participate.

This meant that I had to actually look at what DVDs I own.

To begin with, as the son of a librarian, I am genetically not predisposed towards media asset ownership: the idea of buying a DVD is foreign to me, and so it’s only in the rarest of cases that I do so.

What I’ve found, alas, might be too embarassing to contribute to the hipster archive upstairs:

Not exactly chocked full of hard-edged hipsterism, although you must say there is interesting variety, albeit with an emphasis on Audrey Hepburn films.


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Dan James on April 29, 2004 - 21:03 Permalink

You no longer will have to do that foreign “buying a DVD”. You’ll be “building a library”.