My 227 Day Cycling Season

I took my bicycle off the road 138 days ago. Making my cycling season 227 days long, 62% of the year.

My friends Darcie and Peter cycled to the New Years Levees, so they’ve got me beat. But at almost two thirds of the year, that’s still a pretty long season, and it’s a lot longer than the “well, for six months of the year, you can’t bicycle” reasoning that automobile enthusiasts bring out.

For the first time this year, I did some basic spring maintenance myself: MacQueen’s has a backlog of 70 bicycles to get to before they could get to mine, and I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I oiled the chain, tightened the bolts, and even trued the back wheel, with the help of a spoke-tightening tool loaned to me by my friend Cynthia.

Oliver’s bike, and my bike, are now ready for the season. We’re about to head off on our first ride.


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Ton Zijlstra on April 20, 2020 - 04:55 Permalink

This could be your 'rites of spring', bringing the bicycle back to good shape for another season!