To the extent that I am an Internet trend-spotter1, the next big thing is going to be limit my choices.

I don’t want a bookstore with all the books, or a million of the books, I want a bookstore with ten books. Ten good books.

An ice cream store with three flavours of ice cream. Web services with one simple plan (not Essentials, Pro, Essentials Pro, and Enterprise).

MUBI is this, for films: a streaming service with 30 films in its catalogue. Every day one new film joins and one film drops out. There’s a free seven day trial. So you can watch a sultry Bosnian road movie right now, no risk2.

  1. Which is not at all.
  2. Not a sponsorship or affiliate link: I just think this is a good idea.


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Pedro on May 25, 2020 - 06:28 Permalink

I've subscribed Mubi for some time now. For me on this side of the world, it is a beautifully, random nerdiness selection of movies that connect me to a different time, a time when cinemas add more than just popcorn filling blockbusters, a time when we would actually plan with to hit cinemas with those special nerdy friends and a time we all had time to read about the scripts and pay attention to the directors and actors.

On the price side, I wish it was a bit cheaper, not because I don't value, but because of the problem that all of these 5.99, 6,99, 9.99 subscriptions do add up and at the end of the month, our digital bill is getting impossible to share the love with all of these services. I have cancelled and re-subscribed it twice now.