More praise for Trinic

I’ve written here before about a company called Trinic. Indeed I was turned on to the company thanks to a note from a helpful reader. Based in Edmonton, Trinic is a company that, among other things, handles the registration of Internet domain names. So when you start a band called WeirdoBlech, and you want to register, you can pay Trinic $19.49 and they’ll handle the rest.

If you have registered a domain name before, especially if you did it in the 1990s, you probably used a company called Network Solutions to do it, for they had a monopoly on the service for many years. Now a part of the Borg that is Verisign, Network Solutions has never been particularly good at doing what they do, and they have a website that just gets more and more complicated every time I look at it.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve switched all of the domains that I’ve registered, and a good number of those of my clients, to use Trinic’s services. And you know why? Well, they have a simple website and it works. Their prices are good too. But the real reason I’ve stuck with them as a customer is because they tell the truth.

Several times over the past week — a particularly busy week in our relationship with Trinic, as we’ve migrated all of the Yankee domains to use their system — I’ve had a technical question relating to their services. Sometimes it’s been about things they control, other times about things they have no control over. In all cases, they’ve responded to me within a day, and their responses have always been honest and straighforward.

In some cases the problems have been caused by problems that Trinic caused — small glitches in their system, for example. They’ve always been honest about these, and moved to fix them immediately.

That is the kind of customer service I try to offer myself: I can’t promise that things will work all the time — the world’s just too complicated for that now — but I can promise to keep people informed when things do go wrong, and do my best to fix problems as quickly as possible.

So if you’re looking to register a domain name, you can’t go wrong by going with Trinic.


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cottonbobbin on March 23, 2010 - 05:09 Permalink

why is suspended
I have an account with trinic and it is also suspended
If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks