Making an Expedition

The Royal Geographical Society publishes a variety of books related to expedition making. On their books web page, several of these that are now out of print are available for free download.

I’m especially partial to Desert Expeditions, which is described as follows:

Planning critera, equipment, vehicles for desert terrain, Fuel, food and water, personnel and training, Driving and vehicle recovery, Photography, vehicle maintenance, modification and tyres, medical and Survivial, navigation, maps and rescue aids.

I’m reading it right now. Here’s my favourite quote right now, speaking about sources for obtaining government permission to travel to a foreign land:

Embassy in UK/Europe of Country Concerned. Of variable use. Frequently staffed by ‘city slickers’ unfamiliar with regions you wish to visit and unsympathetic or suspicious of anyone planning to go there. However can be helpful.

Followed by:

Appearance. Being on an expedition is not a mandate for being unwashed, unshaven and scruffy — there are cheaper ways of achieving that. Keep fresh clothes to change into before entering towns after long periods out in the desert -especially if you seek police/immigration permission for the next leg. They are not normally impressed by unwashed foreigners.


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Daniel Von Fange on December 20, 2003 - 17:10 Permalink

Those books are great.