Lost and Found Sound: Richard Hamilton

Several weeks ago I wrote about a radio documentary I co-produced in 1989 called The Emotions of Activism.

I’ve digitized another of the raw interviews I taped for the documentary, this one with Richard Hamilton.

I met Richard for the first time on the same day I met Ken Hone. Richard, like Kenny, was one of the instigators of Projects for Change, and through that group we became friends. Several years later, after I had moved to Texas and Montreal, and then back to Peterborough, Richard was one of my roommates in a big house on George Street. Catherine was my next-door neighbour. The rest is history.

Richard is a straight-talking, no-nonsense guy who came by his activism honestly.

You can listen to the interview [37:12, 8.5MB MP3]. The tape is unedited from the original. As an added bonus, you can hear my old dog Penny barking in the background about half way through.