Jerry Seinfeld on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose interviewed Jerry Seinfeld a few nights ago. It’s compelling television, and so much more than the usual “Letterman and Seinfeld goofing around” type of interview we’re used to. It went off the rails a few times, but both Seinfeld and Rose were at their best, and it’s a worthwhile hour of television.

Speaking of Charlie Rose, the website has just gone through a complete update, and it has gone all “social software” with comments, episode sharing, RSS feeds, etc. This is one situation where applying this kind of thing is useful because the so-called “social object” — in this case each night’s episode — is a good piece of bedrock upon which to build interactions.


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oliver on November 17, 2007 - 18:01 Permalink

I agree I think. If I watched more TV I think the particular compliment “worthwhile” be easier to affirm. I have a theory also that it engaged you, in particular, in a way that also engaged me, but which isn’t liable to engage everybody so much (I’m thinking personal philosophy/psychology). But I suppose the particular way it’s an example of good TV making—close to au naturale—means that it’s actually the opposite of particular and so fairly sure-fire to engage many people in many ways.