IndieWeb in the Sunshine

At the end of an afternoon of wandering around Malmö discussing, among other things, the IndieWeb and its various glories, it seemed vital to place a marker here for the occasion.

I began the day with neither coffee nor food in the house; fortunately I am staying in the same neighbourhood as I did during my 2013 visit, and I recalled that the excellent Café № 6 was nearby. There was some doubt, what with Swedes gathered in solemn recognition of the Ascension1, that it might be closed. But it was not. And so by mid-morning I was enjoying a hearty cortado and croissant and feeling that, suddenly, all was right with the world.

Once sated, I joined Olle and Luisa on a walk about town (it’s 17ºC and sunny here today), followed by a stop for lunch near the train station. Luisa decamped for home midafternoon and we were joined by special guest star Jonas at Te & Kaffehuset where more excellent coffee was had. We then walked about in the late afternoon sunshine through Slottsparken where the aforementioned IndieWeb was central to our discussion.

As I type it is after a brief respite of potato salad and roll before I rejoin my party for an early evening cocktail.

Te & Kaffehuset

1. This is not, technically speak, true. It is Ascension Day, and it is a holiday, but apparently there is little solemnity left.


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Oliver DLR on May 5, 2016 - 15:46 Permalink

Cinco De Mayo and National Day of Prayer and Liberation Day.