I know a place we can go

I Know a Place is a 2017 electropop track from the band MUNA, on their album About U. It’s full of energy, a challenge to stay still to.

A year later the band released About U: One Year On, with an acoustic version of the song: it’s some kind of wonderful, in a completely different way.

So, not a case of covers by someone else, better than the original, but rather one in a long tradition of artists reinterpreting their own work.

Another example: Political by Spirit of the West, later rerecorded in a way best described as “upside down”. I remember that being a topic of some fascination for me and my friend Tim; it broke our brain, just a little, the summer it came out.


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Tim on June 16, 2021 - 23:07 Permalink

I had forgotten about that terrible self-cover of a song that should have been very well left alone! Shame but also respect to SoTW!