How to Podcast in the Modern Era

Matt Haughey, who has been helpfully publicly digital for a delightfully long time, just published an update to a 2011 blog post about podcasting: A less exhausting guide to podcasting in 2022.

Other than “record an MP3 on my phone and email it to my blog where it becomes a de facto podcast episode”-style podcasting, I haven’t cut audio for a podcast since the last episode of Live from the Formosa Tea House, recorded just a few months after Haughey’s original guide was published 11 years ago

It took forever, even without careful editing, to record, edit and publish that, and Haughey’s updated guide makes it clear that modern tools, especially Descript, have transformed this. To the point where I’m jonesing to dip back in to the medium.


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Thelma on August 26, 2022 - 06:20 Permalink

Yes to a podcast!